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ASEAN STE AT ETE seam = SRaESE x ES: Rees SRE LS EL Fetaas SERA SSeS = Su aE | 
Silent ns statues of grim barons shrinedgg entered and lcoked at the assembly, ono couldfe kone; we bring our years to mo end, na it weregtis in the Heavens, end his kingdom ruleth overfSand heart, and recommended him to his fellow- 
in Gothic cathedral, wero the three watcherspaece that tiey felt there was nothing wavling ierace a ee as Gihatetnrseectraly A ee Matheney and Sue Une oe ap eenelaaiti man, who,in time of noex- 
= at 4 war but < v core years end pane cone, wastsoever He pleased. ‘‘Clouds andpaampled peril, when the yery life of th hi 
jyabli tho, great dead: Frceldeut” Mejor General my buy blmeeleialone: ‘fxten; andthongh'mah bo eo etrong that thesfidarkaess aroround sbout him; rightcousnessflmas at stake chould be chosen to eee as 
unter, Brigadier General Dyer, and Csptainsiy The Metropolitan Police, under Suporintenden: come te fourecore years, ye: is thelr strepgibeyeud judgment are the habitation of his throne.”—xthe country and for the country. it highest pose 
Neamith and Doxsen, of General Hardin’s stefl. P4A.C. Richarde, were arranged along each side; ea eeare cores £0 800m pesseth it *Eeater, e a Wa eff 60d his path Tate greateaot pOmaS end REET REN Tiow wisely and 
7 ati G a ne Loe fe - DAwal ot is foolsjeps aré not knowo.|Siwell, how purely snd faltbinlly, 
acne unbttiaxexcenty nese! Banter ee eee eens servi ¢Bi So teach uso number onrdays, thal we may(d Cnet thou by searouleg tied ont Godt CanalfBoteadily, how jeatly ava ensensttaly nent ee 
who ocensionally etrode backwar AD forward eping “ 4 apply our hearts unto wisdem, shou fad out the Aimighiy unto perfection? Ithecupy that post and meet its grave demands In 
B filoy the licad of the coflin, Sometimes heltingyywho bed congregated to witners the psscarro off) Glory be to the Father, sud to tha Bon, sudifieas bigh ex heaven; what eomst thon dotMciroumetsnces of surpassing irial sud dlfilcalty, 
fland resting his gavatleted hand on acorner offajtho funeral procession. Keo Ane oly BEDE reevatated ¢ Finer ‘nan ells tat csnstthouknow! The} pa snorn to you all, known 
ii eal General Officers. P «\s li, was in the beginning, is now, sud evrrpemeassore thercof is longer then the earth, andwthe world. He comprehended from tho 
the catefalco, he would etand in thought for or: A iéutciiant:Gaheral Granneactsbont Lee i he, world withont end. Amen. siorosder than the tea. If he cut off, and ebat@<the perils to which TS aso had exposed the 

vibe conclesion of the Pas'm, Bishop Sim: 
offered the followieg 

s~ Almighty God, our Heayenly Fath 
mitten spd enflering hearts we come i 
presence, we pray, in the pame of our ble: 
Redeemer, that Thon wouldst pour pou 
Thy Holy Spirit, thet all our thoughts aud 

ay be acceptable in Thy sight. We sdore 
thee for all Thy glorious perfections. 
praise Tnce for the revelation which Trou bast 
Rviven ve in Thy works and in Thy Word. By 
Thee all worlds exist. All-beings live throug 

2 nme his slow avd a 
RC pesln renee) his 20) Eirom the base of the catafaleo; near kim were 
Admirals Farragut aad Goldsborough, and at 

The pecollar light, the severe bearlox of the; 
armed ofllcers, the oppressive colors and thegpite other end, of the room we noticed Mejor 

=o 1 Hitcheok, 
lawful structare In the middle of the room, ere: 280" f ae 
fated 2 feeling of indescribable awe. There wes! Who Were Not Present. 

The expecied delegstion from Springtield did 
@ shi ti too, in fluding the body of B s 
PM taar Likealagite cay seal, of css : nol arrive in time to take part in the corenio- 
F 3 » ‘acics, and ce with them were expected many ol 
Sf 2 b K 
qthe dispenser of mercy, gaarded by men of war Ei 7 incoln’s immediate relatives, thelr faiture 

ole ity thet ff id upg u 
lborergolemmiiteyenity/:thateforced:tpon thew? +154 canted much disappolitmentaaalt-vragy 

imizd the recoljection of (he vast power ofc! na tof Mrz biicoln’s family tw: 
Normed mon he wielded to effect his beneflcensfy 1°" NUNS DERG A Us ae wana anopa thes. Thon ralseat np kingdoms and emplressienp that out Father hee given te chall oe wey {ROVerROT. among the rallone.? Ho rememe 
5 A Zand castest them down. By Tace kings reigofdrick it ? ¢ ered that “God fs ip ilstory,” and he felt that 

proaes purposes ie 
; ij “What added greatly to the awing effuct of (etsjc* Ms Smith; algo, twro cousins, Dr. L. Becchen@ard princes decrcerighigousness. In Tuy hand" ys or cue javt, tuew wueeer uate F mowbere bad his hand and hla mercy been £0 
} | Ae Gata bere a wan Bitlet renee bods Of Loxlngton, Kentucky, and General 8.ja70 the Issues of life ond de Wo confessty- We siotd totby beut, kaddnuk i op) marvellously couspicuous asin the history of 
ae room, icp: 8 Todo, of Dacotsb. bifore Thea the magnitade of oar sins andid 

ine his nation. Hs hoped eud.b 1 Nat 
Jrcovered with bleck, end partitioned off, ns i Wtiauegreecious, both as individuals avd a Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth,” ( ud wrontd coutlana ts. gulde ue ad 
Xwere, with thin white lines, descended from th : - man aks) Z bows. Ctese (blessed words hava’ cheered” & sme mercy continue to-abownd. to us in. 
Rluorihora, eastern) and eonthern side of th Mre. Dincoln did not, enter tae Bast Room, our Redeemer. Forgive us ell onr in'qnitic ued us throng sil hese “the time of our greatest need. Txpeak what 
na '46 about Ave Test of'the base of the bl. cing too ill from mervous prostration and avftt it please Thee, remove Thy cnasteying lsu J, years of cleil sirife, wee wor “know, and teatity what I have ofien heard him 
Broom, to about five feet of the base of the blac cipient fever, brought on by the awfal excie {vom ws, and, though we be nnworihy, carnbiltenés and brothers ov o> mony ensaguived “gay, when [af that thet gnidancy and 


forever in tho 
; ho rose to the 


‘Wooere reason faite, with all ber powers 
Thero falta prevatle, aod love adores. '? 


be assassin, Which aioe our honored, wise, 
ed noble Pecsident, and-tilled the land with’ 
sorrow. But above and beyond that hand there 

another which we must sve and acknowledge, be iucreaseth s:roneth.” Yes, he Jeaned upon 
be chastening hand of a wise andotaithiul His arm. He recognizid and received the truth 
ber, He givca us this biter cup, Aod ihe = that “the kingdom is tbe Lord’s, and He Je the 


Mail smcolnisskapalys iStion. Weimplore Tuy mercy forthe sak 

FSieniple of death placed in the centre of werd Away from us Thive eager, snd Jet the light of sitg for the cause ut? a > 
a 7 7 (3 Fi Zmeut and sorrow to which she has been end , Bor mand detjthe Ngbb ols *olcer? Est, th Metey, Were the prop oa which ke hambly and 
= VEAP Ws UTES > ‘ A “ 0 : < Ly countenance again shine upou us. cueer, end elrength-? pabitually lean wore the best hog 
THE CHREMORIES IN THB spoon, ae Pe ele ot sete were ested. She never lenyes her room, in w on As thls soloan nba ae womGue FOE TA 1 y: Fyne, this new e: ¢ 37 had for hamealt aaiered treo nner 
. a Yebe has the medical attendance of Dr. Stow Veath of aur President, who wss atrick ow cod chasteniug has core lo such ad’ bour when ho was leaving DIS nome in {ilnoss, sud 
ia is 


s nodal 7 3¢ of thes 
‘and ranged slong the wall for the use o! thee) all a4 thafof Dr. Toad. 

merabers of the Press. Peon Be 
Pao eerles of coats or steps partitioned off Gan Pea ai ate arity an 
HGlines of white, were reserved for the varlouss deus aud Robert Lincoln, Esq., bol ended 
at it was easy toece that it required all the 

and in pach e way as we thought-not. and i 

(ht bund of an essassin, gr: 
eae eaeassin, grant us alco therer oars tho impross of-e rod that ts 

to bow in eubmiseion to thy holy vill. 
we recognize thy hand h'gh abovo 
beman agencies, xnd thy power as controliin 

*'coming to this city to Lakohis geat ia theex 
5 very. heavy, chair of adiaturbed andt bled nation, 

yaandof o mystery that is very deep.) Thotench 3/19 the old and Irfod friends who gathered tear- 
iglife should be sacrificed, atsuch atime, bs suco.a “fully around: him end bade Alte farowell, L 
: aaa t iesents, co that the wrath of manghall prafsekqlonl ond diabolical agency; thatthemon at the“Jeavo you with thie request: pray swe med? 
WHE DISTINGUISHED CROWD IN eroups expecied, by a card being Isid on cx SPN ARR ECEane sree Tug {That ie remainder ot wrath thosk bead of the mation, whot the poaple ad lento" They did pray for bitn | od militigus So: herd 
‘ VCESeilt ‘restrain. Hambled. under™the suffering ato trust with «-couficing aud aloviog cond jed for him; nor did thoy pray in vain. 

i Wdenco, s.d upon whort wore then upon sny\oThele prayer wes beatd, and the easwer Bp. 

7 51a] ith writing, statiug the use for which it wast 
ATTENDANGE, See en easy os cthe grief that agitated bia. se have endured “and the great cfilictionces 
SVother sere centred,’ ucdér God\iour best hop ears imall bis subsequent. history; it shines. 


. 4 a P vi Officiating Clergy. through which we haye passed, may we not bes F 7 : A 

Zao mortRurestern corner Was reserved for tees Tue ofllciating clergy were Dr. Hall, of theglerlled upon to offer otter Saerilces, May frfOF tae Und and epeedy -pacilertion of che.’ forth with a heavculy radlaneo {a the whole 
oall beaverss next, to the eastward, was (he Pare ss oopa1 Church of the Eplphany, who readyt® UWS Of all our. oflcers, both e.vobscountss, the rce\oratiog of the Usion, sid the Feonrsé and tenor of bls. administration, {rom 

5 ili ne ; o aequarewurn of harmony aid tove; that be should bey, ‘ a 
sie barlal service of his Church ; Bishop a allttarysgebe amerded by.) Phee sandy fe pmsn seen buf Hdtaaclaag.> Gad) nals, 

THE ORATION AND PRAYERS! on ticketed for the New York delegation; 

talon from us; end taken just rs the prospec 
ARextennié att ofetha!Army<and Navy lthen 2t.po violent hand fall upon any of them at! ken’) pect him up for agreat und glorious mission, fur- 
Foran Joicr, aut ete thre cane ot 88 Metbodst Epcopl Chore Ds (a\ioucibg at win force miahlydont oy go fsees tbl <ofsag tone ooo. aeéhin Pt vor ad lth Te 
Mot the Saaitary and Christian Commissions seGatY» Who Pronounced the fanoral addres |nltose remalne we stand, we wonld yet lift ourys ninulug torus PEAT gindderied wiih tho moe Pehment. Nor wasitmerely by strength 
i v slors Sad Dr. Gray, Chaplain of the Senate, wso closedsguentts unto Thee in. grateful acknowledgm: ute of erésiOug eb Jopintzcwithuthe spBaple the ‘of tind, and honesty of heart, and purity and 
next were stationed Governors of various States, for Thy kindness in giving us 0 great andispobe ‘ ae peop! cepertinackty cf purpose, that Ho furnished bim ; 
i ss cada of Bureaus, Assistantgyee fervices In the East Room with ashor',/3noble a commander. Toou art glorified ingybleteed:froit end reward: of, /bis and thelr toll, sig eddition to these things He gavo bia a calm 
fSjand Terrltories, Heada B A BI lend care, and pati id cell. i8el Sy, 
in, . . fervent, and eloquent prayer. good mon, and we praise Thee that Thon dideriaoO4 Cote, and paticnce, aud eelf escriécing du fend abiding confidence in the overruling provi- 
(Becreteries, then the Diplomatic Corpa, beside] to thet fi dithe U 
“SPLENDID MILIPARY DISP Ra p i ‘Tho Corps: Diplomatique, Welye him unto. us so pure, co honest, cosincere. 9 ee enter we mad Booey iter olen Gidence of Godand ta the mlmate tramph of 
5. MILITA LAY Wirhics wore the President end Cabinet, andj auc sea ae te and 50 transparent In character. “We praicogy? i 9 mysterious and a most eflileting visits truth aud righteousness Uorough the power and 
PSalongside of theco stood the Benators, beyond) OO ee eolen med conc nnoq tae? for that kind, aifcctionate heart, whichagoon: . Bor lt ls oar Sarhen in heaven, the Godilthe blessing of God. This contidencestrength= 
Kiwbich were members of the House of Rapre mementes ambassabors, secretaries, and. attachés always srralled with feelings of evlarged beno fae! Cur fathers, aud our God, who permiis us toc-oned him in all his hours of auxlety and toll, 

iS, ee ca i Thg:byde £0 suddealy end sorely sraftten; aud woPand jnepiced him wit : 
lscatatives, clergymen from all parts of they Vere present, In full court costume, and theirfivolence. We bless Thee for what Tnon dids know that His Judgments ore right, nadihatl a mea piece bin SST ey hone 

Fic iF ; ive bf be) 

‘United Biates, and the cliy authorities. fabigh collared and heavy gt conta, thelr veetoageusele Bim 1¢ doi that Thou Gidst give bin Wralthfalness Ho hae eillecd ue, {a the mlds\Perdency and giosee Nene nkell’s forte 
The Grst to enter the room were the minis fAcecorted with various orders, rendered tho/a of (1 . © 

7 glittering group in &n assemblage dressed: {0} 

yeombre black. 
(Zof all denominations, and from every State inp ‘The Assemblage. 

Having described in detail the various groups; 
hat successively entered the room, it only re 



rpandnaival, theic men thtsuybs 
ahom our Country has besn carried tbrougu anggeceliny, tuls discipline; aud tueriore Ho hoestich which Bb sald, in hla very room, to 8 com 
Sunprecedonted conflict. sent it, Let us rememter, oar afiliction has pany ofclergymen and others, who called to 7 
Bi] “Wo bless Thee for the euccees which hes at p20! come forth of the dust, and our trouble hasStpay bim their respecte in the darkest doys of 
tended all their efforts, and victories whichyyuc’ SPrucg out of the ground. Tarough snd Sour elyil confiiet: “Gentlemen, my hope of 
bave crowned our armies; and that Thou didsitaney ond all second cauees let us look, atd see *euccess in this great and terrible struggle rests 
Efepare Thy servant nutil ‘he could behold thesatt: Sovereign permlacive azeucy of the grest Firet’on thet immutable foundation, the justico and 
dawning of that glorious’ morning of peace ‘Cause. Itis His prerogative to bring lightout of ®yoodnees of God.: And when events arc very 
Zend prosperity which is abon! to sblae uponfsis bees ond goodonsoferil. Barely the wrath Mthreatening, and prospects very dark, I still 
our lends thet howas enabled to go up as Tay! Srecea MR ALeSh Sane ope Bat in some way which man cannot sec 
servant of old upon Mount Pisgah, ai atcbis Is iH ac*alt will be well In the end, becauee our causeis 
rasted with its solemn loncliness when we firstie3, glimpse of ne promised ines ea oH clearer day we msy yet see that the wrath/ jnet, and God js on our élde.” Sach wes his 
ntered its lips ere silent and his arm is powerless, weep ®2ch plauned and perpetrated the death ee dee and ho'y faith, and it was an anchor 

‘af our\rejoleingn we nevded j thle jatroke whisSene sic snd” the deep. emotla: 


New York Delegation. 
The New York delegation next entered. 
fiwes composed of 

ie . 
Of sll the memorable deys in the ennals ofgacmeon Ree PhokenT yeeeae 

thei United States, none will be remembered by Xj Moses Taylor, Charles P. Daley, 


RReome idea of the effect produced bythe room 
jvhen filled with such an assemblage, as con 

There were in all about six hundred persons{athank Thee that Thou didst strengthen him, to, picsldeut Wy esanSeSea An bye a whose Jac b 

fs haspeak Worcs that cheer the hearts of the enffer- . ness S Ways pas Bhim firm andetropg. It omboldened bim in the 
pike ‘Ce Of ene ee AEA oie Sts FBiog and the opproseed; and to wrlze that de jRolling Out, for the PghesL welfare of all tuorefpath way of duty, however rugged and perlions 
ut were Known as leading men of the countryF¥claration of emancipation which has given him taiuterests which are so cear to the Carletienbei, might be. It made him valiant for the right; 
ither In commerce, laws, ethics, litera:ure ian |mmortal reward; that though the hand of@sPStiot and pbilenthropist, ard for which for the cause of God and humanity, and it held 
tatesmanship, or in practical generalchip onpgibe ae He eirick him a the ground, Bria in standy patent, and mpencrying. Aa 
auguluary fields. One holf of them will cer fait could not destroy the work which he ba: berence té a policy of administration which he 

ks | 5 t, ond : 

ftalolyleave names Ukely to linger lorg on tne ReORes nor forge sgain the chains which he has hought, ond which all now thlok, both God 
ages of American history. Diplomacy, arts, ic 

‘to his soul, both sure and steadfast, It made 

the preeent generation, or read of in hietory by#iJames Brown, Edwarda Plerpont, 

those who come after us with stronger feelingeyonn Jacob Astor, — Willlam MC. Evarts, 

of regret and pride, then yesterday; regret aiwvitism E. Dodge Charter Rexeal 

tke distreesing manner of the death of so grea 8. Blaichford, i 

and good a benefactor of his country, and prigef J, mnet certaluly be admitted that New Yor 

3D Sahara? emma ANNE Of respect onvkSconld ecsrce do more than send her first cit 

8 aN ise eeomae it ee oh Kyzone. Added tothose already named, the fol Boros ‘Ana whik th 5 eodohticianity) reqnited him'to adonte: aWorad: 
2 P ince “k lowing gentlemen appeared as a peculiar dele. ie a PP LE LE Ly "Same tbr at ecg a et Mt 

dire calamity bereft the nation of its chosen{g3 passed away, we are grateful that his work warfa 

“Bund unbelief is prone to err, 
And sean Ls work in vain; 

FSmired snd loved him on many accounts—for 

‘ead; sll clases of a benefactor, and’ the mis fgention from the New York Chamber of Com paras, eclenco, all of to-day, all of living os escent aadtbA the acts whichp Gat aa Ler iss a x HE eee Roe ites 
Qme . . 

guided people of the Bouth of thelr most mer Ree rine ee MERETE [Syeet, # part-of the:breathing, throbblog age, were "We jmolore Thy blessing upon bie beréevects] Wo will walt: for’ bis: -laterpretation, aud weifrom guile and slogtityo, thie, stanncth 
cfful friend, prevented the extended prepara-Rboa ae Becta Willan ean} fords Exthere; and as these men stood up, and the am- Atemily, Thou husband of the widow. Llesefewill walt im faith, nothiog doubting. He whobiaud sterling integrity, bis kind and forgiving 
tloue and the: universal attendance from’ sll PW iam Barton, wale Walbridge > oasszdors leaned forth to scan the scene, nozyner ino, broken Mearted and sorro Wing, foclngggnes lea m5.50 Well, ote petouaed and prospered peer ets hls ei lies ta Het ie Rare 
. 5. is » oppressed with unu'terableanguish. Cheer thefyus 60 wonderfully during Lhe last foar years of ent, self-secrificink devotionito ail the duties 

scertone of Be country, Which would other. pyrene wordless LUE COs f eee dropped Hee i stilled face ia Uheponeliness of the paliway alee diag berorete colllzand atrugelen anid acct of; Will not foreaked jaf his eminent position, trom the least to the 
wise haye been certein. All that could be. Adc octee ecm EEC, cofia but was moistened. bauer, and grant to her such consolations of Thy us now. Ho may chasten, but Ho will not degereatest; bis readiness to hear and consider 
present upon sueh short notice were here tofeg.dermen Norton, mancies Pea One'of the most touching tributes of love anofspirit and such hopes, through the resurrection, |systroy. He may purify us more and more Jn thetsythe csuse of tbe pour and humble, the suffor~ 
manifest thelr grief and participate In pasiogSeoercnice Bont Spay By affection, so generally paid by many of (hegglliatehe shall feel that ‘Earth hath ro sor peaCurnece of trial, but He will not consuare-us.ésing end. the eppreseed; his charity toward 
theUleer fAilifribute phrerpast’ to, hi who General Bicbe y BJ citizons of Washington to. the mortal remaineis{%® Which Heaven cannot heal”? BYNo, no! He has chosen us as Ho did his peop'efeithore who questioned the (Qrectnesa of his 
Pp an) trong. fa @ Let Thy blessing ‘rest upon his sons, ponrfeof.old in the farnace of afiliction, and He haswopiniona end the wisdom or his polley; bis 

the people, without distinction of party, sos Among the Governors of States, we could se, fithe noblest of our Chief Magistrates sincesy 
much loyed. Bein the allotted partition — Raho days of Washington, was that by Mre. AR 
At on early fhour [yesterday morning, everyg#Fenton, New York, | Andrew, Massachueette,hyJardin, corner of Eighteenth and M atreets, 
vatrest and avenue leading from the Capitol ropgORtesby, Illnofe, Brough, Ohio, 
the President’s Mansion, was allye with peoplalpener Ned US aR DRE aYae 

Kusaid of ns as he eald of them. “This pao-r4wonderfal ekill In reconciling differences 
ple have I formed for rayself; they sballl3among the friends of the Union, leading them 
{show ‘orth my praise.’ Let our principslmaway from abstractions, and Inducing tbem to 
tions. May the remembrance of their father’steanziety now ba that this new sorrow maygywcrk together and harmonfously for the com- 
counsels, and their father’s noble acis, everfaoe a sauctified sorrow; that lt may lead us togymon weal; hie trua aud enlarged philanthropy 

Heo well. By this he speaks to bis successor in 
@ earth. In this solemn presence, may we I have eeid that tho people confided in theofiice, and charges bim to haye faith In God. 
feel that we too arc immortal! May the sencc}4-ate lamented Presideat with a fall and 5 lorlngaABy tbis he speske to the members of bis cabl- 
lof our responsibility to God rest upon us jsqeonfidence. Probably no man elace tae days offanet, the men with hom he conneeled ro often 
may we repent of every sin; and nisyS4\Washiogton was ever co deeply and firmly em fyand was tseociated so Jong. and he cb srges 
we consecrate anew uulo Thee all the timrifoed ed aud enshrined in the yery hearts of wh hem to have feitb {a God. By this be epeaks 
snd all the tolents which Thon hast given us .BAoeoule ss Abrabam Lincola. “Nor was it a mis Beto all who ocenpy positions of lofluence and 

snd mezy we co fulfil our eliotted duties thatfelakin confidence and Jove. He deserved {:—fianthority in these sd and tronblous times, and 
ead EXdually we may bave a resting-place wilh thes 

jezervid It well—deverved it ail, He merited irgyho charges them all to have folth in God. B. 

‘Thou turnest men to destruction; again Thonf#good, and wise, end the vreat, who now cur adoy bls character, by his ecte, and by the wholesAthls be spesks to this great people as they eft 

yest, Come again, ye children of men. hgyonod that glorious throne! Hear ua while wegaitencr, and tone, and spirit of bia life. He yweepgin sackcloth to-day, end weep for bim with a 

For a thousand years in Tay sight are but asfaanite in prasing with Thy Church in all lands 24.imple ond sincere, plain and honest, truthfulsbitter welling, and refase to be comfort:d, and 
dsesterday; secing that It is past es a watch iapgand in-ail sges, cyca 19 Thoa has! taught us, ua jast, benevolentand kind. ee 

Parker, New Jersey, Pierpolnt, Virginia iful wreath of white rosebude and other choicefPatimulate them to glorious deads, and at lasifi/!eeper repentance, toa more humbling cense offsthat knew no distinction of color and reco, but 
The associations which had made arrangementel Ty iontenant Governor Cox, of Maryland, waemguoWers and evergreens to the White Houee, andefmay they be heirs of everlasting life. jour dependence’ upon God, ond to the moreparegarded all menu ‘es brethren, and endowed 
‘tojoin In the proceasion were formed be:ween > ‘y} 5 placed it on the coffin of the deceased at thetey Command thy rich blessings to descend uporkiganreserved consecration of onreelyes and allmalike by their Orcator * with certain inallen~ 
mlnelantitten o'slockwicThd elerka'of thetsi 1 jalso present, Governor Bradford being absenii Preatdential Manst the successor of eur lamented President. Grant@iihat we have to the canse of trath and Justice, able rights, amovg which are life, liberty, and 
b of the severslP¥on account ef illnces. pO eed unto him wisdom, energy, and firmness forpyof law and order, of liberty’ and good! govern fethe purenit of happinces;” bis inflexible pnr- 
departments also gathered together at abou The Ceremonies, ithe responsible duties to which ho has beenpgiment, of pure and undefiled religion. The=,§poso, that wenor treedoE bsd gained In our a 
the came hour. Before noon, Pennsylvania} called; and moy he, bis cabinet, officers ancihough weeping may endure for a night, joyfsrible civil etrife should never be lost, and that 
BTEnNO MITER onde fe nayritenadensrel poe as at ae rae Placed did not allowpy When all who were priveleged to enter had cnerais who shall lead his armies, and these s Q he end of the war should be the end of slavery, 
fx,us to gee more than a few. These were Scnatore| orave soldiers in the field, be so guided by tb: pite of this great and sudden and temporar: nd, a6 8 conerquence, ef rebellion; his readi- 
been. Nearly every house in the city wash i y thy 8 2 
v Ty ity wosi@Foster, Ramsey, Harris, Chandler, Cowan, Pcounsels that they ehall speedily complete thr Agnes, the morning bas begun to dawn—thefness to epend aud be epent for the sttaln- 
elosed, and all the inmates—proprietora, sei Sumner, McDougal, Saulsbury,|Wade, Johneon,a Lord, let me know my end, and the numberpagteat work which he had so euccessfally carried jorning of 8 brightavd glorious day, each asyyment of such a trinmph. trinmph the 
vents, and lodgers—went forth to pay theit@4cresiel], Williams, N 8 “Wot my days ; that I may be certifled how longpgforward. our country has never seen. That dsy willpableesed fruits of which shallf{be a5 wide spread- 
tribute of respect and veneration to AbrabamEl 8, Norton, Btowart, Nye le vave to live. Lat thy blessing rest upon our country. Granificome and not tarry, and the death of a hundred@fing-as the eartb, aud as endurlog as the sun. 
eon athe he Conness, and Collamer, Behold, thou hast mado my days as it" were nyte us all a fixed and strong determination&gtresidents and their Cabinets can never, neverggAll these things commanded and fixed our ad- 
Lincoln, the best friend of the people, and thi Among the members of the lower Houee, webSepan long, 2nd mine ogo Is even as nothing ingan¢ver to cease our efforts until our gloriou:egorevent it. While we are thus hopeful, bow-Mjmiration, and the admiration of the world, and 
latest ond greatest President of the Unitednoticed Speaker Colfax. There were so manyPh'espec’ of Thee ; and verlly every mat living Isp4Uolon shall bo fally re-established. Ryever, jet us aleo be humble. The oceasion cal/sbastemped upon his character and life tre un- 
States. By the time the procession was formed resent thet our crowded coll y together vanity. Around the remains of our loved President/gus to praserfal end tearfal hnomillation. I istakable impress of greatness. Bat more sub- 
at two o’clock—the crowd of spectators hadp e ur crowded columns cannot find” For man walketh in a vat shadow and die-BAMsy we covenant together by every possibleliiemands of ua that we live low, very low,feilime than apy or oll of these, more boly and 
Rajspace for them all. nicth himself in vain; he beapeth up richeeRameans to give ourselves to our country’s servicefeoefore Him who has smitten us for our sins.Minflugnt{al, more begatifol, aod strong, and 
gathered upon the sidewalks three or foui |, Beslde President Johnston stood the Hon.fitend cannot tell who shall gather them, mantil every yestige of this rebellion shall hey: t4U that allcur rulers and all our people maypasustaining, was his ublding confidence in God and 
deep, and another line was formed upon thes breston King and ex-Vice President Hamlin And now, Lord, what Js my hope? Traly fe a aria out, ue until slavery, its cause, Byoow in the duet eeeey beneath the chasteniagbe i vee sage Nh ee eng 
strect. i. vy hope is even ia Thee. pissbell be forever eradicated. lnand of God! and may their volees go up topythrough Him and for His take. 8 wos 
: The members and executive officers of the Deno me from all my offences ; an Preserve us, we pray Thee, from all comp!i Sydim as one voice, and thelr hearts go np logenoblest virtne, h's grandes’ principle, the secret 
Ceremonies at the East Ri y yand meke xwenpray Thee, pa Bi 
_ oom. United States Sanitary Commission attendedfme not a rabnke nnto the foolisb. RAcalions with foreiga nationg. Give us heartesHim ss one heart, pleacing with Him forkgalike of his sure. 4, his patience, and his suc- 
The Treasury Department wae besieged aipghe ceremonles at the Executive Mansion in | When thon with rebukes dost chasten mso i act justly toward all nstions, aid grant uvtomsiercy, for LAs Teall a Cay our great ut ay ak at Pale pers am ae dts aati. 
” for sin, thou makest his beauty to consut om hearts to act Jastly toward us, that uni-ferereavemeut, ood for wiscom to guide we lopanear bim steadily, and wit im often, for 
une © loch Dy pep Mcauts for entry, and louie vad Snituey followings named nen emenybsloria ea” oNtora cau wereaimcthutteli opelen en on Pqverenlapence sod panpineis: may.ll gunearth Peguls onc dimeotaneed.yAuchss janced eijamaaphoate shen four years: fe the pilnalale iy wien: 
before ten, Lafayette 8 a th esent: Ys hs eltlng a'garntonk BP ¥ 4 
» Lafaye quare end thet portioneypresen| : every man is therefore but vanity. fs4WVe rejoice, then, In this inflicting dispensa Renicading will notbe in valo. It willenter Im ofmorc then by any otber, “he, being cesd, yet 
4 vy. H. W. Bellows, D. D.; C. R. Agnew, Hear wy prayer, O Lord, and with thine earcpytion Thou hast glyen, as additional evidence offethe ear and heart of Him who elts zpon & effepesketh.” Yee; by his eteady enduring cone 
M. D ; Professor Wolcott Gibbe; Elisha Hsrris.fescorsider my calling; hold not thy peace at myp is talten gh of as mations ne bless "ThetPathrove, ae ane gay etn to ab » cle sgatcensela God, ane in re ree omtimiate $e: 
* Re : kears : cbat no tumolt has arisen, aud In peace sucbalerce), “(na liste wrath L bid my face sro ofycesa of the cause of God, whic! e cause of hu- 
ihe powers Of reportorial arithmetic to falimatcia Nt: D.; Rev. Dt, Hil), Eresident ee Col te For I am a strangor. with theo, snd a co.fqvermons our Goycrument moves aree ancflihee furs mowent: but with everlasting } in |-stmanity, more thanin ary other way, does he now 
or number. filege; E.B. Elliott, E:q.; John Y. Culyer, Ezq ; urner, as all my fathers were. chet Thou hast shown that our Republicaughoecs wil I haye mercy upon thee, saith thy @speak to usand to thenation heloved and served. 
At ten o’clock wo entered the East Room,R¥J. B. Abbott, Eeq.; M. P. Barry, Esq.; Georges} O spare mo a little, that I may recover mypGovernment Js the ctrongest upon the faco o)p}Lord, thy Redeemer.” 
> i y, Esq.; 4 Ps y 'y recy 
where lay Abraham Lincoln, on the same cata igs. Bicard, Hzq.; George T, Strong, Esq ; Hor-gystrength, be‘ore I go hence, and be no more! 
falco, end in the gsme coffin we have alreadyfisce Binney, Esq.; C. J. Stille, Eeq ; J. Fosterey ce”: x 
described. ‘This room, tae come in which Har fWJenking, Mf. D.; J. 8. Newberry, M-D.; F. N.Bleecoctice we cctheee Our Tetage, from on 
rison end Teylor ley in etete, was far more sr- John 8, Blatchford, Esq.; John Before the mountains were brought forth, orf 
tisticollp prepared for the coming ceremonies.pydowno, Esq.; Darius Forbes, Req.; Dr. J, 
The plates of its four large mirrors were covere: 
yrith white crape, while thelr frames were hid. The Cabinct, 
gen by the falling folds of e black Graperypy All these various groups were nearly placed 
siwilor to that which covered the blood-redgwin their appointed sections, when the Cabinet 
damsscone and white lace curtains of the win. fidsnd tue Chief Justice of the United Statee 
dowe The Venetian shutters boing partlyHaentered with the new President. As the vari- 
closed, the rich red of the walls stained th us secreteries filed in, all eyes were turned! 
parilaily admitted light already toned down b' pon them, aud when the Isst had entered, a| 
tbe heavy masses of black, and through thej@slight bu! perceptible stir ran through the audi+ 
dark shadows of the catafalco the light soemedjayence, showing that the very absence of him 
to etinggle in dim religious rays thas stolegdwho had been selected as the fellow victim of| 
rather than ](aped back from the silver orna-paythe dead man in the room, vronght him the) 
meuts of the coffin and the shrouded eurface nore vividly back to the memory of those pre: 
ofthe palisbed mirors, 

ver the earth and the world were made, thous} 
rt God from everlasting, and world without 

e night. vere quick and clear, bis judgment were calm. 
As svon es Thon scatterest them they arejg 
even as asleep, and fade away suddenly like tucked 

{nthe morning It !s green, and groweth up; 

oe charges them to have felth in God. And by 

ayieg—— this he will ois ict oe Lea to oll 
her ; > Lord'pijsnd accarate, and bis purposes were gocdasculéra and peoplesin every land, and his message 

See ee OE Sect odl Gi trae eeoea ic eaeeok begena sre ation Always cudi.0 (bem will be, “Cling to Uberty and right ; 
Prayer. BSverywhere bd aimed and «mdeavorcd to bespostile for them; bleed for them; dle for them, if 
A portion of the distinguished andleuce theeSMigh; and to do right. His integrity was$doeed be; and-bave confidence lu Gsd.”” Othat 
out inthe evening it is cat down, dried up, andpyeested themselves upon their sable seats to bear koroagh, all peryading, all-controlilog, andpibo voice of this testimony may sink down into 
withered. par. Gurley deliver the following : corruptible. It was the same ju everyegour hearts to-day sod every day, and into the 
For we consume away in Thy displeasure; Fancral Address. ace and relation, in the considerationSeheart of the nation, and exert its appropriate 

and ore afraid at Thy wrathful indignation, As we stand here to-day, mourcere a0 the control of matters great or cmall,feinfloence upon our feelings, our faith, our pa- 

Thon hes set our misdeeds before Tnee; an bis coffin and aronad the lifeless remains offatbe same Orm and steady principle of powerpitience, and our dovotlon to thecansenow dearer 
our secret sius in the light of Thy covntenance. cur beloved Chief Magistrate, worecognizeandpdand besuty that abed a clear and crowningyalo Us than ever before, becense coucecrated 
For eben thozart angry, al! our days are®we adore the sovereignty of God. His throneyplustre upon all jis otber excellences of minds (coaTiavaD ON EIGTH PAGZ. J 

fran ne 7a 
Qs " F el 4 fystme name, visited this exclusive do-§ness of the piece; , } Preparation for Lotorment. Rg 
ty) rek \) (il WOM! R, maiv, to which bis profession of actor waspamarble face and gleaming dogger were, ie Mr. Frank T. Sands, the Government’ E 
WEN (= Fam ian open sesame. He entered by the back@4seen descendiog from the box thatasus-fknelt at the bedside, and offered an im-fRundcrtaker, assisted by Mr. J. F. Harvey, (4 

er core ee Se 

SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1865, 






i pressive prayer, which was responded to by 

l{No. 410 Seventh street, were also present, i 
qr. Sands having been engaged to furnishha 
Dr. Gurley then proceeded to the fronts 

picion of the truth flashed upon them. 
‘When Booth was named as the man, some) 
few cries of ‘‘hang him !’’ were raised ; butg 
though the audience left their feet, they, 
Eisecmed bereft not only of all power o! 

door of the theatre, and left yery soon, 
Weaving that back door open. He had ey: 
dently ridden to the theatre, for ere ente 
ing it he left his horse in the alley. 
Tho Murder. 4 
The comedy is in its third act, in th 
elsccond scene ofit, Madame Mountchessing-( 
ton has left the stage to Asa Trenchard 
with the remark— E 
“You don’t understand the manners of 
good society. That alone can excuse the 
impertinence of which you are guilty.’’ 
Trenchard answers, “I guess I knowp 
enough to turn you inside out,’? and the 
audience clap their hands and laugh in glee, 
Mrs. Lincoln joins in the laugh—a pisto) 
shot, sharp and clear, isheard. The worde 

Mr. Bands engaged Messrs. Brown & 

Alexander to embalm the remains, which# 
gawas done between three and four o’cloc 

ary, and others, were waiting, where he 
gain offered prayer for the consolation o} 
ie family. 

Removal to the Whito House. 
Shortly after nine o'clock Saturday morn 
ing the remains were placed in a temporar: 
coflin, under the direction of Mr. Frank& 
Sands, and removed to the White House, s4"is inscription : 
six young men of the Quartermaster's De 
partment carrying the body to the house. a 

@Prepared for the remains is of mahogany} 

that the mind of the audience scemed toy 
take in understandipgly the deed, and all 
the horror of the deed they had 
witnessed. They swayed back an 
forth, indignation and menace succeeding, 
to irresolution, till the amphitheatre, An escort of cavalry (Union Light® 
the gates of Eden, seemed “' with flery facestuGuard), under the command of Lieutenant 
thronged.’’ All spoke, but no one saidgJamison, accompanied the remains, which 
anything. Exclamation followed exclama fawore followed by Gens. Augur, command.& 
tion, till at last Miss Keene stepped forth, Ming Department of Washington; Rucker, 
land waving her arm, besought them to beffDepot Quartermaster ; Colonel Pelouze, off 
calm and retain their sents. At last, onfathe War Department; Captain Finley An 
repeated requests to leave the theatre, madeyiderson, A. A. G,, Hancock's corps; Cap 
tsin D. G, Thomas, Clothing Depot 
aptains J. H. Crowell and C. Baker. 

The solemn procession moved slowly u 



BORN FEBRUARY 13, 1800, 

DISD arnit 15, 186: 



ral Members of the Cabinet. 

During the wild excitement which! 
eigncd throughout the terrible night o} 
he murder, mapy rumors came to the earsra] 
f our reporters, for which, by careful in. 
estigation, we learned there was no foun 
lation. ‘There was ono otatemont, equally 
nfounded as the others, which we did} 

two black, shining eyes, is seen between 
the President’s box and the etage;a mo- 
ment passes; it drops. A form crouches agp 
it falls, then rises in histrionic attitude, i 


face reflects the numerous gas jets. Three 
seconds—nay, two, and it is gone. KA 
Still as the hush that follows a prayer inpy 
the chamber of the dying, the audience sil 

spell-bound, it may have been for two 
seconds; a tall man jumps upon the stage, Rg = : ss 5 
BA ana ho too disappeared, while a yoice in thef suffering and woe which must form the end 

i last utters the name of theg 
[aca ieee a ee Boorn.” fa Miss Keene to say that, after the first alarm, 

How Booth Milled tho President. e recovered her composure more rapldlyf 
It has now been proven that Booth, than any one present, and displayed at once 

fA by 



House, a large crowd present along the route 

tanding uncovered. Immediately on th 

The Room in which the Pre- 
sident Died. 

he vicinity, snd several relisble gentle 
men stopped at the house while measures] 

guard being remoyed, arush was made to. 

giward the house occupied during the nigh’ 



fAitrance for some time, z 
The House in which fe Died. 

by the President, remaini 
jof our melancholy task, we feel it due tof 44 On inipaisbout thee 
The house to which the President wa: 



‘The Assassins Gill at Large. 

Tho Box after the Murder. 
While Mr, Stewart was pursuing the as. 
fgsassin, and the audience were striving t 

Wirecover their senses, and while one of od 
he ; 


which rises a stairway. The room is coy athe capture of the assassins. Among them: 
red with a paper of a brown hue, figured#40as one that Booth had been arrested on| 
lone of the roads leading from the city, anf 
fatbis report, with another, to the effect thats 
eatbree secessionists, who were of the partyee 
lof assuesins, had been captured by some off 
the military, near Rockville, and hung, 
created a great deal of excitement, number: 

Haind leaning over, with the elbow of his 
Aright arm out of the box, his left hand o: 
Bye balustrade, fired a pistol at the Presi. 
ejient. This pistol, a Derringer, was evi-f 
5 Toni dently loaded with two (perhaps with moreffflashed across our yision, Bir. Lincoln 1a; 

t has befallen the nation, in. Rr 4 = 
tee foie macrered the details offj'2an two) balls, of diameter less than tha! fq bleeding up stairs. There is but one word; 

the crime and its attendant circumstances?! ‘he pistol barrel. One of these 

e balls struck the President below — thef 
ae eee ao ree eft ear, and two inches behind it.[§{covered first, called to Miss Keene for somey 

a paar) The other did not hit him, but went water ; a gentleman, aided by the former, 
nights see time, oe rae Ee rough the locked ond unused doorficlimbed into the box. A gentleman atlastkdThey were all stained with his blood. 
ie Peale Ge ee rane satis parti fj f the box, scattering splinters outside (notfgbrought a pitcher of water. Several other A The walls were hung with one photo 
acs that preceded and followed theff pce, ascended into tho) DOx panda asalns 
murder directly point, as the reader wil 

graph taken from some lithograph of Ros 
readily perceive by the minute account thal Bator, a regular stylus in form, but rounded, 

follows. The exact time of the occurrence} act angled, to a point. He yavlted over 
willbe the only, ‘subject of debate | left toflrhe balustrade of the bos, his left handsMisp, and endeavored to get some watery 
theifuture, upporting his weight, and breaking hi: own his throat; but even then he wa: Pili ope that it will long stand as a mementcd} 

Thee cosidont’s Arrival. ‘all by its hold on it, The distance fromf|wholly unconscious, and his breathing was(lof the great man who died in it, being 

At halfpast eight o’clock, Mr. Lincoln, Ai:hat balustrade to the floor of the theatre i Alrattlingly noisy. Tho brain was alreadyRbuilt rather on the texemeat style. 
accompanied by Mrs. Lincoln, Miss Harris, 84-vactly twelve fect and eight inches. 'Thefdcommencing to ooze out, and tho blood Mrs, Lincoln and Family 
and Mojor Rathburn, entered the theatre, F4-xclamation} ‘Sid Semper Tyrannis,"\waretthe Virst Magistrate of the dation pecupying Contain, Robert. Liscola’s 
the play, Teylor’s ‘American; Cousin; i attered as he vaulted out of thebox, andBdabbled the robe of an actress! Groom, immediately over the eastern half o} 
was “going smoothly.’” Dundreary warg/is he recovered his feet on alighting, hef At last medical aid arrived ; the throly fiche entrance room, and she is attended by 
telling why a dog.wags his tail, and the en ssid something of which we could only—ving crowd outside was forced back—thi Pathe wife of Hon, Secretary Welles. 
thusiastic reception of Mr. Lincoln drowmed street was picketed—and one hour later the General Todd, Mrs. Iuincoln's cousin. 
the point of Dundreary’s conundrum Hdoctor's had the suffering form transferred 
When he reached the door of the privat 
bos, the President turned and bowed in ac 
knowledgment of the greeting, and ther 
followed Mrs. Linco)n into the box, 

The President, as usual with him, had no 
guard, save that which perhaps in his great ba 
ness of heart he deemed all suflicient—t 
consciousness of duty we'll discharged, 
feeling of love and charity to all mankind, 
which, innocent of hate itself, feared it no’ 
in others, 

The box occupied by the Presidentia 
party consisted of the two upper boxes or| 
the right hand side of the audience, which, We have twice adverted to the back door 
by the removal of a partilion, had beerJopcned by Booth, evidently to secure a wa: 
thrown into one, In the corner nearest thi f escape. Outside that door we have alsofy 
stage sat Miss Harris, in an arm chair ;fijstated he bad left a horse. After turnings 
next her sat Mrs. Lincoln, on a cane bot-¥aro the right and leaying the prompter’s deskjxy a 
tomed chair, at a distance of some four fee! Ferent for by Mrs, Lincoln, and remainedig4 Bet Oi wee ay eae da ; 
from Miss Harris; while in the corne:pMor lane, formed by the ends of the scenery ivith her through the bilter hours of thejumiversa er ie y thy aa G y; 
farthest from the stage sat the President 2nd the wallofthetheatre. Thisalley-waypysolemn night. Mrs. and Miss Kinney wer ut, immediately upon the publication o! 

j a ¥7also present, offering those consolation: ur brief announcement of the President’ 
mae Bae on 78 eWrener ee is only twenty-five feet long from the first Pl y eitinta Mpc dbus Matvontenit Gis qulell 

ntrance, and at the end of it stands the Aen Hen a 
Tho Bos, pen back door at which the horse avwaitedes PUUSebaed parts of the city rape p' 
The box was decorated with the flag hc uildings, private residences, and places o! 

loved so well, hanging around him and hist uusinezs in mourning, and this manifesta 
, ig 

Mihe man whose chivalry could induce him#piled upon another. es 
o murder, but could neyersummon courage] The agony of that night, what man canpQbl Pe eatin iat 
ia ief yas 2 
friends in graceful festoons, relieved by ab jon of respect and griet was wi ig} 
back ground of lace. Where the flags met, 

o fight in the ranks of his brother rebels measure, what judgment short of the Ia 
The whole distance, therefore, from the foo} et finite estimate ! 

an engraving of Washington ina gilt fram 

wai placed. The interior of the box is| 

f the box where lay the bleeding sacrifices Within, a wife by the bedside of a dying, 
lined with crimson velvet paper, and ha 


it t taken im the gres i 
The natural interest tal § ine, and is carpeted with Brussels. The} 

bed on which he lay was a low walnut four- 
joster. When we visited the house, the: 
sheeting and blankets used the night befor 


of either of the assassins has yet been ref 
Edceived by the authorities, and it is feareds 
hat, for the present at least, the criminalel 
ave escaped. 

General Grant, 
Who left the city on Friday, for News} 
Jersey, and who was informed of the assas 8) 
sination as he was leaving Philadelphia, ia 
arrived here in a special train, about noon, 

Mbox. Sho immediately set to work, place 

ra the bleeding head of the dying man onher 

1 a 
ayard,”’ irom the same artist. The houself 

24 Department. ¥ 
Military Movements 
As soon as the news reached Gencral¥ 

Augur’s headquarters that the Presiden 



He then in a stilted, stagey, yet rapid stride, 
is white face turned toward the awe: 

ent was ordered out, and in a few mo 

ments the city was encircled with pickets, i 
faj(hey being stationed at a distance of abou! 

fty feet apart. Cavalry was placed uponl 
all the roads leading from Washington, and& 
mounted men and military detectives pro 
eeded to scour the country in every direc: 
tion, with orders to arrest any re 

Tho Night of Agony. 

The President was soon surrounded byp 
fall the members of the Cabinet, except Mr, 
Seward, who was then Jying in bed, scare 
etter than the chief who had so yalued hi: 
counsels, so trusted his sagacity. But alas !s 
hile the minister may-hear in this worldtid 

ntrance, pusked aside Mies Laura Keen tel 

here awaiting her cue to enter upon thes 
cene, and with the glittering stylus stills 
in his hand, pushed on by the prompter’s¥q 
esk, turned to the right, and by none o 
he audience was again seen. Fiftee: 
econds will cover the time between th 

Fadaughter, Secretary ftanton, Secretary} 
fa Welles and wife, Major B, B. French 
encral Rucker, Dr, Gurley, and Hon. 
Mr, Arnold. 

T uring the day Secretary Blair tendered! 


zparties that they might find. 

The heartrending news was received al 
ienpa, Va., at an early nour, by telegraph} 
0 Colonel Gallupe, of the 5th Pennsylya 
ja heavy artillery, and Colonel Sweetzer,f} 
fthe 16th New York cavalry, who imme. 
iately called out their forces, and strup 
Jong picket line from the Potomac rive! 

ouse as lopg as she desired to remain ing 

Pho Presidential Mansion. 
Ow visiting the Presidential Mansion, 

he stage was exactly thirty-nine feet. 
How Booth Escaped. 

Besides the members of the Cabinet, 
rs. Lincoln, Miss Harris, Major Rath 
burn, and the leading medical men of th 
farmy now in Washington, and sovernl 
eminent doctors, Mrs, Senator Dixon wasyj The City Draped in Mourning: 

Suspension of Travel. Fs 
At 12 o'clock on Friday night, orders 
A were received at the River Transzortationy 
flice, directing that no vessels be allowedyy 

o take their departure, The Alexandri: ra 
Hand Washington ferry boats haye ceased 
¥running for the present. 

Yesterday no one was allowed to leay 
‘he city by rail, conveyance, or on foot, 
nd the issuing cf passes from the head-6y 
narters of the Department of Washbing-f 
Among the features of this mavifestatongion hag been suspended by General Augur. 
which specially attracted attention was ©! 
ortraitof Mr, Lincoln, an oil paintin. 
taken by Mr, Matthew Wilson, the last sit: 
ing for which occurred but a few day: 
ince, which was exhibited to the public a 
he residence of Mr. Gill, No. 483 Twelfth 

yearns to lighten the burden of sorrow} 


Tho Lestimony Agninst Booth. 
Colonel Ingraham, provost marshal ol 
he defences north of the Potomac, wa 
mengaged in taking testimony most of th 
day on Saturday, all of which fixes the as. 

pasassipation upon J, Wilkes Booth, 
Judge Olio, of the Supreme Court of th 
District of Columbia, and Justice Miller, 

ne flourished by Booth on the stage, wasag 
found yesterday morning, on I'st., between 


Yesterday morniog, Edward Spangler, a, 
iS livery man, who held the horse of Booth! 
when the latler rode up to the theatre, and) 

rews, of New York; General Todd, 0! 
Dacotah ; John Hay (Private Secretary) jg Post: Mortem Examination. 

Governor Oglesby, of Illinois; General The body of Mr. Lincoln laid in thi 
Farnsworth, Mrs. and Miss Kenny, Miss}groom fronting Pennsylvania avenue, an 
arris, Captain Robert Lincoln, con of theggnext to the room in the northwest corner, 
resident, and Drs, E. W. Abbott, R. K {second story, where a post-mortem examina 
tone, C. D. Gatch, Neal, Hall, and Leiber. 
an. Secretary McCullough remained with| taff, Friday night proceeded to the Nationa’ 
im until about 5 o'clock, and Chief JusticeWextracted, and the brain taken out an otel, where Booth had been stopping, ani 


lose sight of him till he mounted and rode} 
Beoil; but this he succeeded in doing ere Mr.p¥ 

iby the Third Ward police, and are now in) 
ustody. Peanut John asserted that Boothad 
fcold the horse he usually rode, and pur-f 


sof his hate, to the horse on which he#murdered husband. The statcemen of al 
then no other ornaments than the stripespy 
short distance, by the stupor into whichiithem through it, Without, a people wall fé 
other when they were present. we _ 2 bi 
eld, it is claimed, secured him from “‘let¥Sawed operator spreading woe and constcr. 
Worshipped. 4 
larly coyered. Besides these there wer go 3 
fjuim. As he passed out, he met the leaderf4rrom the Rocky Mountains, away acrosst = 
usually worshipped, has been appropriatelysjmouy of a large number of witnesses. 
The box has two entrances, consisting ky Y : 
qootat all injuring his person. To mountffuniversal requiem! eyvacant by the death of the first citizen off 
‘was that which when closed offers a sur. f 3 
nable him to outstrip the memory of thatf#ported 41, at half-past one was up to 86, fin the solemn habiliments of mourning, wil 
stands at right augles with the former. ‘Blaight will he ever find dark enough to hide 
g Around him when he died were BSecre-gFistration of the holy communion, by Reyer-' 
Miss Laura Keene, the attendance wasawhite faces he glared upon a3 he crossedh¥General Speed ; Postmaster General Dea. 
@ivine always, adapted to circumstances, thi 
Mrs, Lincoln, dering the performance o! ursue the flying coward. Joseph B. Stew. 
oddities of Dundreary, her hand testing 
S t could reach him. Unfortunately. 
profile yisible to the audience. LeWwart,€ Re m nfortanately, 
x ¥iheld his horse, with a blow from the butt 
the scenes, the presence of the President 
The Audience. 
second scene of the third act, John Wilkesjq The audionce were not at all alarmed b, 

was to flee, was only sixty-four feet. Thal4nation just recovering from an unparallele 
and stars the flags afforded. Abrahamfy 4 Me 
jurprise and horror had thrown the audi. Zing ovel' the logs of a heart and brain that 
eafelt and throbbed fot them alone, and thek 
This box was furnished with one sofa o! u 
r stop’ by a scene-shifter, who strove by#ination over a land that has been moarnin 
The interior of the Presbyterian Churc’ 
six cane-bottomed chairs, and nothing| Lou E 
f the orchestra, William Withers, Jr., andthe great prairies, a people replacing thet 
fadraped with the emblems of sorrow. Mad: The police report that about eleven 
of dcors lesding from the dresscircle. Thi ‘ 
ig horse, and run from the scene of hisg4 From the very first the case was hope-Mthe Republic, the unoccupied pew of our lateb 
face parallel {o that of the scenes on they : : 
Hadeed? Out he rode into thenight; but whaleéand at six failing, and at twenty two%#oresent an eloquent and touchiag appeal t 
It having been advertised that the re py{rom the eyes of his soul the gaze of stony 
i 4 Nerd Doctor Gurley, and, independent o: 
i 2. otathat stage? . ie! i e 
both Jarge and fashionable. The parquetpytts BE aes eons M. B. Field, Assistant Secrctary oe 
the first two acts, seemed much to enjoy fart, Eeq., a woll-known counsellor of ov: 
upon her husband’s knee, his left arm on 
r. Etewart was not armed. As Booth 
Behind the Scenes. 
= mS Hof hisdagger. The boy was nicknamed} 
awaking emulation among the people of the; 
‘Booth, brother to Edwin and Junius Booth, ithe report of the pistol in the box. It waspging. 

imo was afforded him to pass oyer thiseiconyulsion, losingfthe ‘leader that ateere 
Lincoln was not the man to wish for any s 
Hence, cannot be wondered at, The knife he} 
q¥ho Church im which the President 
crimson velyet, and three arm-chairs simi : : az 
qoassing through the entrances to intercep\f¥its dead for four long years of bitter strife. 
nm New York avenue, where Mr. Lincol: 
more. v {Wither 
mace two cuts at him, spoiling his coat, butfjubilates of the day before with a night o: 
only ont need on the night of the murde 
rime, was casy; but what horse will everfSfiecs, The pulse, which at eleven was re-84President, distinguished by its investitur 
stage. The other door, which was locked, 
zi inutes past seven HE WAS DEAD! I sengibilities, on this the day of the admin. 
ceipts of the night were for the benefit off@jhorror fixed upon him by the forest offfaries Stanton, Welles, Usher, Atlorney 
(the impressive manner of the esteemed di. 
was full, the dress circle nearly so. We mow of but one attempt made tol ine Treasury ; Judge Otto, Assistant Eecre-5 
the eccentricities of Trenchard, and the} 
‘the balustrade of the box, and only his left 
=: mounted, he knocked down the boy that 
All went as smoothly behind as before] i 
company. Toward the beginning of the’ 
‘aad gon to the celebrated actor of thepisupposed by most to be part of the busi 

eons Crave, Curtis, and Woodward, w 

vo Sgpresent al the autopsy, 


pcoln, end ottempted the marder of Secretary 


now in the possession of the military 
authorities ‘ 

One of these Istlers, bearing date at 
Hookstown, Md., seems toimplicate Booth. 
The writer speaks of the “‘mysterioua affair 
in which you are engaged,” and urges 

4 Booth to proceed to Richmond and ascer- 

‘ain the views of the authorities there upon 
he subject. The writer of the letter then 

mjendeayors to persuade Booth from carrying 

his designs into execution at that time, for 

the reason, a3 he (the writer) alleges, the 


Government here had its suspicions 


xpress his views yorbally ; and then goes 

son to say that he was out of money, had 
Rano clothes, and would be compelled to 
paleave home, as {his family were desirous 
that he should dissolye his connection with 

ooth. e 

This letter is written on note paper, in a 
mall, neat band, and simply bears the 
ignature of ‘*Sam.’” 

ersons Arrostod on Anspicion of Boing 

the Assasstnators of Secretary Seward 
and Sons. 

Officers Boyle and Hurdle, of the Fourth 

ers, in front of the Arlington House, at 

about $ o'clock yesterday morning. 

Mr. Boyle testified that BIr, Moore, the 

eyoroprictor of the house, said that Rogers 
fiwent to the house and told him he wanted 
aroom. Mr. Moore told him that he had 
no yacantroom. Mr, Moore ogain assured 
bim that he could not give him one, when 

t z Rogers remarked, $‘ Well, what shall I do? 
The room in which he breathed his lnsiyss Mapy and most conflicting rumors werek¥Go on the strects and be picked up?” He 

jis on the first story, atthe end of a hall fromfcirculated throughout the city relative toffogain asked what he should do, and said 
Ssomcthing about shooting the President, 

Mr. Moore said he did not appear to be 

very drunk when he was there, at about 12 

The officers testified that they found him 

asleep on the street, 

The accused stated that he came from 

{Giesboro on Friday, where he is engaged 
persons besieging all quarters where itMin Government employ; that he came over 
mwas likely to escertain the truth of suché¥for the purpose of getting 9 clean shirt ata 
house just this cide of the Georgetown 
bridge. He also stated that he had been 

ving in and about the city ever since the 
utbreak of the rebellion, 
The accused was stout man, with black 

hair and heavy black moustache, slightly 
mixed with gray. His dress was well worn, 
fand of aderk color. He appeared to be 
about forty years of age. 

Justice Boswell heard the case at Police 
Headquarters, and fined the prisoner $5 50 

for being drunk: 

The samo officers arrested a man named 
Addison McKinnon, having on a light-col- 

ored “uit of clothds, while if the National’ , 

Hotel, ‘night before last, at about half past 

BR 5 Fscleyen o'clock. Pereons there represented 
bad been shot, the military of this cpa fo, the officers that McKinnon, when on the 

runk, when persons passed him, but would 
valk correctly in the absonce of any one. 
The same persons also stated that ho used 
treasonable language. 

The prisoner stated that he lived at Fair- 
fax Court House, Virginia; that be lived in 
‘Alexandria, Va., for two years; was origin- 
‘ally from Boston, and had only been in 
Washington, on the present occasion, a 
day or two. Justice Boswell also fined 
ian $5 50 for being drunk. 

‘Kestimonials of Reverential Sorrow, 
Tn accordance witha call from the Mayor, 
he two branches of the City Council con- 

In the lower branch the following com- 
munication from the Mayor was submitted: 

Mayor's Orriog, City Har, 
‘April 15, 1885. 
To ts Board of Aldermen and Common Couneil: 

GrntTLeMEN; The moment of our country’s 
greatest glory and Joy has most suddenly ulti- 
nted into its hour of saddest sorrow. 

The nation’s greatcst ond beat citizen fell by 
the hands of en assassin, at Ford’s Theatre, in 
his city, about ten o'clock last night. 

I have aummoned you together to give shape 
‘0 the expression of the Irrepresslble grief of 
this community, and edop! each measurea 28 
may belt an cyent which will fill the world 
vith horror pnd gloom, 

Rrcaanp WALLACH, Meyor. 

Mr, Larner offered a ¢ésolution providing 

raft resolutions appropriate to the occa- 
sion, Which was passed; and the following 

scommiltee appointed on the part of the 

‘ouncil : Messrs. Larner, Owens, Ward, 

The committee, on its return, reported a 

Aseries of resolutione, which will be found 

Isewhere in our columns, and which were 
panimously adopted. 
The following bill was introduced and 

eward and family, on the cyening of the 14th 

Piinstant: Provided, Thet if more than one 

should be errested end convicted, then the 
said amonnt shall be spportioned eccordingly. 

Ata special meeting of the Councils of 
the city of Washington, held yesterday 
‘afternoon, at the call of the Mayor, to give 
xpreesion to the feelings of the Corpora- 
ion on the sad calamily which has befallen 
the citizens of Washington, as well as the 
aation at large, the following joint resolu. 
ions were passed : 

Wheress our late President, Abraham Lin- 
oln, bas fallen beneath the blow of acowardly 

Asssassin, stricken down ato period when his 
th uagnanimity and exalted statesmanship had 
fl -aised the country from the depression caused 
Moy four years of bloody war to a period from 

wbich the smiling path of peace and plenty 
was clearly brought In view. Ho has fallen, 
sud jhe tears of milllona of freeborn A 

‘Saturday evening, April 15, 1805, a com. 
mittee, consicting of Messrs. W. R. Mc 
Lean, J, ©, Judd, Daniel Harbaugh, Chas, 
B. Hough, and O, .H, Reed, reported the 

glous life of the nation. And now tha 
evar cloud is rolling away, and we ces the lang 
redeemed, our Mos js stricken down. Bub 
fa hough tho nation mourns, he tived to sco the 
fi] ‘Tho bearts of sll must hevo beat, and ourfMday of deliveronca, and wes pleds He rests 
24. The praser for mercy ft appropriate, be faeyes fa rr tae febar =" Bot dead, nit slecpeth,” 
Sause God governs tho world ouly for its good. ffession of the head of our nztion as he stoo hut neryed thé 
Were he a boing of malevolence, armed ss hefeapon the eteps of the Capitol, Tar POse 
8, with skill and power, t would justly fll thepglooking the worl] In the SOM WaT 
aciverse with torror end dismay. Were Godkgour eins exd the rizhteou ee gaan trees — 
iglike Nero, who set Rome on fro; or Asdrubsl,ments, Never eo much es naw bad b the tongue, swt hi weopla 

cans water his graye. And while tho wall of 
desolation gocs up from all quarters of this| 
land, we, tbe peopte of the city of Washing. 
ton, Who know beet his many virtucs, private ag 
well as public. wonld Indicate eboney esta 
in which they heva ever held bim, the deerBirono wi le and resolutions, which 
regret which they feet for his irrepareble lose,eqO!ewing prea saat 
tnd the horror eb detestation entertalued bye ere Unanimously adopted : ee Farah crag onto Rand ot Sa 
them for the ine‘\izetors of bis death, Of himfy Wherens on the night of the 14h of April, uRae"4 ie i) ie Pa Ne nome s eM nag 
truly It mey hr, geld that in bis death the mle aeats are right, and thatin faithfulness He has 
Pileted ua. In the midst of our rejoicings we 

» B Wysterions, 
(most afilicting visitation. Bnt while we mont 
we must rol murmur; walle we weep w 
must Bot complain. Above tne fonl, andi 

above {t—we must eee anoth 
chasteniog end of & wis 

qthe year of our Lord one thoasand eight hon. ae pulpit, tio pres 

Bren Baan cok tte South have lost (helt Deel @ldced and sixty Avo, by theNendiof an atsisain, BAe Ue: 1a the midst of onc rejoicings wéggllke Neto, who set:Romo on fi wives; or Tam faehat dzéd stood uolyae ia history, are free. 

Heng, tha American Union tts flimest ep Hi:ho noble, the aitices, the gencrous, and the ana'thereforeiNe Dnaien CHER UEe ns comenivel A Hib who built bis Sisco alive smon After ages would look back upon A‘rahawhy The desolation ho war hos spread over 

porteD ov d Liberty ite most nadeunted cham-Hpnitanthrople epirlt of Abraham Linosln, Prcsi irae eflliction bas wot come forth of the dust,sgoricks and mortar foto m wall;—If God werc@jLincoln, aa he etood there on \hsto. e filled the sole len’ bad 

Pleas Vaerelores 2s eat penn an See Leer Ta eat me ies S2Mitund our trouble has uot -eprucg out of thelgdile these monsters of eraelty, the world mighifg i aa admiring. Joy. fesse tof m ptima iover ben fal- 
Ep a Bye Ne ey CEN tae s: culy laouched into ¥, aud bis cou ae Poroug ‘ m8 be filled with amazsfMbardened of the South, white as te’, iopMdlled, and the roll of his es been crile 

Linewin tho country ha lost a great and good trereby, in the maldst of hor faollant rejoiciogefgsrouese- Torough and beyond all secondkagell stond aghnst, and oR 2 an 0 siayes been 4 

eqsenerations hereafter, through their chi!dren.pHiapon Bonker Hill, 

se vould testify to the Inmost truthfalness of thal fo day, In these memorials of oar Saylour’s 

eyiadgment in which he, in our name, respondedggdeath, we conzecrate ourselves anow to the 
g0 the Judgments of Him whose throne jx ica of Jeat We.need entire consecration 
equiiy and peace, ‘O mest the responsibilliies devolved upon us 

ment ond terror. Bat brethren, “‘!et not your! 
eart ba troabled, nelther let it be sfraid.?? God! 
i no ench monster of deformity. 

34. The prayer of the toxt 1s appropriate 
febecstieo God poverns the world ia mercy, 

= ciawa ~ ¥ ICAUEO3 We must look, and eco the sve! 
mex, one prompted by the best and purest offMover glorious triumphs, and the happy pros: PERE GRP Cetra oma 

wvitves, one ever soliclious for best loter- Ba nect of Peaceand Uniou—so long snd arduatls : ordbip, Tes us also bé 
ei6 of the whole Americen ps and whoseBAronted for by him—engulfed in n fod of 6 ne MAUS 76, BOM ata Som uated 
wool iife-hes been oulleted in the cause olf roy, horror, and mourning ; oe _ iarknces ero round stout, Him; righteo 


sion. Fa :be South vould 
with an admiring joy. Tbe oppressed | he empty thr 

“Liberty and Uoion. ietuntteenty’e Resolved, by the Columbia Typographi jjrud Judgment aro tho hebitatlon of his throne.’ /chrough Jesus Ohrist. Therefore, wo nigy pzaypy But it was only the test and qa ythe rebellion. ‘Che heart of tha Caureh has 
ze roan at Arie wrorde nk fecbly cx eAety, That we deeply feel this lamentable event pl Ie his prerogative to bring Nght out of dark Rafor merey. Had any belug bul tha God of—dman’s conscience which moro aad mo n alnrged, acd her wealth and love havo 
eens yeuder to the amerl eto be a national siliiction, and while mingling d BY morey sat upon ths throne, or any will bat Hist n ponred forth throogh thetwo creat arléries, 

fajnes3, and good ont of evil. Surely the wrath] 

Kyof man shall praice Him, and the remsindex of 




erned bis wholo course of conduct. U haden 

gerssed nto & mexim with our people that beBS:uo Christion snd Sanitary Commissions. But 

don, no purposes of grace, and ro hope of Jor-eanas “‘boneet,”? but the inner depth of that2qwo shall find charches aswell as governments 

jan. Are eny disposed to revolt from God’+Beaquallly which we callod howgsty, we had not isorganized through the South. Preach not 

government? Let thom enrrender home, andpayes fairly mensured. It wasthe putting awayfarcsistance of rightful authority, but Jesus, 

{irlends, snd blessings, and all the mercies of epslof what was parllal sad personal for the publich@chat they “reader yoto Cesar the things that 

(ments ara unsearchable end Ifis ways past fod fabeneficent God, and go forth vegabonds frompygood thet made him ao. Tals deep snd pro-BGare Cwsar’s, and unto God the things that are 
q\ng out, for tho bighcat welfare of sll thosefathe Governmont that fecds. end protects, anopafound reverence fur tho people’s judgment, andkyGod’e.?? 

Welinterests which nre so clear to the Christicnscomforts them, and they will soon Afecoverss tbe people’s will, made him a representative of@g Wo, as a nation, ara to be the light of the 

kajoatriot end pkilanthropist, and for which ole whether the absolute dominion of God sad$tonr uation a8 no man had heretofore been. Wvorid. Oarrnlera and people, the press, the 

loyal peoplo have made such an unexempleepathelr dependence upon Him, be ia reality a! His Intellect was also peculiar. It was his schools, the pnlpit—nll iospired by the con- 

Ffeacritice of treasure and blood. Let us not b:dsauso of murmuring and elarm. God is mer-iilutense love of truth that formed the chsrac-§¥straining love of Jesus, and zeal for trath, and 

éfsivbless, but belleying. Selful, oven in the dispensations of wrath. Thieggerietic of bis prominent good space Te tay, and order; for good government, for God, 

‘Blind aobeliot ts prone to err, {sour hope. Earns lovo of trath that recognizsd Lue volemulsy 4 The prover io ao less trae than irite, 

Atd econ HL work ia vato; The desth of one Oaief Mngistrate is aldlof facts, nod Would not anticipate, but willingisfa-bat the ‘blood of tho martyrs 3s the 

God {2 his own isterpreter, Slamity that justifies a nation’s sorrow, and, jiagged behind, aod souzhs through every can 

can nation ond his grief stricken femil ontBtour tears with thoso of our fellav-eltiz2ns for 
sympethy In this, their hour of great bereave-Féine preat calamity our country haa eustsincd,e4 "i 
Ment, and vre pray Almighty God to avert rompy te gtest calamity our connty hae eus arbor oe. a wl restrala., nthe UeoL Ole 
ton foriher calemily, and to enstaloenis mantle falls may eafely pilot the nation tg apten” ey one perpetrated the death of the 

cinldien Ort thegorrowlex wif and Saiheriess ithe haven of peace, unlon and lovo, 60 carneat-LAposiadnt, was overruled by Lim wlsese oe 
ebildre coe eeinBaiy Sought by onr lamented late President. > 

Resolved, That the corpornta auruorities Will” Resolved further, Chet es a mark of tho ro fy 
attend the funeral obacqales in a body, and spect we feel for the lamented deceased, the 
that the citizens of Washlogion be and theyEColumbla ‘Typographical Society will. attend 
are heroby requested to cloeo their usual placee@lino faaeral ius bos, and wear the usual badge 
of business on the day of the funeral, end tohdor mourning for thitly dase, 
unite with us ia the last merk of esteem andfq J. G20. Waalmyy-Pretidet: 
syumpathy, aud that 2 jolnt coumitien of sever) E, MacMuanay, Seotetary. 


cUl—be sppointed to make thenoctesary strange, CIRCLE. 

anents. Ata called meeting of the Brotherhood 
‘of the Union Capital Circle, No. 1 (H. F.),! 

Resolued, That the Mayor be, and he is hereby, 
Feqnested to cause the buildings of the Corpo 
athe following committee was appointed tof 

Fallon, end the chemaers of the two boards, to| 
eget farihers at fa ndaliloual mark of exrggarate suitable resolutions of condolence to 
xeepect, the members of the two boards weermithe family of our late President, expressive 

the nenal badge of mourning for a like perlod-Wor their sense of the nation’s loss, and tone 
requested to cause a copy of thesa resolutionsagmake the necessary preparations for attend a 

prevaUed, tuere bad been wo plonof redem 


pqieed ofthe church.”? And whiie the heart is 


The sermon of the Rsv. Mr. Davenpor: very 
Jeliestely and touchiog!y slluded to the terrible 


We will walt for His interpretation, and ¥tSsaational humiliation. In yiew of it we feelgextremists In this overdow of prophecy gprfitss they see the blood of her chief spilled by age 
ea will wait io faith, nothing doubting. He whol coming good testify to \bis man’s love of tratoedsessin hands, we feel that God will wake tho 
Jona led us 60 well, and defended spd prospered] that kept him seemingly in our rear, We wer Ba reath of msn to praise bin: aud ayergo the 
qus eo wonderfnlly daring the last. four years o eoly the skirmishing line; ho marched wish thefAllenth of all true witnesses to the tru 
gclvil sirife, will not forsake us now. He weselsim, lot us all remember that rightcousnesss is Gt: John’s Church, 
Eychastep, but Hoe will not destroy. Ho msjetind jadgmentara tha habitstion of bis throne |” FY foro 5 ssid by t 
purify us more aud more in the furnace of trisl,ENt: is his apqiestioned prerogstive to whom thepy, a orbing prayer was sai y the Rey. Dr. 
bat He will not consame v3. No, no. He hachtshields of the earth belong to change the times! fa M>Mardy, assisted by the Ray. Mr. Davenport 
snd the seasons, to bring the princes tonothing,fy He moved by o power, from a reason, andM4and the Rey. Dr. Trimble. ‘Che announcement 
farmeheelofegl Sr aacentit aaldion us af Fsnd to make the judges of the earth as yonity puewwal ne ie own, bat which came ou fcom the chancel that the Secretary of State, 
jHe said of them, “This people hay ormecis Nevertheless, in God we trast. Tho throne ofg34 reat poople’s heart. 7 
President. all members of the order in Maryland andgifor myself; they shall show forth my prslse.”Elgrsce yot etande, bleesed be God! After they Dr. C. sald he now proposed to pass to thepy 7ho is a communicant of this church, was 
The following resolutions wero passed byg Pennsylvania is extended : FaLet our principal anxiety now be that this new night, cometh the morning : “Blessed are thuy sex! consolation thot we had. It was ta thls :Saopofully recovering, was gratefully received 
American M. E. Conference, April 15, 1865: sorrow may be a sanctijlsd sorrow; that is my} 7ho are watching and are found ready.” Fthst in this bereavement we felt,as uever before,Fs Members of the past 
at M. E. 4j Jobn M. McFarland, John’ Bradbery, stead us to deeper repentance, to a more buab is] Yes, God rules. A grent crime hes beenyythat this people was one. The head of our ps Pica present Cabioet and other delegations were 
Whereas our most noble and worthy Presi-fé John Adame, John W. Thompson, George Jing gence of our dependence upon God, and tobicommitted, which has sirack the nation oghas gsiou bad been called to come up higher, burg3 er deleg: 
dept, Abraham Lincoln, the trae friend of hu-ke' F ’ > ytue more uareserved coneceration of orb.» crime that evidently involves a coasplracy™jthe nation still Lived, end lived with 9 ua 
monity, has been removed ron no scene el Cunniogham, George L. Lawrence. geclves nnd all that we have to tuewin oar midst; but it will come to Night —it must{sylmity of Parpose, and sn todomttabls wil fd 
his earthly labors by the hand nae om bias ie ‘A MEETING OF COLORED CITIZENS cause of trath ard jastice, of law andre revenled. Bretbron, did it éyer occur ti eysash aa t had Hot in the hour of lis growing 
man shepe. And emhsrees his. Cos fecanee TER fe MUR tk order, st ue ane ieee Sa areenY you that thercis a tendency in ali things tomsiampb, the day 
wes deeply impressed w! asi is eal-bevwill be hel is evening at the Presbyte-Mpure and undetiled religion. en, 
seek the light; ehelle, daep {u the sea, gropelsmearly all, and the spontaneous tosnacr inpalPreeldent. 
Hiberty for ‘all, based upon the teachings off d tho faneral of theljjim,the morning. Blecsed bo God! despite offfiinelr way to the shore. ‘Luo proweces Cfcr, eawbich the city drered foult Teoma e te BOT O21) elias bipee cota na 
Jesus of Nazaretl arrangements to attend the funeral of themtinis great and sudden and temporary darkness, Mince are to bring things to the surface. Ther idence of this fact, Webley Chapel (Methodist Episcopal), 
Therefore, resolved, Tost we deeply lamen\President. All denominations are respect-Syche morping bas begun to dawa—the morning : 
fully invited to attend, 

Ha end Ho will make ft piala.?? qvicwed as an act of Providence, calls forpytion to keep limit. Let those who had bevofe sppsiied, and the church and pation humbled 
Resolved, That the Magor be, and he ishereby, euosen ue, as He did bis people of old in the 
to be transmitted to the family of our IsteRing the funeral, and a general invitation to 
= 3 uiake themselves known? Seeds that are buried optaneous closing of business on the part offs siliction and loes in the demise of onr late 
Tent ability, and earn stness oon eee neet O'R¥rian church, on Fifteenth street, to makes 7eepiog may endure for a night, joy will come f 
3 u sort Of natural resurrection goipg on a) And ifone cowld rise on tho alr and look firs REY, DR. NADAL, 
his premature death, as being an frreparsbley ‘of a brighLand glorious day, such a6 our country} 

and wide over this broad contiaent, he wun! 

she while, as if time aud maierial forces were 
ec that all were mouraing with us as ona yrea 

Caling off all coverings and laying all foucda B 3 
tons bare. What is. trag iu matter has ftettsmily. And hehad nodowst tha: the « ,on)7 returned from bi to Rich: 
caunterpartin mind. Haman character and hu fina of Bie people of the Sone were aan | oud on Saturday, 2rd when, nt the wharf, he 
#8 oa pment. 1! : new jow many of their ; 6 dekh a 

wan go forn eautlosiy= the robber mey nce pip Guderaiwaréhaccessorles before, or afie:taT3s informed of the cesth of the President, he 
tis victim far eway from human habitelion—filbe decd In this hideous crime, bat he kocwppvePt bitterly, 

she pirate may wash his decks with the waveegittat that decd, a3 s00n ea kaown, would touché#! ‘The first bymn announced by Dr, Nadal, aid 
ot the ocean and sink tho vecee! of his yictims— Mato the qaick the hearts of the Southern peopl+PY «iy sung by the cholr and congregation,-com- 
monced thus: “ And-must this feeble body 

Joss to the nation in this crisis of her history,' has wever seen. That day will come, and not 
Resolved, ‘Last os wn outwird demonstration ipesovutTions ASsED RY 

of our sincere sorrow for bis loss, the interior pexocnaTIC ASSOCIATION ERDAY APTER Nana thele Cabinets can never, never prevent it. 

‘of our churches be clad in mourning fer thefal Noon. fs While we arz thue hoperul, however, let 13 also 

space of six months. Whereas his Excellency, Abrabam Lincoin foe humble, O that sil ourrolers and all our 
Aecolved, That under this aililetive dispene4. president of the United States, waa most fouliyesieop!e may le low in tbe dust to-dey beneath 

‘tion his pereaved family have our prayers, aA scaccinated on the 14h last., and an attemp ,eqihe chastening hand of God! snd may thelr 

-8n asenrance of our sympathy sod eo | the same Lime, made npoa the Mfeof thepsvoices go up to Him es one yolce, acd thelr 


Rey. Dr, Nadal, the pastor of this congre- 

GEORGETO tarry, aud the death of a handred Presideass 

in their bereavernent. Hon. William H. Beward, Secretary of State,pghcarts go up to fim as one heart, plesdingtgwhat maiter? Even in such exsee his erlnedi#s Dothing hereto{ore through the woolerecu 
Resolved, That ont of respect to his taemoryeang “others, by ote person or persons pro f4with Hun for merey, for grace to sanctify our! hall come to light. | Neither darkness nor thop0f this war hed touched them. ‘They wo'l knewpg@™ 
this conference do now sdjourn. fessing to’ be American citizens, thereforeMtgreat and sore bereavement, and for wisdom to! movivgs of the pathless ocean shall concea)i(bat in the death of President Lincoln they losije}(all 2” 
3. W. Looven, eve ie Ruide us in this our time of need. Such sine tokens of bis guilt. ‘The ground will eponiiitheir best friend; thelr justest jndge, thelr pence Bf His prpyer was exceedingly appropriate and 
T, A. Davis, A Resolved, by the Georgetoun Democratic asso (anlted ery and pleadizg will not be in-valn, I. forth the blood—the earth will disgorge th maker. Sympathy would aleo come to us frowis soqnent, 

W. F, Borzer, atone, ting assembled, Thet we kgok withfa;Willenter into tue esr ond heart of Him wno'byaried bodies—and the ocean will bear them,bgoVer the waters, suchas we coald not bave hadgx 74 . 
Committer. [2horror and detectation upon all eels spore ese eeta.apon ne throuo, aud Ho will say to us, a9 todieearred and gached, and Iifeless to the choneitrom any other clreumetancee, fj The anthem by the choir wes the hymn be- 

To Clergymen of all Religious Derominations in{natlon when done‘upoa ike bumblest of ci:i ffanclent Israel, ‘{u a little wrath I bid my facekatcnere the dead hand shall lie pointing ocean [4] Dr. C., after referring at some length to toefijzingiog, “ God moves iu a mysterious way.” 
Rey. Bishop Simpson was on the pulpit plat- 

the District of Columbia. 
BeLovep Bretursn: You are esch avd; 
ell respectfully requested or Pre in th 
Fee Biel or slantkonenee one slealsted t2 bring discredls upon the name off 
ee yee 7 Amerlcane. 
ave, thelltin Jnstent, tovron elder ond take suche “Resolved, That io the death of Mr. Lincola’a: 

a t Fajthis jancture the nation has met with sn irro-&4 arent feel da 4 
Inns cudcred in the sudden deessso ‘of oar he ptParsble lose; that while bo ras endeavoring v pi"Oets THe greet apparent fealing, and ea 

: culties bet the contend.kd With what great changes have the last few 
Joved Calef Mogietrate, Abratem Lincoln: PLN chs coeuiiee Handiog £2858 been frangbt! First, there came the ti 
Pastor of N.Y. Ave. Presbyterian Church, fjt8.9 barrier to extremisis on bota cides, thief44iBes of victory, and men went wild with ox- 

A Dy Gaeeirs Bact of asgumed revenge may result most die Fuuliant rejotcinge and delicous excitement. 18 
Pastor of First Baptist Church. 

faizens, but more especislly do we execrate suchps(rom thee for a moment; but with evorlasting® ward, os if seeking the detection of the guilty circumstances connected with the assaselaotiong 
Ks deed when perpelrated upon the chief ralersfiiitiudness will I have mercy upon thee, eeith thee once. What follys theo, to think Lo cover ein Tuaot tha President, sald that thouzh the foulf§-o00 with Dr. Nadal. 
(bo providences of God, the word of God,adeed was embodied in one low wretch, it wach 

Ea, Lord, thy Redeemer,” 
four land, and view them as fonl blots npanfglord, tby ; rm wil 
Shumanity, leading to anarchy and rain, and& jond all the atiributcs of God are pledged to ex:|:s(0 reality the Incarmato fend of slavery <tr.kloged,,,, Unless the Lord hed been my ee a 

id zat the heart ard bead of our nation, + pores a 
be a Y Eeihe s The writer of tis Psalm interds to describe 

is trouble as the very dcepest Pozslble. He 

Strect Baptist Church. 

Hose them. All the messengers of justice are 

e4in hot pursnit, and tbe hand of God will arresttit pe then ald; salva must, itaeaene of ou: 
yjeim. His cin will track bim acrosa oceans,pyPcople and of coming ages, ia the name off ‘ 
faone desertg, throagh valleys, snd over moun }youmenity, whose will is equ be jest, andwgdcclares it incurable by eny carthly remedy. 

‘i Bee, & 
Hains, and at last will bo earé to find bim out falustica demands that the ruling class of thepg) Uulets the Lord ned. beon iny aaa 
neeu no righ{cous God lo appeal to against my 
sjfoes and uncer my trials, 1 should have sunk 
ginto the depths of deapsir. Not only conld I 
not have found belp in myself or in my fellow 

with the prayer, ‘*O Lord, in wrath remem #4 Tee Psople, and take earnest, honeét vows, 

Eqastrously, in strikiog down the men who, of alipprear, In our frantic zal for man-worship, we 

Faothers, were most disposed to be lenient wncgglorget, God. Bat the battle, the victory fupeys im tne ear of Him who ls mighty to éay nan, I should have been speechless, almost, 

ee eee Micterciga Ps faihe jabilee, came, and then li calmlnctioe our country, Mie SFG ght a6 ciluiuals bafore the law of tuisg4*lth etle, disappointment, aud conscious help- 
Color OlW. M.D. Rran i Resoluid, That each and every member otucatastrophe the assassination, of the President /Mioavement. hold fast tothe God of nations, andigunited peop'e [applause], and ia the namepy cetness. [only hoped and only epoke because 
iis ' chia aseocla'ion pleczes bis utmost endeavorebgaow rapidly they followed each other—how E4jof injared right—in the name of freedom—andeq bere 18 a God, and I believed in Him. Upon 

a pursue the right, end a glorious future js be 
fore us. Let the patriotic and the wise and 
the good ery, “Lord, in wrath remembe! 

ercy,”” and let all the people sey Amen! 

Fouréry Methodist Episcopal Charch. 
Rey. J. G. Burier, 

Pestor of Lutheran Church, 
Wat. H. Coannina, 

Pastor of Unitarisn Church. 


A meeting of citizens of the? State of 
Tilinois convened at the National Hotel at 
two P. M., for the purpose of taking proper; 
action in connection with the melancholy! 
death of the President. 

Ex-Governor R. Yates was chosen chair. 
map, and Colonel James H. Bowen, of Chi-fS 
ago, secretary, The object of the meet-ff 
ing having been stated by the chairman in; Fa 
tonching and eloquent terms, tho following’ fiendish premeditation with which jt bad been 
gentlemen were chosen a committee ponte, began to dawn upon the awe-strickenh 

i xpressive of the sense of theis@eople of Washington yesterday. 
ee eta, J. N. Haynie, G. RE The greatest festal day of the Caristtaule 
: ON. , 

a achurch was one of deepest mourning through [38 
ae eee W.P. Kellogg, C. H. Pox oat the nation. Nowhere was this mora fulls[% 
. T, Bridger. 

The following committee were chosen to; 
confer with Mrs, Lincoln and the famil 
upon the subject of the place of burial o: 
the President, and other funeral arrange: 

Governor R. J, Oglesby, General J. ¥. 
Farnsworth, General James W. Singleton,fa 
Hon. I. N. Arnold, Hon, R. Yates, Licu-¥i 
tenant General U. 8. Grant, Colonel J. 8 
Loomis, General Dayid Hunter, Hon. W. 
P. Dole. : 

The committee upon resolutions submit: 

oon they sre over! Tre journals had nol 

lone chronicling over rejoiciags; tbe lightefyy 
chat illuminated our citics had not faded from 
(be streets; the emblems of national victory! 
qjand national joy had not been removed; the 
atchword and the song that fed the en. hus! 

Mssm of the nation had not died away—when 
phere came enddenly the cry of death—thi 
fq uneral knell, mingling its tones with the echoe: 
yof triumph, ‘spreading the circling waves of 
sorrow over all the land, and ocean’s troubled 

in the kame of Chrisilen civilization, be con. fytPY Other power I might have called in vain, 
ldemned as guilty. [Renewed applause ] And aud would not have called ot all. Batevea the 
Suen, when our people have declared the trulusjieePest depth, the utterest ruin, according to 
which justice demands, let usj through the pro.gy1umen vier, ls not beyond the reach of God. 
Unitartan Church, goer organs declare what ehall be dono with thega]ae's extremity is Ears aya saee 
i Koiétime: = race: *e go c) over the sinking soul; when 

REY. WILLIAM Il, CHANNING. Efthem Pj (Several! pereone, sotto voce, “Hang jour pride, however hizhblown, or ont strength, 
Dr, Chepning selected as bis text the wordefy ‘So, my friends, have I epoken of the frat ybomever boasted, breeks aud collapses: under 
mtained in the twenty-elghth verse of thepgduty of the hour. It cannot be evaded, Godej2® end leaves usto the fury of the storm snd 

a the monsters of the dee, , then it is that the 
ighth chapter of Peul’s Epistle, to the Ro fg°CPing uss It shall be done,” f enc 

Lord of all appears {cr the relief of such as 
Dr, C. closed with a few remarks regardingssirast him, and the furious element in which wa 
Aud we know that all things work togetkor for! 
x<}d to tham that love God, to them who are the 

what Christianity required of the to ober ea about to be submerged becomes the 



to bring to justice the perpetrotor or perpetra: 
tors of these most uanature! sod bratal acts. 
fond that we fervently hope that no length of¢ 
ttime will elepee before jastice will be eam 
Sdmarily dealt ppon the assassing, 

Atesolved, That the secretary of this associa. 
Won canes copies of there resolutions to be| 
published in the different papers of the District 
lof Columbia, 

JAmgs GopparD, President. 
J. CARTER Margury, Secretary. 
Georcetown, D, C., Apri) 15, 1865. 


st theatre on which we conquer. 
Rit shaping ‘Its policy with regard to ‘othergg‘heatra.on wich we co against David; It the 

matters. flimes of the sevenfold heated furnace wrap 

St, Panl’s Lutheran Church. Bek sbout the Hae of tke three Liebrow 

children, the one shall elevate himself on the 

REY. J. G. BUTLER. body of the fallen gtant as upon a pe: 

The pulpit of this very tastefal church wasis ats of honor, neat other, unharmed 

letely draped | teqggsuall shine through the ages in the light 

eT SALE oe ee eae eoeM tended ito Couettos nies God, my brothern, 

with e beautiful wreath of white flowers andeting god only, cures leproties, quenches fires of 

jevergreor. The front of the orchestra, also persecution, stills and hushes storms of human 

aud bey'eialiras Wits |, p788 bung in heavy festoons of black cloth. algbate aud TREO. Tle alone becomes our refag@ 
re. noes oF 1 eae ary Aya: 

in thelr forcheadse sence 0d Bis name shall *"Glorofound colemuity pervaded the entire andi. ear eebbe nD canna te 

And thera shall Leno night there, and they neeopNence, the house being completely filled. 2 

a Ri high to him who holds the ligbtuings and the 

Bron taiveeht thee wionteeog Hoey eater eee HOR) ‘The pastor was deeply affected, and the pre-e fads ia wie grasp, to him who plyes jive and 

sver and over. liminary eervices were of 3 most solemn endigi'2 kes it away, to him who lifts on higb, and 

Afier reading the text, Dr. Channing pro flimpressive cberscter. It was the occasion ipa PHO: when eee eceen were 
Esiepreseigcalneroen, Cxcsedingly cloquent ancfiing Easter communion, ‘The gospel for seeMbumon sid is at thie moment steer soe cent 

mpreselye discourse on the audject of the deatbfs i PB country. 

of the President, day, from Luke, was read. 3 Che Chief Magistrate, the commander-ir: chief 

f Hosaid that on a day coneecrated in thef? The Rev. Mr. B. remarked that he wonld beffof our armies end navies, the chosen and 

ing ample testimony to the grateful regard inpwgogue, a cunning aspirant for power, and ofMboart of the whole Christian Chureb, our beat! faeloved representative of the sovereignty of 

feqveloved and most highly honored citizen closedk his great people, inthe midst of a glorious, a 

Eacruel oppressor, Hence greatucas, if separated} 
mhich the Iste head of the nation will ever be 2 he testimony of a faithful life by shedding b (virtuous, s euccessfal career, attracsing the 

fom goodness, einks into littleness and mer! (s 
ted .contempt. Indeed, all talents, howeversilfe-blood for our Republic. admiring ize of the civilized world, has fallen 
brilliant; all knowledge, however extensive; ality Well might we recognize in this aad bereave- Rebellion had culminated in the(4by the foul hands of an assaselu. 
tevelopments of mental power, however mighty ;#ment one more dreadful sign of the myeterlonsfay 
slljecquisitions of science and Jearning, how: 
ever comprsheneives, all natlonaleympathy., andk 
y ; even gene! It) lowever exquisite; when nun 
ted the following for consideration, and| REY. DE. GURLEY. Basanctified by eopauers ‘aud uncontrolled by reli 

asked permission to report other resolutions&4 -pnis church, which was the one attended by fgqgious principle, will fail utterly to render any 
-at an adjourned meeting : Ha vir. Lincoln, his chosen place of worship, wapy@en truly great. Great men in this sense ai 

grare; only here and there are they found, scat 
Resolved, by the citizens ef Iilinois here as-p4rvell filled yesterday morning, by congrega s Hi 
ed, meee deem Ie proper ana'juct gy by tered like light-houses along an extended sea. 

iy H'ion among which we noticed many high cfil-pecoast. 
Tine Tate President, of tie: United mean cers of the Government. Troasurer Spinner fq In the sense of goodness onr late Presiden! 
> ul ‘ 

now deceased, shall bo interred at the caopitaifsGov. Oglesby, General Eaton, and many other Bidolivecacenlogeinls ooo? “T aa 
of the Binto, co long bis residence; and thaifdventlemen no less eminent, were present. a far different purpose. I wish to direct your 
tre committee appointed ny, this *mmestlog [toed opie church was suse Path crape, and th 

ERG oa ees a erroneurtat Rolineéa snd beauty. a 
attention to God, as the slmighty and mercifn’ @ Knew not bow it might be with the con-&® 
; dl relatives bi Fae ; k 
Fully resneted to. preseot. ths secolation vefsate, heart-rending eloquence of the empisheietler of the nations. Men tie, bul God Tres f 

patette nations, Hf fugregation, but during the past two doya thir 
them, and request their concurrence thercin. psy was not decreased by the black draperyPs pevalyortov katte rocnLNSaa cee ed lj>sstery of death had wrought on him th 
Which resolution was thereupon adopted. athst told the reason of the absenco of ifs august 

Ps eres of peenaRormet ony in which he caw ow 
poble President, as God and the angels sa 
The following committee of arrange P4O7R«- As appropriste to the mys:erious ProvidenccHaain. . Be i 
3 Be After the singing of the 1034 Hymn whlebed" at Oppresses Us all this morning, I haveRY Well did he remember the Impression made 
ments were also chosen: wag) preceded by. (ho, renal 4 (ie ogapye ete ® passago from. the prayer of thrgaon his mind on tho occasion of his first visi 54 
Hon, John Wilson, General J. A, Raw-i7%® P y eading of the {1034e4prophet Habakkuk, $d chapter and 2a verse 0 Mr. Lireola in his priyats room st theb@ 
i if D Phili W ‘selm, Dr. Gurley remarked, that it was witbizt' Zu wrath remember merey.”? While House. a= 
Has ote A. sone al he a rr ae bis congregation asacramentel Sabbath, ands} Ho appropriate le this prayer for us! Witbpel 
anenhouser, War . Lamon, James! 

befallen the people of the United States, the 

th t if i 
Hinmenalty of the cdime which: Gauced Theres Also the words contained in the third vereo,Ey 

farst chapter, Firs; Epistle of Peter: 

Blessed bt the God and Fathor of ou Lord Jrsas 
Oerlst, whiob according tohUyabandant mercy hatbe 
begottea ui Rgatn nto a lyely bope, by the reaur-& 
reo Lon of Josus (hrlat from the dead 

Also the words of the fourth end fifth verses, | 

cwenty-eecond chapter of Revelations: 

prents of the highest order may be waste: 
ind genlus the most godlike, oftans rune wil 
snd scatters abroad the sceds of death! Hence 

spitel. In most of our churches the ofliciatin: 
gclergymen gaye appropriate expression to thi 
fe celivgs of their own grief-burdened hearts anog¢-he great general often becomes the cruel mur 

Lo the dig diderer, and the great poet sometimes bscomer| 
ospcee of thelr  congtegatious, by oat caifgie trier,  corrupter of youth, diffasing ever 
flwhere a moral pestilence. A great statesmai 
and politician often becomes a selfish dem: 

fivarying In other respects essentially, but ali 

KSsermona. an scteo nnutterable in wickedness, 0 bold, 

said. Id attempt to fath Beso deflantin manner. Ia the midet of the fes- 
soem Pipsat Urodaysitind wee ilvities of an evenlog entertalament, amid blaz- 

fofthe good throughout the land, it yet be wane 
come him, as a patriot, a christian, and anpgthousand citizens, the murderer, quici es a flash 
b { Pjsmbassador of Chrie!, to spesk forth the wordels 
cess to'explore the mighty judgments of Gea ?fof truce and sobern ese, Bhon the stage, wildly flouriehing » great knife, 

The first consolation which he found rising, 
rightly ou’ of all this bitter sea of memor}% ‘ ” 
vas in the belief that the character and life «te Pa shthe word “revenge” on. ble lips makes 
our beloved Precident should come out morrh 
nd more before the netion and the world inf 


which he repreeented live, and will live forey - (4death: (bo land 
The mea Kho made and planted the cross, r) Bwould have beea Juries: with the gong of vie- 
plalted the thorns and drove the nels, tn Slory, gloom is Dpoo us. We cover ooreelyea 

esntarion and hia soldiers, were the least guil.y #f ith sackcloth, we sit in xehcs, ond as a nation 
est for'us | Withia} Jost 9 he fenterad. he jet, coming ont, sfgjoarties ia the erneldzion of our Lord. | Herody’orget our vie-or! or, CE Hower, Our reson, In 
tH ur country divided—zur people in deadly gj yidowed mother holding in her arms a litth (aves uilty—Pilate was guilty—the Ssnhedrim (4! ui calamliy wbich bas overtsken us. 
fythet the services of the morning wonld have trife—our national resources consumed—our€s -bild; and turning bis eyes at the moment tofft:be chief priests end weriber=yuasd was guilt; g “Oar Lord, our God, thon hast removed from 
reference to that fact ; but he added that be Flonsiness Jnterrupted—our brothers and son:fhe direction in which the President was, thefe-he populase who erlea Cracify Him—sli were gq the desire of oar ese:; lover sud friend bast 
The meeting then adjourned to meet at Byrway at tho seat of war, and our Presidenpdirst look he caught was the eweetnees of hiss¥moregailty than the mere executioacesor ch vat foytoou put for from us, ecd our ocqualctance 
tbe National Hotel on Bonday, at 3 P. MM words regarding the great berosyement which{dead/ Ob for some Havakknk to cry on: #goarting emile to that poor woman and heifHe called upon bis people to Witness that fromfyinto darkness.” Well zy the a jaa 2s it 
Eat x nad 6o suddenly come upon us as a nalion ‘Lord, in wrath remember mercy!” gyorpuaa child. The last look he saw upon firing of the firs: gua of Sumter, this pal.<as:82eers nacer the plow, say with Elighs, +My 
TOLLING THE DELLS. ha "RY The text teaches us that sometimes it ffqface, grown grand by great emotion, grea\Papit had emitted no nucertain soncd. Ile had pa‘ather; my fatter, the charlota of Isracl, and 
The following order from Mayor Wal-gq He then sald: fiaecceeary for God to carey oa bla work by dis gMorinciples, grea’ purposes, great trusis, greaipeaor, by silence, Poought, look, word or act, ing ho horeemen thereof.” 

lath was issued at o'clock yesterday morn-fa,, This Is such a Sabbath as our nation neverfapensations of wrath. ‘This may have been to inedaoyie, and great will, was when ho stood beforifeivy way given aid lo a rebellion which hashq We Would rot overrate the calamity which 
aia before. It isa day of mourning, of yreaif¥our case. What has broughtdown upon us theais fellow-cltizens, at the Well-known uppsifecost £9 may noble lives, and now calmiaste:{fas overtaken us, but yet we would look ft full 
ing: jand bitter lamentation. Our deloved' Chief Ma FY-vild under Which the nation is groaning tofdwindow of the White House, snd with twofigia the nssascination of one so trae, so Wi in the face. Let us koow what wehaveeulfered, 
Me. Talcott will cause the bells to be tolledivgistra’e is dead! The man whom the peopleB¥day? Sin—netional sin, which God canno limmering tepers casting light npon his well-64ood, so noble, so bamaae, so chris hat we msy eppreciete tbe Divine chastise 
for tho death of the President of tho Unitedgguad learned to trust with a confiding and sf@jwink out of sight. The great silent finger o'f4-onsldered written declarations of conscienu## Abraham Lincelo, SMqment, Toe murderer's gultt {a\ upon: hitaself, 
Biates. | The number of strokes to be strnck iepyloviug confidence, and upon whom, more thanGod’s providence points steaightway to sin atd-cward the people of those Sates ene owfd Though o Southern man by birth avd alifg-nhanced by the digalty, the velue to ths na- the discretion of Mr. Talcott. qrPon any other, were centred, under God, ourfa{ihe cause ofthe terrible calamities that are nowsdirms had humbted, spoke in the name and icbahrough bls iife, he had planted biacelf, at thi Bytiow, Lae generona nature, of his victim, bat the 
Riomanp Wattaci, Mayor. | jabest hopes for tho true and speedy pacidcationfafparalyzing the people, and oonvulsing the na fyte voice of our whole people the words o'f¥opeming of the war, upon God’s word, and. felispiteedfal deed accomplished, {tis also 2 provi- 

A. B. Tawort, Superintendent F. A. and P.fgof the conntry,the restoration of the Union, andgstion. shat trath, and jastice, and right—that (od westetiene? for us. Lotus weigh it. 

Telograph. he return of harmony and loye—{hat great and Was it not a beautiful Providence that tha:g4sgainst this rébellion, and it must come tofy Tals event bas come upon us In the midst of 
Waeuwincon, April 15, 1856. konored man has passed away. Jost as the is public life should have ended, and that hefdqouzbs. f* Most Important crieis. The ceath of a great 
C prospect of peace was brightly opesing upon hould beve passed array from this nation as aby Though Abrabam Lincoln cleeps in death,@/man is always a marked cyent, though Le may 

EETING OF HE COLUMBIA TYPGGRAPHI-FAus, and he was hoping to enjoy with the peo- 

eS We. aati ple the blessed frait and raward of bis and thels 

ENS é coll, and care, aud patlence, and self-sacrifcin 

At a raceting of the Columbia Typo-Fidevotion'to tne intereets ot jiverty and the Uniouky 

graphical Socisty, held iy the City Hall ong #iol and passed away, Thatsucn 

Ist. Because God is merciful, and he is en- 
rely able to execute all his moreiful Purposes, Eiwith the words ‘“* Welcome home?” Turving 
and accomolish al! his mercifal plans. He lej¥from this point, Dr. C. sald that the goodness, 
the Lord God omoipotent, ‘he whole universes greatness, and gentleness of hia heart was only 
fs his storchouseof means; and when ke speaks,Wequelied by the clearness of his consciences 

our Government lives. He livel to see it paspybe & mere philcsopher, poet, or historian. 
‘nrough tbe travail ofits second birth. Natloas,ag Where genins has fixed {ts shrine we watch the 
bs well as individuals, may te born agsin BylleKering life with breathless interest. When 
Daring oll tbis great stragele, God has inspired fydeath fixes his seal on the noble and hocored 
yvigor io we eericoltaral, comipercial, and rel!-t! {continord ON sixTH TP G2} 



Qs 4 iq - 3 | responsible forgAnd why did they not know it? Becauseffaccordaxee with bia own sterling and un hey were the unconsci womentrd 
BS { AS wll ay ; ous instruments in 
ek eek iD Cheon i daunted crample, ané will be followed bybs pressing the speedy punishment of the 
S (ting worlts, It is this fact they has se. 
oe e 

‘ebel leaders and the complete extinction 
wf the rebellion; ond if Mr. Lincoln’s 
ymercy and forgiveness are to be followed 
y a sterner policy, it will be necessitated by 
sithe new perils of the Republic. The good 
fqmen of the South will not suffer in such a 
fcontingency. An‘rew Jolnson is himself 
a Southern man, Loe is not, it is true, a 

Kajsion sympathizers, and copperhcade—fatheir associates, and who, only three even 
qmoy look upon the murder of Presif 

mings before, had spoken authoritative 

SATURDAY, APRIL 99,160 ured tohim the confidence of his coun 
IDAY, 22, 1865, 



Ono copy one year. ‘Three Dollars. 
One copy six months . Two Dollars. 
Ten copies one yonr.. 
‘With an extra copy to the person forming the Olub 
4z- No subseription taken for les3 than six months, 
except from Souprers, for whom the paper will b 

fimember that, had there been no rebellion, Sine stained this age of progress and re. 

ythere,would have been, in American history, fffincment, that Abraham Lincoln could 
0 parallel to the historic events of 1040 and&#hayo died at no time when his surpaeeing, 

capital received the fact that the authority’ 
A of the Government was as irrevocably fixe 
“8 the doom of the conspiracy against civi 

aNorth Carolina, December 29, 1803, When, 
he was four years of age he lost his father, 
ho died from the effects of exertions to, 

7 i 5 7 s espot, like Jefferson Davis, nor a porcelain 
sont to any address for THNEE moNTHS for Ow ees PERS eRe them,Biexcellence would have shone with so| vea friend fiom drowning. At the age ae adliglonvend freedom, I left Balti Maristocrat, like Hammond, who so hated 
EEE ‘i u i Bs ae o ‘i ’ 
= dof ton he was apprenticed to.a tailor in hiagy™™ © OF Richmond on the steamer Louit'the mudeilis,"” nor a Jearued fool, like 

{23" We are unable to furnish back number 

sigut, On Thursday afternoon, the 15th otra Mason; but he is neverthclees a Southerner 

cara Wily GbR ee ase aAATTGS OO LEGE apa onl President Lincoln, hearing of myMborp, and one who, from the first, has 
atemtion, sent me a kind and generous oe for progressive principles and pro 

ative city, with whom even 
of the WerkLy Curontote. New subscriber: : yy he served sevenj 
can commence with the number following th 

receipt of their subscription. 



As everything pertaining to the las' 
‘ours of our late President must be inter. 
sting to the pubsic, the following incidentsy 
f the last day of his life have been obtained 
from several sources ; 

pon eternity as a pious people wer 
thanking God that He had stricken ow 
country’s foe. How much better than i! 
ne had gone from u3in the gloom of na 
onal despondency! yen as the sum: 
mons came there was a wondrous peace a! 

Hirith him on Friday morning, ‘Haying jus i is heart, and felicitous sense of duty) 

q ; done. No monarch ever had such 9) 
‘etarned from the capitulation of Lee, and funeral, Although not so claborate and 


im any educational advantages, and heg x 

aver’ ea schools deel his life,.)t°" t General Grant; end Istarted eager tofderessive men, Noman better knows the 

While learning his trade, however, le rewgo™ber such information as might be useflFSoutherm people, aad none probably knew 

olved to make an effort to educate bimeclh fat? the Public that I frequently addream¥tiho authors of the rebellion so well. The 
gthrough Tox Wasutncron CuostcL®M¥elorious martyr himse)s, Abraham Lincoln, 

His anxiety to bo able to read was partie i 
rly excited by an incident which is worthySy22e the Philadelphia Preas, Thisisncither4 hose constant kindne nd forgiveness 
could not soften the murderer’s heart, bas 

f mention. A gentleman of Raleigh was Rthe tzme nor the place to wee the vast massiix, 
of material I collected im a single day’s@xot been a more deyoled friend of the 

the habit of going into the tailor’s sho} 1 a 
nd reading while the apprentice and jour: observation onthe way to Richmond, and sSouth than £ndrew Jonson, The bad 
fin thet beautiful but devastated city.fSeren who, as they hear of Liacoln’s death, 

neymen were at work. He was an excel. A ; 
lent reader, an@ his fayorite book was ay nother cecasion must serve the recital offXs!oomily anticipate their own, olways 
what, imthe presence of the owful crimef§netea Johnaon with a bitteraoss tho deeper 

olume of speeches, principally of Britishy f 5 fe 

s’atesmen. Johnson became interested, ande efore which the whole Continent shudders, pebceause he hated and exposed their de- 

Nis first ambition was to equal him ag afvould be the most sinful trifliag. On Sa & i The manzer in which the intelli- 
starday afternoon, standing at tXe'cormer o| mation of Mr. Lincoln 

reader and become familiar ‘with thosegy . - \ : a 
speeches, He took up the alphabet withou! ate Spottswood House, in Risimond, Tegwas received by the-Union sailors and gol- 
fdiers we met on our return from Richmond 

n instructor; but by applying to tke jour-s} 
eymen with whom he worked, he obtained; vas Ktore thin sigvificant. They loved 
little assistance. Having acquired alg®® this men like a father. He had 
knowledge of the letters, he applied for the vious. The message had come, so myggrown into their hearts. His sim- 
loan of the book. which he had so oflengy2formant eaid, in such a way. asg$plicity of manners and his directness 
parc cnd mel hooimnanindanine present? mede it seesx credible; but I rejected thesg: mnceasiag attention to them 
it, and gaye him seme instruction on thewa!les 83 too monstrous for belief, and cxangedejand to their welfare; his-kindness to their 
sc of lettera in:tho: ‘formation’ of! words. egit' to! tte: malignity of some recklees de Srelatives and friends—hed made him their 
Thus his first exercises in epelling were inf4 rter, or'the desire for turbulence om the pidol Onrthe stormy decp, in the bivouae, 
that boo’. By perseverance hesoon learned? part of some discharged rebel telegrapher, sand on the march, cyen in the pauses of 
ito read, and tho hours which he devoted toy vho had used the common expedicat ofst battle, theystalked of ‘Feather Abraham ee 
is education were at: night after he wast communicating false news over the wires 

md thousends of fervent prayers were 

Rurouen fiadidill walavorsuponeLuSselon esent by theese brave men to tho throne of 
ard, He how applied ‘himself to. bool:eé miGod for the patriot who was slaughtered 
from two to three hours every night, afterkg 2 tut pai he padjeayed bisy country. gl tie 
gossip of thehotel, the clatter of the cavalrygdiflicult to say whether the opirit of regret 

in the streets; the march of the armed peor the spirit of revenge predominated 
gamong them as the dreadful tidings 
2 came to their knowledge. For it is fact 
ngraip, I felt as I had never fel #enot to be forgotten thet;. when the- 

before. I bad heard so much, and in a rebel troops leid down their arms,three daya- 

here he worked esa journeyman fornearly} 

Wwoyears. Whilothere he became engaged . ‘ 
y BAB fagshort time hed: witnessed so much, of the¥fafter the formal surrender, as-I learn from 
an cye-witneos, both armies commingled 

b tried, but th te kent ; 
Simariicd bus Unegmateh awass broken edindescribable cruelties of the leaders off 
together, and many of the men then em- 

‘off by the violent opposition of the girl's arr F 
other and friends; the ground of objectionfa?° nebeliony, ond. ibe :suffetings of. thelr A 
@praced and sked: tears, like long-separate2' 
brothers and friends. This roble enthusi- 

E¥deluded followers, ond had also heard of; 

gasm and oblivion of hatred, was the legiti- 
#CO0D PRESIDENT, that themoreI canyassed#{mate offspring of the teachings of Abra- 
he mere possibility of such a tragedy, theS%ham Lincoln. to. the Americen people. 
more my incredulity incrensed. At last 1s Would it not be surprising if the death of 

consulteda friend, who, equally amazed at@ytheir benefactor aad champion, by the hand 
the statement, was equally indignant < one who professed to speak. for Virginia, 

War Derartent, 
Wasmnoton D. C., 11 P.M., April 19. 

Mojor General Diz, New York: 

It has been finally concluded to con 
form to the original arrangements mad 
yesterday for the conveyance of the rep 
maips of the late President, Abraham} 
Lincoln, from Washington to Springfield, 
viz: by way of Ballimore, Harrisburg, 
Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Buffalo, 
Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chi 
cago, to Springfield, 

Epwin M. STANTON, 
Secretary of War. 


The greatest crime of the age was com 
mitted in Washington on Friday night, 14th! 

shed to gce him immediately in the recep. 
nroom. He conversed with Mr. Colfax; 


frcan President. The guddenness and 
ithe manner of his death intensified the na. 
Hetional sorrow, and called forth a burat o! 
popular gratitude without a parallel. J 
wish I could describe the wondrous scene. 
It was a lovely day.. The air was filled! 
vith the perfume and the harmonics of 

Afterward he had an interview with Mr, 
ale, Minister to Spain, and scyeral Sena- 
ors and Representatives. 

At the meeting of the Cabinet, General 
Grant was present, and, in one of the most 
atisfactory and important Cabinet meetings, 
eld since his first inauguration, the future’ 

e States. The Government was typified; 
Andrew Johnson ; the army was repre-} 

f niowsly and unanimously agreed on, 
When the members of the Cabinet sepa. 

jrated, Secretary Stanton said he felt that hie Congress, the Departments, the freed) 

men, the released prisoners, the peniteny] 

g ins rebels, the clergy, the professions, the Peo. 
famenced. In the afternoon Mr, Lincolpf# ple, the base of the mighty pyramid, tb 
ad a long and pleasant interview with, 

foundation of private rights and public! 
overnor Oglesby, Senator Yates, a0d@lafety, Ileaye to others the filling up of 
ther leading citizens of his State. 

is _ ithe picture, Let me borrow from an old, 
In the evening, Mr. Colfax called again,t¥r, shioned Now England poet the beautiful} 
t his request, and Mr. Ashmun, of Massa. § 

i " wreath he wove for Washington, that 
Achusetts, who presided over the Chicagoimay lay it on the great fag that covers and 

onvention of 1860, was present. To them#onnonizes all that ia left of Abraham Li 

blow. The indignation and horror created 
by this foul murder will serve, more than 
anything else could possibly do, to destroy; 
the feeling of commiseration and brotherly, 
Jove for the misguided people of the South. 
and the policy of magnanimity toward th 
leaders of the rebellion, which had taken) 
root inthe North. Weare deeply paincd| 
to be obliged to entertain this opinion, fo: 
we believe that the generous nature of Mr. 
Lincoln was only a reflection of the mag 
nanimous character of a free and intelligen' 
people, who, with true Saxon frankness 
will never bear malice against a vanquishedby 
foe. We must recollect, however, thal 
there is in the human character an elemen' 
of ferocity, which is sometimes aroused by) 
sudden and pasionate emotion. Among} 
Americans, this revengeful feeling wil 
not, asa general rule, be expressed by any 
‘violent and explosive burats, but it is more} 
likely to take the form of a solemn and 
deep-seated indignation, which will give 
tone and color to their calm and deliberate} 

action through their properly constituted 
fof heart, said, ‘‘You did not understand! 

representatives. iG 
It is true that not every one who has#me, Ashmun; I did not mean what you in. 
sympathized with the rebellion spprovesmiferred, and will take it all back, and apolo 
this deed. Assassination is cowardly, andpagize for it.’” 
the people of the South are brave. That} He afterward gave Mr. Ashmun a card 
there are some base enough to applaud tl 
deed, we know full well, but the majority of 
intelligent men would recoil with profound, 
horror from any participation, howeve: 
slight, in the knowledge or the commission; 
ofsofoula crime. We should not, there: 
fore, connect every one who has upheld thi 
rebellion, with the murder of the President. 
He was more sincerely and universally be: 
loved than any who has lived since Wash 
ington, and, in our grief, we may be inclined 
to look upon all who have been his enemie: 
as participants in his murder. Let us be 
ware that we arenot carried too far. W. 
may refuse to be any longer generous, buty 
we must be just, 
The kindly feelings toward sympathizerspq 
*syith the rebellion which had taken root infycoln, who was also in the parlor, then ros 
our hearts are extinguished, We shall nofito go to the theatre. Itwas half an hour, 
longer be drawn toward them by anypafter the time they had intended to start, 
feeling of sympathy or forgiveness.Binnd they spoke about waiting half an hou 
While we shall absolve them of all person: onger, The Preeident went with reluct 
guilt in connecti n with the murder of ourfMance, as General ‘Grant, who had been ad 
beloved chief and their best friend, the veryfavertised as well as himself, to be present at 

Laurens Court House, South Carolina, 

BY Be fire tho splenders of thy high renown, 
ow fade the glow: worm Justres of 9 orowD; 
AoW slok, dlminishod, {n that radiance lost, 

ber lare of conquest, and of power the boast! 

mess, gentleness, and magnanimity of oura® 

ther person had been President and goneg 
heres: but he; Wimsely, aid not feel’ si ONYRA occa olla to honors glorisad mead. 

anger mhatever.”” op Attila bis courss of havoo lead; 
Conversing on amatter of business withgqo’er Acia’e reeim, 1n ono vast rufa barl’d, 

4] -t* furious ZInge’s bloody fisg unfarlpd. y 
jo base far diff-rent from the corquoror’s claic, 

este the unsullled oclamn of thy fame— 

Gia, on the graves of miMlcns proudly based, 

With blocd cemented, and with tears defaced; 

nine, on a naticn’s welfare fixed cublime; 

By Freecom strengtuened, and revered by Tino 

Fylde, az the comet, whos portentous light 

fejspreads baleful pplendor o'az tho gloom o night, 

vith dire amazement chills the startled brezet, 

bripks at thelr orlmes homanity aghart. 

denying its truth; and although it was longfKand declared bimeelf to be the avenger ofthe 
Sincd (here ahout twelve monuiatthaisiea past midnight, and far into the sleepless*$South, did nos arouse the strongest emo- 

and coon afterward went still further west efor n7S Before the Erightfal calamity befitions? heer sOe Grant tec talsopie 
gan to assume an unquestionable shape, — of the same benigu policy, melted 

amenced work as a journcyman. He re By 


Brel (SG nl sO BEGG Ee mace 1B ras not untilwe had taken the extra train, {many of the rebel officersto tears They 

ettle, he returned to Greenville and com-fy ‘ “1 - cs ¥ cone é 

nenced business, Up taikis time bie compte As M., for City Point, via Petersburg,Egwere dumbfounded at the magnanimity of 
s . P “eythat I yielded to the overwhelming ars Americar Governmert; andthe favorite 

pallon esgTAT Ge Hosea yy ce Men ra) tbat it would be confirmed. The blue-Moflicer of Lec; General Gordon, with many 
Pgcoated guardiat onc of the stations, to whomisothers almost equally eminent, did not hesi- 

sil handed a newspaper, told us of the repor$@tate to express his deep and grateful senge~ 
ith ‘wet eyes,” and with the mutteredof this unparalleled exhibition of the mercy> 
emsrk: ‘There will be trouble here pao! areal conqueror. Hon, DilihuB, Wash- 
bouts.’ Reaching City Point, wheregjburne, of Llinois, whom I met at Rich- 
we took the boat for Fortress Monroe ands mond on. Gaturday morning, was present. 
Washington, we gathered a few meagrekyut this remarkable spectacle. Many> 
etails, and finally, on our mournful, home. fot the rebel oflicers had been the school- 
vard way, met the down-going steamer witb@imates and companions of the Union 
in enormous placard on its wheel-house, an Bjoflicers, Tany of them had sat in Con- 
, ress with those against whom they had 

Byoever had an opportunity of learning to 
ks write or cipher; but under the instructions; 

fot his wife he learned these and otke 
BSbranches, The only time, however, b 

gdcould devote to them was. in the dead o! 
night, Tae first office which he ever kel 

atter—the last wriling of his life! 
Turning to Mr. Colfax, he said, ‘* You 
re going with Mrs. Lincoln and me to the} 

ueuld sink the tottering fragmont of the world ; 

bing lve the san, whose kind, propltious.ray 

pore the glad morn, end Mghtatho folds of day, 

1spels tho wintry storm, the chilling rato, 

ith rich abundance clothes the fertile pinin, 

ngagements, expecting to leave the city}§atves all oreation to rejoloa around, 

he next morning. He then said to Mr fajsnd Mght and life extencs o'er nature’s atmos 

heugh shore thy It’e a model bright of praise, 

Not lees tho example bright thy death fortrayyS; 

When, plunged In deopes} woe sronnd thy bed 

aoh eyo Was fixed, derpairing sunk each bead, 

While natnre struggled with extromeat pain, 

nd scarce could Jife’s lest lingentag powers retain 

a that dread momont, awfully serene, 

B|No trace of salfering marked thy plaoid mien; 

No grosn, no murmuring plaint escaped thy tongue 

0 longlog shadows o'er thy brow were hung; 

jat, oalm in Christian hopes, undamp'd with fear, 

vhich ho was elected in 1828. He waxre 
lected to the same position in 1829, an 
Aagain in 1830. In that year he was chose} 

years. In 1835 he was clected to the Legis § 
lature, In the session of that year he took 
decided ground agecust a scheme of iaternally 
improvements, which he contended woul E 
ot only prove a failure, but entail upon they 
State a burdensowe debt. The measure was} 

officers. of, the surrendered Army of 
Northern Virginia regsrd the rebellion 

a The deatb&sistible power of the Federal Government. 


family, and the rumors of a concerted} forgiving and long-insulted people of the 
,amovement to slay other patriotic citizens,wéfree States; and nething makes these 
CPaalled up a picture so reyolting and sofapassions. stronger than the remembrance 

Wiof the immortal example of that 
fyzood man in his treatment of the 
foesof the Republic. I believe that these 
rebel officers and men will denounce this 
deed. of blood wita.all the severity and in- 
dignation which it deserves and demands. 
FaThey will'see in it, Ict ua hope, anew proof 
of the dreadful clements that have beon en- 
Micted by Slavery against Freedom; and in 
the new uprising of the people of the 
mighty North, they will read the re-cstab- 
ishment of the Federal Union on the only 
SSterms that a great and prosperous nation 
can mow afford to offer and to guayantee to 
ithe defeated and the powerless enemies of 

free institutions. IW .E. 

Oa that bright msed, in suzost trust reposed, 
@Ac thy firm hand thine eyes oxpiring olceed, 

Eaimprovemens policy which he had oppo3e ie 

a RS 

sith the infernal rebellion which has pro-EMwish the people to be disappointed. The unpretending manner in which An. 
duced this great calamity will render then At the door he stopped and said, ‘Col: 
odious and repulsive tous, The assassina FA 
tion of President Lincoln was, equallyfmining regions, as you pass through them,¢ 
with the barbarities inflicted upon ourpawhat I told you this morning about thei 
prisoners, a legitimate reeult of thegdevelopment when peace comes; and I wild , pa y ape 
rebellion. It was not the act of an indivi-fMitelegraph yount San Francisco.” Heshookggvhich bis ability or hia patriotiem 
dual; it was the natural fruit of the fraud, hands with both gentlemen, with a plens-fyls questioned, Eyen his martyr Be 
treachery, and deception that Isy at thepfant good-bye, and left the Executive Man.gjiecessor did not begin Ais career, witb] 
foundation of the whole movement whichPsion, never to return to it alive. bamore ante ae eee a . It B 
ted in the rebellion. The guillotiningg KGa trait of Andrew Johnson's characterpy °’ 
of Louis XVI. and ar inouanddy orinuoeeal Plunat he has never been an obstrusive states aaa ee rie Reeth: 
men and women by the successive tyrants34:correspondonce of the Piladolpbia Prove, } famen, A quiet deportment and retirin; salir Ta 1859 \NGeyvas elected Governorttt 
of the French revolution, waz emblematic off Wasnineron, April 19, 1865. — habits have always been peculiar to hi Eee re Mitr! an eile eeeeu yee Ne 
the hasty and passionate nature of the It is precisely four years since the mobfgeature. But, while this much is true, fewH nich he was opposed by Gustavus A 
French people, and of the ignoranc Haat Ballimore fired upon the Massachusettsga’"’ more fixed of purpose, His whole his-B 
and degradation of the cunaille who at thalfMvoluntecrs on their way tothe defence ofgq'ory has been one long struggle with pr 
time ruled Paris. Tho execution of Charles Washington. Hovw strange it is that theggiudice, poverty, and aristocracy, and als 
L., after a deliberate trial and judgment by#anniversaries of some of the brightest andyone succession of triumphs over them. W. 
the highest tribunal of the nation, was typi fsome of the saddest events should hayewq2ced only refer tothe brief published sketch) 
cal of the respect for law and order, ancpabeen greeted by a great victory or a greatjy 
the stern and uncompromising fanati-f_ealamity! Lee fied before the triumphant 
cism of the Puritans. ‘he dastardlyflegions of Meade on the Fourth of July,middle age, to illustrate this remark, Our 
murder of Abraham Lincoln is em f#Grant captured Vicksbu-g on the same day object now is to show that the new 
Dlematic of the fraud, treachery, andkyLincoin fell on the anniversary of the 
deceyton cf leading traitors who com Meyacuation of Fort Sumter, and_ his 
menced and carried on the rebellion Bjnonored corpse is boyne to its rest. pit J 4 
They are directly responsible for it, forsing place on the same day when, fourpy0f large humanities, simple tastes, earnest 
they are the authors and the propagandiststyears ago, the first Northern blood wasggconvictions, ripe experience, and sleepless 

leading Whig orators, Jn 1841 he wast 
lected to the Btate Senate. In 1843 hel 

has profoundly impressed the public mind. 
We have yettoseea single paragraph i 

ut griefand despondency. There was uo; 
‘defiance, and the abounding manifestation: 
lof poverty, destitution, and exhaustion, 
were well calculated to inspire pity, Lat 

ively, the bill for refunding the fine im- 
posed upon General Jackson at New Or 


would think of the news of the assassina-§ 4 HURDER WILL our. 

Biion of President Lincoln by onc off Public and ostentatious as was the mur- 
EJ ine friends of the rebellion? Ho replied, Mader of the President of the United States, 
st, his competitor be-Mwith a terrified look, ‘Can you believefand its savage accompaniment at the resi- 
ng Meredith P. Gentry, Atthe expiratio) Padence of Secretary Seward, it is neverthe- 
of his second period as Governor, in 18978444 our beat friend t”” I forbearnaming thieygless shrouded with a strange and, as yet, 
He Se Reise oe. Be zentleman, but in a long conversation withg2!most impenetrable mystery. It it Lied 

On the 7th of March, 1862, SenatorP{nim in the morning, he was in thcggthat the Ieadera in the carnival of blo 
Johnson was appointed military governorfcymmunication of bis views, and spok«fdbave been taken, much yet remains to be 
Kor Tennessee, with the rank of brigadierfd 14 69 much authority from his bigh po.pAdiscovered before we can penetrate the 
goneral:ie-Hedmmadiately,, entered; UpOnEA ig doubt his sincerity ramifications of what daily appears, to 
his duties, and probably the most eyentfuljgisition, that do not dou 8 sincerity 5 abun carefully dimested. 
and memorable period of his life was theg¢He earnestly approved the revocation of theyalave been fs ae Pee ue aaa 
Mhree years ending on tne 8d of March, & President's order, consenting to the reas-pgind cold-blog: ed conspiracy, to is i 

1865, ‘when he resigned his position off. bling ofthe rebel Legislature. “We wereggmodern history farnihes no paralicl, an 
forced into this war in tte South by mentawhich the darkeet ages, even with the aid 
lof the exaggerations of romance, have never 

i ‘ surpassed. In this czse the objects aimed 
A a i 2 i eal, and finally emerged by thegfsecede, and the protection and perpetuationggsurpassed * 
of that state of public opinion which madcfshed by traitor hands. And yet more ex perseverance. He has been no carpel Rae erences to the Federal doe Sane slavery. Now both these defyat were of the highest and purest, They 

ui 2. : * 4 rt i 48 r ¢ 7 
the rebellion possible, and of the desperate pressive still—and I name it not to be be Rgwarsior in the war for liberty, From themes tion forever abolishing slavery and@) sands are decided against us—both arc{were identified with the eublimest struggle 
fury with which it hasbeen carriedon, Sogjtrayed. into irreverent comparisons—ourf@first he was open and loud againstaeye right to hold property in man, On thep  e  ee are ready for anyfor trae civilization and rogulated liberty, 
far as sympathizers have indirectly ap/¥Goop PsesipEnNt, after all bis acts of for-Mitreason. And it was only after nearlysfoun ot June, 1864, the National Union Con. ate ea TOs aE SucbBland in the effort to maintain these bal- 
proved the sentiments and inflamed the pas Hgiveness of the enemies of his country,eithrce ears of persecution s eed CR ee uence ion vies Deetdent on tig fea Bis Janguage spoken not alone in myPwarks of human happiness, they wera. 
sions which produced the rebellion, sogdied at their hands, on Good Friday, thesybis family, and his friends, sometimessy \007° b 2 forced to reaist the infatuated aesaulés 

fe Oates ae + . ~ faticket with Abrabam Lincoln for Presi- presence, but before others. The assassins 
far they are morally responsible for thepqday of the Crucifixion of the Son of Gog Heater Tee Ham eaaIe SS 4 dent, On the Sth of November of the same fee Bat the illustrious sage who nowfdof another and an antagonistic system, 
i , b 

A i year jump! lected. On! = A 1 nies 
atrocious deed. ‘Though personally theygiand the Saviour of man. And I firmly be. year he was triumpbuntly € 1 in death in tho Presidential Mansion, {based upon the right to hold man in bond- 
7 i ie i i oe i t me his post as second$the 4th of March, 1865, he was duly in-gasleeps in dea’ i Hos) ! : 4 3 5 
ey, behonorable and PERS emer, tieliaini gg Weve elie Bere nance cou Daye spokeng eS GosetnaGat taking up’ tailed as Vice President, and on the 15\bBand attempted the life of the great pudlicistRage. It was, doubtless, because this resis- 
psihe horbisierimesw lligclineeL erage Pe lens 80 aeeenetedy: yielded by, ‘upon whom only less depended than upongitance had been or was about to be success- 

‘after the fatal shot of the assassin hadk day of April, 1865, Andrew Johnson wasg L 
long as they live. The revolutionists offgshattered his brain, he would have ex. i insugurated President of the United States Pine existence of the Obief Magistrate bim-fSful, thatthe wretched crimiaals undertook 
France were, a8 & body, responsible for the claimed of his murderer: * Father, forgiveS{his predecessor, he exhibits neither over- BS that@to romoye from this important theatre of 


Min consequence of the sudden and unex- Pe ieedwatainstne var dreamed 
Parbarities of the time the Puritan partySthem, for they know not what they do,”fzoal nor pretension; but his words are inSpzcted decease of Hum. Abrauim Lincoln, See ihese eemens Reyer 


must be confessed, it will be confessed; there ps 
ia no refage from confession but anicide, aud 
suicide is confeesion. 

Mark the striking resembiance between! 
the maunerin which the assassin approached, 

purpose of perpetuating the nation, thes of tho srmy ond navy, sum, togetherfe 
‘usual forms of law and constitutional re-f4 With other amounts from other sources now op! 
fe quirements may be dispensed with. Traitoragq®0ud or hereafter collected, be at once investedky 

who hope to destroy the Government offj'® U- 8. bonds, 60 that an early consummation 
the United States Lyrdeniosine its itemieg othe abovevohjects could be depended upon 1 

sy fs ly off The Washington Monument es it now stende 4 easel : 
porary administrators, commit the folly o: jails « diegraceto Americane, and I know of nop nexeumy, Drofésalon alone pas celnadime.and 
Bimistaking names for things. The Unlon@sertor way of finishing it, and aleo of erectingfilyear, and where my great peravuel ambition i 
Gof the States and their Government areono to the memory of the second Wethingtonfmy profession has ouch a groat ficld for Inbor. 
living realities, which would survive any)Mof our country, in which every patriot can soffO the other hand, tho Soath hayo never be. 
number of officials. They exist in thi 

Mstowed upon mo ono kind word; ag 
peda 2 ee Se place now where I havo no frieuds, ex 

cept beneath the sod; a place where If 
must either become a private soldier] 

public affairs the representative men of the i 
republic. These considerations added im- 
menscly to the interest avakened by this aw- 
ful transaction, and sharpened the desire that 
all concerned in it may be brought to judg- 
ment. That this will be their fate we do; 
not entertain a doubt. Even if they are; 
permitted to roam for a time undetected, 
they will only be a prey toremorse from 
wvhich there is no living refuge or rescue! 

As we peruse the melancholy details, wep 
are reminded of e chapter in our own his- 

tory which may now be recalled, because; 
itis a picture in many respects of the Sag 

joen denied, when our very name, Unile 
tates, end the Declaration of Indepandence, 
both provide for secession. But there is no tim 
for words. I write in haste. I know ho: 
foolish I shall be deomed for andertaking suc! 
step a this, where, on the one eido, I hav 
many friends and everstalnz to make me happy 




the Policy of the Government to bo 
Developed by Events. 

which refers to the inevitable discovery) 
‘and punishment of the murderer, that we} 

Wasatnoton, April 18, 1865. 
'o the Editor of the Chronicle: 
I notice in your iesne of this morning 1 com. 


destroyed without the destruction of the 
power of the power ofthe people. The 
faGovernment is merely the sign of off 

he laticr, beeldes my mother and sisters whom 
Clove so dearly (although they 80 widely differ 
with mein opinion), ceems inssne; but God ish 
unication signed E, D. B., offering to be onéfamy judge. I love justice more than I do 
f a million} to glve fivo dollars each for sown, that comme Mt; Oe than. ame one 

Eqrealth; more (Heaven pardon me It wrong 

[monument to the memory of President Lin Glaore tien a hoppy home. 1 have nover bee 
fopon a battlefield; but ob! my countrymen, 
Zdcould you all but see the reality or effecia of this} 
lborrid wer, aa I havo seen them (in avery State 

ave Virginia), [know you would think like mi 
land would pray the Almighty to create in thep 
Northern mind a sense of right and justice (evel 

Atan carly hour yesterday morning At- 
torney General Speed waited upon Hon. 
Andrew Johnson, Vice President of the 
United States, snd oMicially informed him 
of the sudden and unexpected decease of 
President Lincoln, and stated that an early 
hour might bo appointed for the inaugura- 
on of his successor. The following isa 
copy of the communication referred to : 


The solemin hush of public expression of 
indignation which was caused yesterdayp 
by the last gad ceremonies over the lifeless) 
body of our late friend and President was) 
but a temporary lull. The feeling of hor-§ 
Esror and oxasperation is everywhere inf 

Pathe hand of man. The storm of slave- 
4 holding treason bas dashed againstit in vain,! “i 
because it was founded ona rock, EveryBy 
attempt against its integrity, every device 
for its injury, reacts against its authors, be-| 
‘cause its foundation is the eternal principle 
‘of equity. In this connection we will be 
excused for adding the trite quotation from} 

show that, however crime may, fora period, 
chide itself from justice, it is at Jast sure to 
‘be overtaken and punished. We refe! 
rto an extract fromthe speech of Danie! 
Webster, on the trial of John Francie; 
Knapp for the murder of Joseph White, o: 



and the money be sent to him from all parts of| 

“ fAdshonld it possess no seasoning of mercy), ani 
Salem, Massachusetts, on the night of thee vescing, Thisis butnatural. Every loyal, Miho country for the purpose. Ww. [achat He would dry up tis sea of blood between us, ‘ Wasarsaron City, D.C.. 
Gth of ApriJ,-1830. Mr. White was aad american feels that the death of Mr. Lin. ee ag which Is dally growing wider. Ales! poor coun “April 15, 1865. 

ALY, is sheto mect her threatened doom? Four! 
Eyyears ego I wonld have given a thousand lives 
0 see her remain (as I always had known her) 
powerful and unbroken. And even now! would} 
bold my life as noaght to see her what she wat.oy 
On! my friends, if the fearfal scenes of thepy 

“Trath, crushed to earth. shall rise;again; 
The eternal years of God are hers; 
Dut Error, wounded, writhes ta pain, 
6nd diea among bis worshIppora.'" 


We think we do not err in considerin 

From the Baltimore American, } i; 
The following verbatim copy of a let(er, in 
iting which is the hend-writipg of Johnp 
Wilkes Booth, tho murderer of President Lin-! 
sycoln, has been fnroished us by tho Hon. Wil-p 
em Millward, United Ststes Marechal of thi 
Eastern District of Pennsylvania. I: wasy 

“Sir: Abraham Lincoln, President of the 
United States, wss shot by an assassia last 
javening, at Ford's Theatre, in this city, and 
sien ey the hour of 22 minutes after soven 

About tha same time at which the President 

wealthy merchant, 82 years of age, and WAa8-oin ig not only-@ national, but a personal, 
found by his servant in the morning, dead, }#peresyement, and every one is controlled,t 
ie i some measure, by reyengefnl feeling. | 
We should not, however, allow ourselves: 
gato be carried away by passion. Letus notsy 

‘imitate the barbarous ferocity and thet} 



ice President's room to participate ia thé 
ceremony, Hon. Salmon P. Chase, Hon. 
Hugh M’Cullcoh, Lecretary of the Treas- 
ty; Mr. Attorney General Speed, F. P. 

1 In the second place, this letter does nol 
‘sound like Booth. He is no writer, and 

ea Beveipece sare Satay air re lovee which I afterward say and cut from a newe-(i 
; nion besond expression. For four yearee4 oeper and learned by heart. I would,” ho con P; 
pore valied, hoped, and prajed far a eee ee ae ear atttoy tn ee enema ar tat Tw fly ex 
dark clonds to brea, and for a restoration#ir putt have never been able to ascertain.” tates, and will, to the best of my ability, pro- 
of aur, former ‘sunshine. To walt longstt@. “rhen half closing his eyes he repeated to mee orve rrotest, and defend the Coastline cf 
the linea. which I enclose to you. Greatlyeiins Uiited States, 

frould be 8 crime. All hope for peace is}4 
fe d, [ told him I would like, 
hopes. God's mill be done. I go to cco andeq peeses and interested, reateriee tier 

had cntered the window from a back yard, 
and had inflicted thirteen deep stabs, and a} vas shot, aneearn entered the sick chamber 
on the left temple of the vene- of the Hon. Wm. H. Seward, Scretary of State, 
heavy blow meee yi ai i Inanded over to that officer by John 8. Clark Egaod Stabbed Lim in several places, in the 
rable man. This frightful deod) was com: hole a brother in-law of Mr. Booth. The Pbroat, neck, and faca, severely, if not mor- 
mitted in a populous and central part of theky \:ory connected with it is somewhat pecn-& HEP tir qpembers of ibe 
sowD Eirebellion and incited assassins aa Line H\'ar. Ia November, 1864, the paper was doy herr ed dangerously woua e 
The house had contained many valuableStthis dreadful deed. Let us be stern andgjnotice. It appears in several newspaper! Ra ar ated wrstr Clarke being osst:.of none. 40 pure, and spollete... Bat ‘A MERIT GETELER MOST eee a aa by 
articles, money inclusive, and yet nothing just and dignifed. Let the law—notfsin different cities, and is reported by each rr rent’ of the contents. In January Ins Hoody deals of which sine hee Derk mink the or qe resident has devolved, woder the Consiltution, 
ar take A grest effort was made to arrestghlynch law—take its proper course. Thel¥journal to bave been furnished by the®igooth callod at Mr. Clarke’s house, asked fo! rer you eae neers of aie jSorern- 
Wy eae - i ; Si i ‘1864 ) jsSfihe package, and it was given upto him. It A ot you ston! im nedi- 
the criminale, when, by a Providentisl cir-taterrible struggle of the last four yearssssame person. The date, seep Sea norma Dyna nd teen Pt Took ont tesseeenadgroma. | Ob! how] have longed to cack ately qnallfy according to thorcquicements Of 
cumstance, they were discovered, In th ghee vindicated the people of the free States,fymissing in all the copies, The acc Bpaper and added to it his signature, which ap- Mireles round her folds, soolling her heanty ange? Canin enas aud enter apon the daties of 
midst of the popular excitement, it wassand demonstrated the capacity of a free of the various journals in which it wal pears 10 neina fierent Ink from that need Infiftaraishing her honor. But no, day by day hag olerse meso were ae raleetues you. ea 
announced that a heavy robbery had beentgpeople for self-government. The greathgotinted on yesterday, conflict ee Magee played Sconlic ue bara pasareee Poot a eet ree eee Arangemente a3 you deom propar will ba made. 
committed by these foot-padson Joseph K.festruggle for the conquest of the rcbellionend different details are given. We haver|riginally, Afterwards he returned (he pack-fpright red stripes looks like bloody yashes on thes Hero oar Sheilient servants, 
& J a John Francis Knapp, on¥yhas been successful. In numbers, ia pow-fxn0 Tight to prejudge a matter of so grav’ Bei see to Mr. Clarke again for safe keeping, sealedtaca of Heaven. I look now upon my carls| Par OU Eun 4 . 
napp, Jr., an nApP, 0 : He importance as this, but we cannot refrainlgfsnd besring tho superecription of “J. Wilkes!&ndmiration of her glories as a dream. Myf] vetary of the Treasury. 
the evening of the 27th of April, whileXer, im resources, in military talent, there Pp » pres : MDE Booth? fia tht, tad to day) is for the Southe EpWIN M. STANTON, 
the beets from Salem. This North has proved itself the superior of the¥Afrom, making a few criticisms which will Tho enclosure was preserved by the family ono Norte Teen ite Pcie atattempte A _. Szeretery of Wer. 
Hl vb: as published, with the@South, The great trial of our dignity ofAoaturally occur to every intelligent person.f@sithout suspicion of its nature. After theffing to make for her a prisoner of Ubis man, to} SOLON VEELLDS eho Ok veces 
unusual robbery was p' , : Pe ve SS In the firet place, the whole tone an efilicting information of the sssasaination offwnom she owes so much of misery. If success RyATEDeneiane a ve 
editorial remark that ‘these gentlemen werefycharacter, the time when our proper reve ‘ J kay he President, which came upon the femily off4sttend me, Igo penniless to her side. They; ED ENNISON; | 
1 kmown in this city, and their respec rence for law and true justice shall be yin-fgtenor of this letter go to establish the theorysSistr. Clarke with crushing force, It was consi f¥say sho hag found that “last ditch” which th a Postmaster General. 
Noes i 4 i ee aici has but justarrived, Let there bedghat the murder of Mr. Lincoln was the actsgdered proper to open the enyelopo. There weree¥North haya so lopg derided, aud been endea be +P. Usner, : 
vtability and veracity are not questioned byssdicated, has butjustarrived. Let there e fanatic, who acted on his ownpqOUrd in it the following paper, with someiyoring to force her fn, forgettlog they aro ourkl Becretary of the Intorios. 
any of our citizens.” The robbery provedguo outbursts of popular feeling, like the ET) A yi even-thirly United States bonds and certifi Hiprothers, and that it is impolitic to goad an/Z} James Srsep, 
to be a fabrication, and was only reported&atrocities of the French Revolution, or thes, esponsibility, and had no Gon! ference sul Basen 7 or on scompan itt: Ree penemy i Seger Saat I reas her ing aS cone solnaois Attorney General. 
; A ; et i spi - t ety an it trne, I will proudly beg per v AN NSON, 

‘for the sake of baffling and diverlingg§Lord George Gordon riots, Let us | ae eR eee Millwerd, im Those custody i moWaeeriatn He as tS iciuiaph or die in that same “alien,” Vice President of the United States. 
ublic inquiry. After a close investiga fascsrt our manly power of self-command,#} 3 . From a psrdsal of this paper it seems to havoly, her side. Mr, Johnson requested that the ceremon 
fon the eS were arrested, and#¥as we have heretofore proved our capacity! advocated by such journals as the Chicagogabeen prepared by Booth as a vindication off 74 Confederate, doing duty upon his own ¥e-Hnould take placo at his rooms at the aie 
a man named Crowainsbield, their in -§for self-government. ky Times and the New York Daily News VL der se AOE BE elvood House, in this city, at ten’o'clock in 
strument, who wes the murderer off The New York Tribune publiches thekgThe idea that there was fome col him offto Virginia. If his was mediti petit te re tare aren besa sithe morning, Hon. Salmon P. Chase, Chiof 
the aged Mr, White, and who, be-S¥following communication, which is indica Bilusion has been not only intimated bys fea failed, end froma f prisoner of thea’ To the Editor of th: Now York Evening Post? We sustice of the Supreme Court of the Uni- 
fore trial, committed suicide in bis cell.Ptive, not of the true epiritof the North, butsyGovermment ofiicers, but confirmed by thegepresident to hls agstssination was on casy atep! Thaso ueniargedl by several friends to son ed Btates, was notified of the fact, and de- 

i " i : for a man of perverted principles. It alsosgyou aa > : rs intat 
The object of the Knapps was 2 See rere ke mad passion of the South : over the Nowth by the tclograph, ‘Therefifeppeers thet Booth was one of tho party whofeedlt from Mr. Lincoln's Ups, and elthonga i sired 2 belt attendance to administer the : 
She will of Bir, White, who had devised to$} Tye bells are tolling for our dead President—tq : 4 : were engaged in the capture and execution offymey not be new to + Pl yous ent oath of office. At tho above-named hour 
the mother of the wife of one of them, tothe bravest, 1ruest heart in all the lend js atill, Abas been time between Saturday mornings yonn Brown, of O:awatlomie, at which imeg{events of the last week give it now e peculiarga,), 
swhom he was related, a legacy of fifteenky iesouows aneten of sous sane Pro-iand Wednesday mornivg, when this letter, oe pomitless HEN fen iss and Re aaa B the. clreumstences UAT Sehlohe thiscease 
: Very traitors within 4 month, ope in my hy 7 i i iciates thoee detestable sentiments of craeltyF te 
thousand dollars, but who would ioheritgtoul they'll hang you within two. They ehowfg8® firet printed, for the conspirators, ifP) Oi) nave culminated in an Infamous crime fil Was Written are these: I was with the Presidented 
his whole estate if be died intestate some little yim in the devil’s service. Iam agsihere were any, to take the alerm and con @rhe letter is as follows: faalone one evening in his room, daring the timers 
| Although they were not the actual mur-pfoorm end bred Sourgern Wowan. fSlcoct measures to ward off the vengeancefff .— —, 1884. Bil was palating my large splesarosst the Walle 
‘ ; 4 - nit - ; fe] House, last sear. r 5 
derers, both were convicted and executede! Upon this the editor of the Tribune re- that will surely visit them, Nothing couldg mi Daas Bi ropemsyause thisspaes a pen aod rcs and begen to telk to mo offeBlair, Sr., Hon, Montgomery Blair, Sena- 
—the one for being accessory before the# plies, in words which we cordially assent to:s¢do this more effectually than a statement Ponen, who, and why, and a3 I know not hows Shakepearo. He eent litte “Tad,” bis son, t tors Foot of Vermont, Ramsey of Minne- 
¥- i ively) We shell certsizly hang nohody, nor incitefdunder the signature of theassassin, that ho,fto direct, ‘Liglve it’ (in the words of yourfythe livrary to bring @ copy of the plays, em eee y n 
fact, and the other for'being constructivelyey to Hane pONUeaL copoReNIE NO TAMER eee = » Ammagier) + 8 z y ii thon road to me eoveral of bis favorite passages,wi/sota, Yates of Illinois, Stewart of Nevade, 
resent as an aider or abettor of the mur-¥} % vefgand he alone, had conceived the crime. Ii i {showing genuine appreciation of the great poetlMiysig of New Hi hi a 
5 Batre dal ireetpcator ortcien nan Catnte tiny that ib) AA WL aa a . Relapslog Into a ssdder train, he laid thie bookggane Of New Hampshire, and General 
derer. Daniel Webster prosecuted thi pppelieve in J calen of opinion end Coie Hmltepydoce not'"eppear: that “any, responsible per Right or wrong, God judge me, not man.’ Ee mea leaning back in bie chair, esid:  (4|Parnsworth of Illinois, 
| Knapps, and, in the course of his remarka pyorescribed by lan) action as well. We werck}son bas scen the dozument, or that it hasM#ror be my motive good or bad, of one thing "where is a pom which has beso a great] After the presentation of the above letter, 
oo many years under the ban of mob sent’, Jaced in tho hands of the G jl am eure, the laeting condemnation of thet i f hich was first shows . ri 
ble argument, employed language whichg¥ment, and’ have recorded too many acts offybeen placed in tho hands o Over orthsht fy favorite with me for years, W. i at end oralegthe Chief Justice administered the follow- 
we reprint, because of its singular apposit wicked violevce to which men—snd women,tement, although it is possible that this ma: tome, when a young man, by « friene, iog oath to Mr. Johnson: 2 
zess to the case which is now belog dis BHO NM atatuvalsien cas they bad o leeel eeofgeave been done, 
euasedin every household. We eubjoin ity moral rigbt to ve. Our country has pobly passed) 
hrouzh the loitial ordeal imposed on her by 
The deed was executed with a dogre: of self: 4 E = 
possession snd steadiness equal to fia wloked eepobotred sbenealne=yer)ne allio our utmost te very poor actor. Should he attempt to ex, 
Bess with which it was planned. The circum- “he 

ae dead. My prayers have proved as idl mya 
See earl a cridenea eprend Au WBcRAi very act of mo viclencels a national calamitypgprces himself in writing, he would most prayers hevelprovedics idlezadey ie 

4 Br 4 F 5 if ever sn opportualty occurred; to write them After rccciving the oath, and being de- 
| whole eceno before-us. Deep sleep had fallenfay'e4 Shame. Bdprobably full into a stilted and theatricalgtehare the bitter end. ‘ BJdown from his lips, Hoeaid he would someCtolared President of the United States, Br, 
on the destined victim and on all beneath bist, eT TOY x yle of diction, such as might be expectedgg I have ever held the South were right, Theft iime try to give them to me. A few days after: BD yoninenmamarkevc 
soot. A heslthfal old man, to whom eleepfATHE REBELS CONTENDING WITH, ¢ a person versed in atege literature, and gery = omtnallon ore Abra hemaTincoln lor word he asked me to eccoueany, bite te thee aa Raia EA 1a fiat 
t, the flrat da slombe: hee BNC, S: ‘ é ' NM — as i Mr. 3 @ 6 rel 5 ust be permitted to say that 
areca Be eee ae ae, Of LAE PROVIDENCE. fknowing nothing beyond his profession asWfern righis end Institutions, His election provedtey 2POTT Aindlo OF Me: Smayne, Tretsurelsd Y 

aight held him In their eoft but stropg embrace ff 

The assassin enters through the windowfy An eloquent minister of religion in thist@an actor. Far from this, the letter, while its) 
already prepared, into an unoccupied apart h4 y 

ment.” With noiseless foot be paces the louelyg{o"2) O" Sunday last, preached from thefdrift is apparent, is long, and verbose, and 
luall, half-lighted by the moon; he winds upjyWell-known text of Paul: ‘And we knowicontains nothing but the slang which has 

the ascent and roaches the door of thelthat all things work together for good tobi prevailed in the South for the last ten years, 

who was making a bust of him at the Treasuryeat have been olmost overwhelmed by the an- 
Department. While ho was sitling for the bust, oancement of the sad event which bas so re- 

ddenly reminded of tho poem, and enidg 
were wee. Who thinks of argamont or pstlenceBfta ian Lat chor would vea good time'to dictateeyeentiy occurred. I fesl Incompatent to per- 

when the finger of bis enemy presses on thetii io me. He complied, and eitring upon sometsform duties 59 important asd responsible as 
Rairigger?{In a foreign war, I, to, could ay,B¥nooks at his feet, as nearly as I can remember, cnose which have bzen 50 uuexpectedly thrown 

it. ‘Await on overtact.” Yes, til you a1 
bound and plundered. What folly! The South 

ber. Of thie, b the lock fi 5 ; f nee Ga fa ‘Countiy, right or wrong,” But in s struggles b; fi rf 
eee e Aue oreeanventull Mehta OF era hem that love God.’? The converse of the) nd which is fairly embodied in that di Sich as caret ener the brother tries to terse ETO bic ines down one hoy coxa anos lapon me. A3zto an indicstion of any polley 
hinges without noice, and he entere and be-fatruth would seem to be equally true, viz. :e¥testable doggerel called ‘* The Bonnie Bluctgthe brother’s heart), for God's sake choose ther With great regard, very truly yours, aWbich may be pursucd by mis in thd sdmiols- 
‘holds the victim before him. The room Is un fithat all things work together for evil to Flag ''—a stump speech in bad rhyme facieht. Wheu a country like this eparns justices F. B. CARPENTER. Sitration of the Government, I haye to eay that 
commonly open to the admission of light.BOe on that hate God. . i ff (rom her elde, she forfeits the allegiance offy - that must be left for development as the ad. 
‘Phe face of the innocent sleeper is turzed fromp4 Ue that hate God. The authors of thee¥ In» the third place, there is a labored af-MMevery honest freeman, and should leaye him,f4 B peat: 


s, and contempt of liberty end equity, 
‘The fatal blow Is given, and the victim passeseg panded together for the purpose of over. 

pleas “ Straggle or epEeuon Seon ne reposempihrowing the free Republic of the United 
mi sleep to the repose o! eath! t is the sssas-| . 
nin’s purposeto make eure work, and he plieagq tes, 2nd with the avowed intention o 
he dagger, though it is obvions that life heejcstablishipg on its ruins a slayehold- 
Been destroyed by the blow of the blaégeon.Mming despotism, the cardinal priuciples of 
. Ge even raises the aged arm, that he may nolfe hich’ w to! °bethe =a | 
fallin his eim et the heart, and replaces itp’ sich were to be the inequality o| 
again over the wounds of the poiguard. rights among mankind, the perpetual 

To finish the picture he explores the wrist foi rE i 
tho pulse! Ho feels for it, and escertsina thal event Of the weak to the strong, 

‘Teo leayes of the cai ahd the willow shall face, 
Bo reattored sround ard togetber be laid, 
And the y:uog ond the old, andthe low andthe 

8 & gularsilice of the future. My past public 

ife, which has been long end: Jeborlous, bss 
pabecn founded, ss I in good conscience believe, 
Henpon a great principle of right which lies at 
che basis of ell things. The best energies of 

The In‘ant a mother attended an¢ loved; 
Ceo mother that Lnfant’s affection who proved ; 
fq] tho busoard that mother ard infrnt who blesced, 
Each, all, are swey to thelr cwellings of Rest, 

(he hand of the king that the eceptre bath borne; fa 
The brow of the prices that the mitre hath worn; cI 

¥igovernment, end I believe that the Government 
qxl0 passing through its present perils will eettle 
gown upon principles congonsut with popular 
Grights more permanent snd enduring than here- 
Extofore. I must ba permitted to ssy, if I under- 
felstand tho feelings of my own heart, that I have 

long labored to ameliorate and elevate the 
condition of the grest masa of the Ameri- 
Racan people, Toll, and an honest advocacy of 
fithe great principles of free government, 
have been my lot. Datles haya been mine, 
oneeqiences jare God’e, This hes been the 
foundation of my “political creed, and I feel 
hat in the end the Government will triumph, 
4cod that these great principles will be perma- 
Wjoently established. Ia conclasion, gentlemen, 
Wet ma say that I want your oncouragement end 

Tho peassnt, Whcee Jot was to gow and to reap; 

For we ere the same our fathers have been; 
We see the como elghts our fathers have corn— 
We drirk the somo strosm ano view the rams con, 
And run (he same oouree our fathors Lave run < 

The thoughts We are thisking our fathers would; 

Aciarat i 
pealing to the Almighty, which has alwayekl people of the Norts, to hate tyranny, to lovelg0s, WY should the spirit of mortal be proud! au ‘ion must be made by the acts as they 
Pao paseeth f:om Ife to big rest in the grave 
ar epastud: 1 1 | I 1% 
Mporiectly ridiculous pretence of self-sacrifice study of our early history will not let me for- uree Which I hayo takea in the pas!, in con 
forthe black man. And, looking upon Afri 
argues the cause of slavery instead of that! 2 
one, have ever coneidered i¢ one of the greatest 
etween father and son in the North} Wituess heretofore our wealth and power, wit 
‘Che window, passes through it, as he came in. 
~ most of wy life, and haye seen less harsh treat 
fjSouthern States to secede is also discussed 
‘secret is hisown, and it is enfe! Ah! gentle be the extirpation of slavery from the face 
irn0 Ws f10 ong Would be willing to do more for! { 
- ir 1 13 broad, 
‘of God has neither nook nor corner where thefgmodic cffort of the retreating demon wast$rormed man knows tobe false. His engage eee rer a ao eo cere eraoe try te renee 
is a Bot Lincoln's polley 1s only preparing thet «, np maltitude goe8; like tho flower or the weed 
‘through all disguises, and beholds everthing afgUUited States, for the sake of revenge} = 
papresent him to the public. He failed in higggance of slavery. ‘Tne tirst battle of Ball Ranga Tojrepest every tale that has often been told. 
‘True it is, generally speaking, tuat ‘ murderke Aay 
reward of @ million of dollars to any manna! urzed our fathers on. Even should we allowhd 
who break the grest Isw of Heaven by shed. 
a rabecome the right, and they etand now (before(fs “ 
bs ‘Southern newspapers, had some effect upon} Goble “BREW Or pathintlorKerorse " Hercarien ieet'rom the death we aro | hripking our fathers woul 

feclation of that blacphemous style of ap.Qgumtrsmmelled by any fealty soeyer, to act ast PROUD? ministration progresses. The message or de- 
his conscience may approve. as 
. * SLAk: tft, teed meteor, 6 fast-fisi ond, LF ¥ 
hbaracterized the proclamations, orders andg#iiberly and justice, to etrike at wrong and op-{aj Se ertbe Mahtpiteyta Branko! thie wav, 2 4 ransplta, The Onl yqateurance thet Goa UOT, 
ublic appeals of the rebele. There is also alfPtession, Was the teaching of our fathers. Tne| asive of tao fatore In roference to the prst, The 
b id 5 alli 
o the ‘‘cause’’ of the South. Althoug! STH coneiae eeaee rica for the white, not SCUSR TI thls, reba ion) mune ba pregiged 
« i Ligh 
ho letter says that be “loved'the Union," ean stavcey from The aanis ekandpelay held bya shall moalder to Cust and together aball He! 
Fqche noble framers of our Conetitution, J, fore 
fof freedom, and repeats the absurd B 
H : eel 
eclraton "thet there is more crush heyiess, (ot, fo themeetes wud, v) hat 
At beats no longer! It is accompliehed. Thefjrhe immediate effect of their enter, " j 
deed {s done. He retreats, retraces his ateps tof price. Was” the Gisruption of slaveihan was shown toward the slaves off ene hale elevation art Tee eeeee abort 
cand esespes, Ha hes done the murder. Noegeo/ding socicty to its foundations, and thegethe South. The constitutional right of thelgren rr my Lite wed hove ceca ee none le 
‘eye has seen him, no earhas heard him. Taefultimate and not remote consequence willky iment feo pastes fo aan (than I have bebeld in: 
E 2 Agtue North from father-to son. Yet, Heaven! 
snon, thatwas  dreadfal mistake. Such ace Hor the earth, In likemanner, the last spas pine Re cee Boothcmade $20,000 : Ro Sea ites get 
-eret can be safe nowhere. The whole creation fe ; » ‘PSS fa year in his ‘ profession” every well in-Aiine negro race than Ticoule T:Dubaee 8 woyl n 
0 still better thelr condition. B¢Hevo faded away/jike the grace that we tread. 
Guilty can bestow it, and say it is cafe. sjthe assassination of the President of thefdments were almost universally fail a A 3 tl 2 
Not to speak of that eye which pierce Peake par y failures, 2002 vay for their total annihilation, ‘The South GPCUA Th dere ituteeeerpo ca Yer others rassvads 
HSIAMRUpIEMdOriol Tovar pucoe tae ae seit Pan jinracdlataly the selols weonlelchahe filaticrly no eagacious manager has dared topgot, nor have they been, fighting for the contina-;34<o tre multitude comer, even those wo bobold, 
y fs é 
mre never eof, tI re i 5 : * + ie fe 
nee Ferrie eon even by men Maloyal States, forgetting all party differ profession, May it not be possible that the Soa SOTA AD cats deas a rnele causes since fotea 
‘will ont”? ‘True itis that Providence hath eoggeces in the past, rise up as one man to : 
ordained, end doth so govern things, that those demand the condiga punishment of theBd who would assassinate the President, whichfstbey uh Ne CEG ta te con fd 
ding men’s blood, séldom eucceed in avoiding py ss 238 Aalders, abettors, and prompters FY was advertised £0 extensively through theBh io City and injustice have made this wrong 
lzcovery. Especially in a case exciting sop the Government of the United States hase Bathe wonder and admiration of the world), es al 
wauch attention as this discovery mus! comeineyer been so strong in the affections of ihe cupidity of the assassin? %e| 
We do not careto gointo details which} 

seud will come sooner or Ister. A thousand 

eyes turn at once to explore every man, evers- faihe whole people since the war commenced! 
‘ehing, every clrcumetance connected with thepyus it is to-day ; treason has never been so) 

‘time and place; 8 thoueard ears catch eversbMmuch detested, its authors have never be 
svhisper; s thousand excited minds intensol 0 odious. anatiete blood h a b fom eed 
‘dwell on the scone, ehedding all thelr light , OPS UES 
send ready to Kindle tho slightest circumstancerpqveen demanded with so much unanimity, iyi 
nto 8 blaze of diecovery. Meantime, (he guilt! i nt fc ir cri 
soul capnot keep its secret. It is false to tt HS cea 3 Hs sea Caa A 
Walf, orrather i feels tha Irresistible impu'sy ofpy The scheme of assassination was no} 
sconecience to be trae to itself. It labora ua derfq without a purpose, It was notto becon 
6 Bally: Postession, and knows not what lined to the President and the Becrctary olf 
The human heart wss not made for the reel Pastele, but embraced the Vice President ands 
sion cehon puohy an AnhabKats sebarinds iseltgthe whole Cabinet. Bat its authors shows 
2 n by 8 torment, which it du 4 : y 
racknowledgo to God or man. A valture 1s ae fa'hemselyes to have been as stupid as they 

~yourlng it, and It cau ask no sympathy orpawere wicked. Forif they bad succcededs 

cassistance, elther from heaven or earth, ‘Tb i e live! a 5 
caoorot whlchl he murderarpeseoerae ote n destroying the lives ef the whole corps 

‘to possess him, and like the evilspirita of whicfgo! Administration officials, they would have’ 
res tends it gyerecmes alas aud leads himf@been as far as cyer from the attainment of 
WT ersoeyver wille, 8 feel t beating =) fil i ji i 7 

his heart, rising to bis shront, and demanding Egibe main object, which was the paralyza 

disclosure, He thinks the whole worid sses {pation of the Government. They could not¥s 
Jn his face, reads it in bis eyes, and alinos hope to destroy the army, and the army} 

hears its workings ino the yery eileace of bist ; ; * . 2 
thoughts, ‘Tthas become his master. It hetrayetqVOUld maintain the national integrity un. 

x C 2 . Woald it not be considered an honor by every 
his discrotion, it breeks dowa bis courage, ftugtil a new Presidential election could replacehojaier and gellor in the Union Army end Navy 
conqners his prudence. Whon suspicions from’ “ithe ordinary ciyil government. ie 

Wareading of their decds, Thermopylwe will beif¥To tho iife we are olinging they ajso woold clirg: 
ua forgotten. fq But it epecde for us all, Mke a bird on the wing. 
Bl When [ sided in the capture and executioned 
of Joba Brown (who was a murderer on onr; 
westero border, and who was fairly tried and) 
convicted before an impartial judge and jury, off 
felireseon, and who, by the way, has since beers 
pyimade 6 god), I was proud of my little suare in, 
paihe transaction, for I deemed it my daty, and) 
bat I was helping our common couatry Lo per, 
form an act of Justice. Bat what was a crimem 
in poor John Brown is now considered (bs44 
bemeelves) asthe greatest and only virluc of By 
he wbole Republican party. Stravge trance [4 

g ri Wo wirgie together in sunshine and rain; 
fyaigration | Vice to become.a viréue, simply rd thetinlieand the tear, the song and tae dirge, 
because more Indulge in itt ES Suil follow esoh ether, Uke eurgs upon surgo 

‘They loved, but the story we canvot apfold ; 
‘Lhoy eccrned, tut the heart of the haughty fe cold, 
They gileved, but no wall ircm their slumber WiNIFA. 4 oihers, in carying the Government throagh 
its present perils. I feel, in moking this re- 
qnost, thet it will be bearlily responded to by 
yon end allother patriots and lovers of the 
righte and interests of » free people. 

At the conclusioa of the above remarks, 
he President received the kind wishes of 

the friends by whom he was surrounded, 

nd a few minutes were devoted to conver- 

I thought then, as now, that the Abolitionistepq sation. All were deeply impressed with 
ei ‘0 it ay Tic the wink of an eso, ‘Ils (be draught of a breath fi , H 

eee vacervel a aeaeaees tuet tae rom the biceeomof bealthto the palenent olneans he solemnity of the occasion, and the re- 

Brown, not because they wish to abolish sla Soe ENT heart itot mortal vo prow? ggcent ead occurrence that caused the neces- 

very, bnt on account of the meens they havepy Bi ee Biity for the speedy inauguration of the 

t fet = 
Mt Bcomeercilying t Dea ad "| Aertzr from Gasymss, Mexico, says thal President, was gravely discussed. Mr. John- 
@overnor Pesqulera hes med3 ample prepara. i. in fine health, and hss an carncat 

elf would set ¢lavery agalnst the Union. Most, ; 
3 PAvious to defeat any force the Impérialists can . | 

ee Cane SNE ae eo cae coag cares theFa send against Sonore, le had ordered the illa-ggsense of the important trust that has been 

Fetsingle right guarenteed to them by eyery tle{@ination of Guayamas whenever Richmond was@ confided to him. 

Eich wa once rivered as sacred. The Soutbfassen by the United States troops. 2 = ec nels 

en make no choice. It is either extermina-' Turee MEN ond one woman have been ar by Tauern jag little girl, thirteen years of age, 

ton or slavery for themselues (sorse than death) Byrceted (or wilfal defacement of the tombstones#sin Ellewerth, Malne, who weighs two buodred 

to draw from. I Enow my choles, and gravestones in Woburn (Conn.) Cemetery. snd pinety pounds, is Alty- five loches high, and 
I have elo sludicd hard to discover upon Tne pecuniary damago they haye done Is ealdp#moceures forty-six inches around the wale end 

what grounds thg right of a Siate to seccdo haskto pmonat to $15,000, tweaty inches sround the arm, 

They joyed, tut the tongue of ‘their glacnece Ley 

Chey died, aye! they dlou; wo things that are now, pa 
That walk on the turf that Hos over thelr brow, pa 
And mate to thelr dwollings a transtect abode, fie 
Meet toe thicgs that they met on thelr pligtimagond 


Veal beps acd deepondency, pleasure and pain, 

The Monumont to Mr. Lincoln 

To the Editor of th Chronicle : 
I will be another of a million or mors of mexk§ 
who will subseribe five dollars to finieh thep 



Without begin to embartass him, aud tho net off yoy ; i i (Geuch errangements could bo mado by whic 
circum stences to entangle kim, the fetal secrets xtraordinary emergencies ect aside the-one dollar of cach man’s pay for one month} 
$ ith gre punctillios of official routine; and, for the 

could be collected by the different paymaoterst: 

f violence (o busct forth, Lo 



[conTINUED FROM THIRD PAGE, } ponliot peace and ot ate RoR ae ae tears pore freely during the de Ritions, a8 of apdlvignals, Bue the mecallade THE CHARACTER OF MR. LINCOLN. Mr. Lincoln presents more pawertaly" (isn 

Rae falivery of the powerful elecourse. feor this calsmity chills the heart snd checks 8 m 
cles, wp .weale. th Siylibza orld wll ay claimed and appreciated bim ; they honored nt nes ane ae t fethe utterances of tha tongue. That which four, The London Spectator, which writes intelli Earerireran eens the American mind: 
echoes o} + Bu » teihim, delighted ia him, loved him ; end to dayfi emple, Capitol HII Revears ago every Chrietian citizen feared, hasRq2¢l'Y POD all endjects, and which hes evince y tough In weak men is, becemes boast- 
the time of his death, Is o power In the govern- pay, i iB 4 6 y y has te fulness, is not really this L 
5 “Pjevery poor man that loves the nation bows hid REY. JADEZ FOX. FSeuddenly befallen uc. A mystery hed been en-f43 Pre-eminent intelligence, es well as liberality 4 Sean acoryn aks Btralee: 
ment of agreat country, and bas woven bim-F4neqd and Lis soul in deep paternal grief fo bMacted in darkness. A bloody band had done a@land « cnoewe=  rat ‘Se-an almost humiliated trust in the structural 
felt into the wed of its history, lo. destbf@Abrabam Lincoln, for a. President whom beg The pastor prefeced bls discourse with somepdteed that ciamsed, Lumenity with a deep dle Berane of dastice 1a Us dlgcuselons of A rae ga Nee OFS that pollilealinatare ehichpeyrilhoat 
touches us et polnts whero Ifo l6 most real. aanderctood. Ho fevla thet ibhed been battersjremsrks on tho frightful tragedy—tho mostgyerace, which not tho tears of the sullerets DOR eryrale ney catee, SUN for March 25 OE tice wailou os free natiore bulla: 
nah 200s not remember the pall srvead ovepuat, he soit ballet of the battle eld shouldFwicked In tho bistory of any lvllzed nang{ibe Punishment of the erimisal conld everpl*” elaborate appreciation of the public charac-BAsreat continent, with aw wiveree eet 
and by that of General Taslor? With whal Pine trowecy of Friday tight suould heve occur F108—Which had Alled our whole country witheecmnd with home, ‘Ths binee bes ahaa Bon Of Mr. Dincoln, It does not scruste teEfihat of tho rivers or the tides. “Tk Is the phase 
pomp of grlef the mation monrued throuhoat red, “It wo mistake not, tbls hes been thepahe deepest eorrow. He pald a Jast tribute toffad beea lifted againet the ret ‘ellizen of theBlor te ore reas to Washing (on’tu/some respects, jot, politics) thought. most opposite to, though 
te length and breadth! Thelr deaths, how WA sish acd the lapiuage of thousands of father+Ettho excelleuey of Br, Lincoln’s character. NoggRepablic wonld never beremombered save wIthB.® Pronounce that, with a more difficult ta hat is growing up Rone ae 
SE EE TT eee ae eae throughont the length and breadth of the loyal nuiic officer had over been’ to deeply and eofate deepest execration. Is brings us to reflecigj’e 288 reached a no less honorable succes auantic. Tho Emperor of the Fresca thinks 
comparstisely caim, The atrifes of thele off 4 yo havo not aimed in this rapid and partialeguniversally beloved by the Amerlean peopl {be Imperial organ of the nation elmoat greater 
cial carcera, however animated, were strites of cketoh to ect forth the characicr of the latefyTho epeaker enid, in reference of Mr, Lincol. certainly an ¢pecntial part of 
words, or ai best of Ideas, which had not se\procident in ics Intelleetwal aspects. ‘This 166] Tt was not mere admitation for greatPl 
a thamaelyes; for da. ‘They dled ee oe ; Taare 

presen theres for bloodshed. They dled Blaot tho time to weigh and estimate his greatf¥atent, nor epproval o€ his admioistration 

A qualities of mind, his skill and power as thebMbut the whole people felt fe arlacd of pe: Tnste 
which was fired In Tenth street, on Fridsyonioe ex corot ct b people felt a personal nffectionFycerlacd of posce. Instesd of hope we have The Casn 
Deut, Killed tho chief of the navlon in thekfine {hue to measure ane test bie policles Thee oryuias,WbICn was never equalled. | Naturallyfadespalr ; songs of joy havo given place to aie 
, Ey! 2 p sand appsrently bis death was a great nationale4ivalls of anguish; and where we looked to cee want bet a pronbet, 

(he golden drapery of peace, our eses reet upon 

midst of a terrible etruggle for uatlonslex Maarth has not yet received bis noble andbtcslamity, and the human hesrt could not help] 
4 (he trappings of woe. 

Istence. nonored form ; death ia yet too fresh for that.k feelin deep 

‘The late Chief Megistrato full, after a wer offs wy aro still quivering and stoggering under the pane Talento “pat the Chale Hy 
four years against the most mouetrons and sta-kblow which has bereaved us. We mean onlyhtian would remember that tho Divine Prost 
perdous robelllon known to the whole couretfMa moral troatmcnt, a tribute of affection sndefaenca was over all aatlove and indisidat 
Of history; after scores of bloody battles hacHsorrowy, walting for a broader and more ex-fasie, and” that uot. as enovow could ake 
been fought; after the armics of tha foo hadMMnaustive and more criticsl view at some futureMio tbo groand wilhout the notice of ours 
been eudstsntially conquered, scattered, ond, a3ftand cooler moment, when the nation apd onr- desvenly Father. Such an act was no 
arpiless San a ae neae cange ft mea selves shall seo throogh snother medinm thao indeed a Divine providence; but It could nei = 

ad slmost utterly ed. pesour teare, occur Witho: r 5 
snd pall down is oneihilngy sndite. Sa The sorrow Which bas come upon us fs ren- reat aa be Rornelteed Bot ease aE 
and reunite is enother. At this moment theldered peculiar snd more overwhelming by thefeiNaturally, it might be evil; end it’ might bedgunuenal yeln of esdnees pervaded that portionp 

elemenis of society at the South are in a steteHnour in which it fells. Toe end of the robel- | 
of perfect upuesyal. Anarchy dominates the4iion loomed up before us, ecemingly only a fewes Rint Teese wa a Slecouree ICH ws shave, hot Atvempted 
ito reproduce, 

wreck and ruins of their former peculiar life.Aishort days ahead. Richmond had fallen ; Lee,betr, auallere f 
Boclal life pauses and awaits the moulding handlaiine militery leader and hope of our enemies, Aiea Here Grete lee) iealtarraul tHe 28 Assomb]y’s Charch (Presbyterian 
Sere arcao revallt ie ail ie death ie Raat surrendered—bimself and his whole army-[iprecs every unkind thought of blu, or of aus REY. 7. DB, M'PALLS. 2 
Tel ie Ck Virginia no lopger contained an organized Con- c f shes q 
Innst try new counsels, now pilots, Who, what BAtedorins force ttee med eo tLity Teaagawbe may have sided or sympsthized with him-E4} rhe pastor did not preach, but made the] 
eyer mey bo their wisdom or virtue, yet remains Bit 7 eee Y Just punishment, and tha severest, skoald ic 
ever may b 5 Fjmerked the President's and Llenieuant Gene Fins meted out, “bat im lors and” meres Boe es a SE eee [rar more highly organized for pollticsl Iie that 
s 3 1 land not’ in anger. We shonld thinkisj. Lhe nation’s good friend and unflinching e4chat Wi a 
Jdetender, Abraham Lincoln, 1s to-day IylagkeBar without theca eee ot WWashigatese 
eilent in death. The people of thie wide landpal ge logton’s 

Who does not stand on this historic momentFitoc; the whole loyal territory was ablaze with} 
ef time, amhere, the suattered power of the fockHoue uniyersel illumination. Richmond was full! pee eae reas acelamnty mercial ative] education or traini 
ates oon aelonan’ cae caelleee uae of the praise of our troops for their orderly be-Flbecaneo of'some evil in us which needed chas-fqaave been thrown into the deepest gloom endéfrom an humble staInaat heap “ot ee 
sult, dangerous, \isement; nnd thus our thoughts should hekysorrow by tho bloody hand of an assacsio.le)mighty civil war to forma oversmene ou of 
turned from revenge and hatred, to humilityfejhe event Is too recent and the heart too bizea perly in which the habita aed traditions of 
and self-abasement before the Lord. Weshon!dey witb grief for calma reflection’ ani appropriately "himneelt thefs 

the Jogie wonld not 
nt his aid; points the 
slow logic of the Almighty with epigram; fits 
tbe unrolling history with ebowy, rhetorical 
iaénowernonts; cats the Knot of xsvelled provl- 
Ejdences, and stills the birth throes of revolution 
vith the chloroform of despotism. Mr. Lin- 
Zcoln isa much slower sort of politician, but 
we doubt if any politician bas ver shown less, 
gergonal ambitiog and a larger power of trast 
— a 


teachings of his Church, to dwell upon tho res PY 
arrection of the Saviour, and made no further 

ltusion to the topic to which our columns sre 
his morning maiply devoted. It may be fancy, 
bat we were struck with the thought that an| 

(For {be Obror tole } 

88 thelr nominee for the President’s chair. Noky April 15, 1865 

Byj¢onbt he bas in msny ways had a lighter task! 
than Washington, for be bad not at least to| 
yagproduce & government outof chaos, but only 
10 express and execute Lhe purposes of a people} 

can caucasof 1860 sabstitated for Mr. ae 

‘Tod, toll, toll! 

Ye bells that rang so merrily, 
Theat tinkled out eo checrily 
is Our triumph peal of yesterday, 
f Toll, toll, toll, 
a) For ne is dead | 
Our nation’s heart and bend ; 

Thongh not, thank God! {ts sour 

havior; the voice of the turtl =I 
recoxstruction before ua, snd fecl himself op-F¥ Hone: Ne meee pega toe 

listened for; men fancied they heard the notefyi 
preseed with a sense of the recent calamity? oF y the ng 

lof peace, not merely in their dreame, but in 

The sad occurrences of Friday night, how-pH. ' iS 5 z pyofticial life did not exist. Finding himself thebi 
er nit ind occurrones of Friday, night, how Bj bcit coher, waling moments ; tho glorloxsjduearch ourselves to flad the evil fa us. wbichigwords. 2 FRlobject of Southern abuse so eres and s9 foul #4 BAe 
dent Lincoin had taken hold upon the peoplefl joc A wees put up -Hicalled for this great aflliction. If we would dof} It i6 my intention to deliver a discourse onf4shat jn any man less passionless it would lon a 
OE RL Ie potion cee olan Ereetient ae geeks erpenst then, when the Precident as 0 happy ifathie, it would be gametided to our good; and weequext Sabbath morning, on this sudden audjeaco Bove stirred up an implacable atimoslty, £4 Toll, tolls Kelli 
fines the Gays ch Mimiwho wasy stab, in.wach PPI i VenZehould be able to say that it was good for ustigreat calamity, which is the reeult of thergmocked at for bis official awkwardness] Send o’er the land yonr peal of woe =, 

his enemies were ylelding to the power of his) 
character, end were begipning to understand 
and honor hie; Just then fell the dreadful dooms 

that we had been afllicted, ueresy of secession—a heresy hatched intMand denounced for his eteadfast policy| 

Mri For dwelt: at gome.l wickedness, nurecd in cruelty, and whosefby sll the Democratic ses bebe 
i me length upon theses! imax is the death of tha President, coupled@lozal States, tried by peers of failure bofecte 

Let all who loved and trusted know ; 
Let the dark tide of sorrow flow! 

first in peace, and first in the hearts of his| 
countrymen.” Gratefol and discriminatiog® 

ti il i Py y i 
Ea aa reat ne ete is ree pe es, slavost, broRen que: Rent ramp pate snd apoE Ane a in tile een with an attempt to slay the Secretary of Statesutuat policy ‘achieved a single great cuccces,e4 Pein sols 
7 = Nea a fg a A Eo @ presence of the Lord at the t igeg Al 7 i. a 
sonal character has drawn the people to him ae\id.ions, and flags flapping joyously in tho winds,W RaRrihs neki Beater tion SGA a ee eat eee olay peep neues oto saseceses eo. replat POEs is dea 

nd brilliant that they would have paffed Dp og Troacon bis blood has shed. 

Ty tha most powerfal magnets. No pobllefdown to the garb of mourning, to darkness io 

Bt SS GHGs WRG polities is ableelyn. divellluge,storlagecat; baleimacts “dere land this life, in time, to the unmesenrablys¥ Rey. Mr, Austin, of Massachnsette, hacky Maller mind and overset its balance, embir 4 Let the wild sucres roi) 
uato a ‘ ) bo fla » deeply u taesed by the boastfalness of his paopl BS Lig perth 
entirely to escapoabuee, * Woewnloyouwhenpilirapcd ia black, Oa, how are tho’ mightyBamore important concerns of the life to come, /jsindly consented to preach to sou this morn Bie caLordinatce no less then by Rie oma nce ao ou 

eEgfallen! From joy to sorroir; from tho pipe, 
‘on the head ofa politiesl leader. Mr. Linco!ngjan theharp, and the tabret to the mufiled dram 
has not eseaped ; but who cyer heard a brenthijsnd the dead-march, and the sorrowfal toll of; 

against his adsolate and perfect honesty? ThlegYehurch belle! What ehall we do? Whither! 
is the foreground of his entire cheracter; (be 

Exchall we look?. Where shell wo turn? God hae 
clear, pure ligh! in which the whole world eceekdsore erition us. 

p}] men speak well of you” rarely if ever fale 

Toll, tol), toll! 
Send through our weeping land a Lbrill\_ 
Of yengearce, lise » mountain rill, 
Which ell the clouded vales ehell fl). 

Y ing. 3 perl in bi : 
Epiphnny’Church*(episcopal): 4 - duerience in bis relations with foreign States tl 
Seer se a ‘ampboll Hospital. eset by fanatics of principle on one side whok 

Yesterday morning will long be remembered 

Appropriate services were yesterday held inily 
by the congregetion of Epipbasy Church, as 

Aihe chapel of Cacpbell Hospital upon the o2 
cesion of the late appalling tragedy—the mur 

jjwould psy ro attention to bia obligations as a 
Gcorslitntional ru‘cr, acd by fanatics of caste on 
qthe other who wore uot only deaf to the cla 
of Jnatico, bur would heat of no policy larg 

him; the foundetion of the perfect snd ua} For myself, I loved Mr. Lincoln s3 e father ;egbsiog the occasion of one of the moet solemn, gider of our President. i ad e TGA tolls toll 
waverlog trust hich all his countrymen rs ss Hloved Att. : | : Fllenough for  revoluiionary emergency, Sr. oll, toll, toll, 
Posed invblan His native sud string shrewd:peey oy reap ees, Hoople, whence I came my:Fatmpreselve, and appropriate dleeurses ever def ‘There was a fall attendance of the pa Byliccola has persevered through all without ever For he 18 dead! 

ipeiving way lo anger, or deepondency, or exults-kn And for our fallen head 

5 on, or popular arrog: 

vices were peculiarly solemn and impressive. Sticlem, ans ee orelndice’ SR ronal f Pledge we th’ avenging bowl, 
sforce of character, in eelf-posseecion, and woh Toll, toll! 

‘magnenimlty, till in his lsst short message okt Toll, toll, toll! 
1, toll, toll! 

neces, bis practical tact, his alertr esa of intellect, yiows with him ; I eaw him latt, week ago, alegilVered before any community. igiaents and officers of the hospitel, and the ser 
his keen ingenuity, his recarkeble reticence City Point, looking ss though he had almost Though Esster Sundsy, and though Dr. Hall 
despite his great freedom of specch, wero allerenewed his youth; I saw bir slep from histshad prepared s sermon in cheracter with theagdiera veterans, the scarred heroes of many 
domina‘ed by bis noble honesty. The nationz2seam tug, and go forth in the freeh and bslmy@@historic events-of the day, yet he walved (hesc ihattle, wept like children, and evinced th 
fects, and devoted the hour of his seriaon towsstrong hold which the martyred Preeident hasyjUOD8tes3 OM the 4:lt of March wo can delect nog 


meng nT sit nb malsiakesiit he made S0y,cAbreath of a sweet spring morning. As he thenga! 
Wor! of tho kead, not of the heart. eppeared, he shall ever ve in my I d ci t n 2 P lac 
Nor wes this noble and incorruptible noxtaeg shell be my best photograph of him. Thees/houghts end reflections upon the terrible cala-</apon the affections of them all. alatiepe nena wo iterate moula ofa viltege 5 Be oni UES ae ae te ue” 
merely 2 Roman iplnine sia maro/barbed justlog iansdeger cannot take sway that. Itiss pots thet is now appalling the nation. e. Christ Church, Georgetown. Sot principle, a dignity of manner, and a Be 2 Ti ates ma 3 senetae athe 

> of mo. = 5 esur Se Sleninity of purpos > : 2 LO grace. 
Bratus. «fit was jastice, it wes beantifally By Tho text waa of the words, “I'am the'resur gl)’ In eympathy with the’ calamity of the/day7a TOYO) Minbar eae are ee Toll, toll, toll, 

i I know not how you feel, but I feel that mybi, 3 
3 a7 >, frection and tho life;’? bat pursuing bis own! B i 
yoked with werey. “His heart was soft as thsiown loss is irreparable. I bad honored otherf¥eourse, tho epeaker proceeded to anfeneleele Vegnhe Easter music wes omitted. Hell, while bis gentleness and genercsity off% 
ofa maiden, jand simple es thatof a calla: Tumse Presidents, but Thad never loved one before@ine all-absorbing Lopiz of the moment, eoed After the service, and before the communion, Fifecling townrd his foes are almost greater thanig 
save hesn ad alsin pate acd taateaae pitet go throngh, my hows; rand mycolf con Effranght with crime, and €o fearfully importsn the Rector, Rev. J. H. C, Bonti, spoke as fol- we should ospect from either of them. 
the death ponalty; thet ao fow men served out{Swedo? What chall Tao 2 t Ba eeeree theks? ey ae Nadie and as 6 poople. Thes lows: HIS ANTI SLAVERY GROWTH. é 
their whole time in prison. ‘The tears of theftaer President with respect aud hope. I fullypecnied tone the casa coy tees ni Was 78 EY There will be no service this morning. Thiapy 
widow, and tho wife, end the mother, fairlySpelieve the nation will bo enfe In his honest andederrec, 4° the catdinal instance of the wick-E-church will be closed to night. I have no hearts 
scolded him into compliance with merciful pe-Sioyal hands. I will ray for him; but still God ednees and sin of abandoned men, to whichi®q preach, kl 
tions, A frlend of inioa went to him to bepuee taxen aay our Talher—tho. gecond fatherkyrere aes, Ctuer illustrations from hblstors fhe most magnantmons man of his gencra:fSeritcr says; ne TUS DS Out OF the War, tacp 
the lif of o deserter. For reasons of greatdor his country. @ Second fatherHollowed by the reflection that trath snd theion, ‘tho. first cltizon of the Republic, thea ke ese! osc. Lincoln gala, look 
welght, he refused : but when he came to 6peakPY ‘Toward the wrotch who has done this deed ev mot cid Bot belong to Individasls alone, and president of the United States, the. Lord’sey.) WD aartaal Gia sad h leealecktte 
of the éxeeatlon of thle unhappy clas of men For ein and shame and wos, feel no angers er ond cm nett eer et ey death, butgtanointed, the wisest ruler of the age, bes been tor no inore Tesrtedeatnen canes omtariat 
“i " q By 
Teelloge, Friday,” ealde, aolno real teorget eeeee, Qe haraly Keep im, tp mind o mo tnaman power could latorveno, Atientiod wash} can think of nothing ele, epeak of notblogp ty treet ihe Gene ee ae ae 
“ 3 Bt a #Zcalled to the day upon which the President was i ‘ ave laws had more of ag-b4 
role dom le ask Eris, tne dey of exo frenooas iste, whlch bab subg, te Rob Auvicuen down ekered ia by aesaial moral "yl Se agEE AG aap, dm bafre Goa AR fetes fad, Seis rete oui 
> fe Preeldent to death. The poor wretch fs utterly§). foil of eunshine, and filled with the aroma o! ict fs enough that the blood of our Chief Magis ‘hem then either oyster laws or cranberry lays jf 
lost sight of in the grentness of the misersP4mild spring-time, typical of the bright and Irate, sete ahata Wancclay specks toumian er till that wes only his own opinion as a politi-Ke 
hich so insignificant s thing was capable ctl (regh hopes that were filling every bosom of aoa. , weather-prophet. All he insisted on was| 
ringing about. Isee only the President andtsneedy reconciliation and final peace. It wa: SA Tiwalt the yolee of God; towwbon vengeance! Bathe duty of resisting the adyarce and growt! 
he weeping nation, the weeping churches, theB3@ood Friday, too, and the hearte of the Chureblapclongeth. a Fol a force whose power he feared as maliga, 
Ae GeSAtanaeht ase reeping soldiers and sailors O Lord, thougdand the world were buoyant with the joy and pro [4 ‘Letus cing the 186th hymn; “Stay, thon in (ct Mee wnols Union: In its then dimensione; 
give bi ea ne ney fous oP ae om ast gore smitten ue! The grief is co enddengdmise ofthe day; and he who had led us through f¥snited Spirits stay.” > sjhe would protect and sanction it, aud sccord \t 
DETESES . He dlual honree elving Ir aS 0 dccp, 89 strange, that I seem to be in the| [s\the flery ordeal of four sears of struggle for our| 7 ae very constitusional guaranty, but he did no 
a? edgmen ie, pty could pate A ta femidst of a horrid and unnatural dream, Howfénational existence was happy and glad Wilbie  aaross of Bishop Pottor, of New Fors, relieve iG would be content to keep within i 
anight aye one ante yee nee fn ould what appears to the censes, whet thedwall thoce who were about him, when alas! the io tho Episcopal Clergy, hen Umendlons. He looked at it as an Arctic} 
See eee cabiaia’ meroy.” The mans WME rey pees os cava true? How could it hap eve of this buat scenery was clouded and Byunvigntor would lock on. Dick lceanoh ins ong 
They shall obtain mercp.” The man, io Merappen where In Washington, urroundcd by shang with the deepest gloom by the tragedy Bishop Potter hae lesued tho following ad fA OE pol itien ince at the principles off 
a idnaitaeea the @ental Ls peat gjbundred forte, with their threatening and pro-P¥that robbed us of the great pillar of our bhopeseadrese: gtheoppesite party. ro, vente later, hon 80) 
saee tall thie mercy and Kindness; withers Bans!) How conld it happen smidejand national safely. In this connection the eae fee Uattod Biateey Necteepe okk tee 
ell the natural and unrestrained simplicity: ihe Joya. arena ere Rene ssimyoesscsin and all who might be connected with aecesstontats in the same tone, appoaling to the 
which marked him; with all his ready yielding; Bieri will oly alvekeh wee TID then sake him were stigmatized in terms befitting thelr} a Ss 
to his emotions, he was 3 far a6 posaible fromestho Kuler of ell give us patience to walt, thet Src neoRtolthat lil amtelout atewlfesretri 
everything rash or indiscreet. He could hear, ! | 
tnd feel, acd yet withhold the sought-for favor 1" but uuelig 1 will nol ask, 1a this hoty place j00,'2, the, miccreants and traitors. The ser, 
aadeed Hei pemaye Oe Acute apparently og whither re shall turn fn our grief. Our re-cheracter of tho President, his euiente cau. 
elie virtues of emotional tenderness an ut-eeligion, which is etill left us, anewers that ques 
ee prudence, Io groat matters, whatever may) gion, a6 WErs qi tion and moderation, and thst most beautiful} 

For ke js dead ) 
Our white Is stained with red | 
Let weeds entwine the whole | 
Toll, toll! 

Toll, toll, toll! 
Soldier and freedman, riee and arm f 
Let not the traitor hosts that swarc 
Around us fear no bale or harm! 
oli, toll, toll, 
For he Is dead t 
And, for the blood now shed, 
Spurn mercy and contre!. 
Toll, toll ! 

Toll, toll, toll! 
That mercy ho so long has chown— 
Pardon and Life to traitors known— 
Has, yampyre-like, sacked out bis own. 

Toll, toll, toll! 

Our Chief is desd! 
Our white is stained with red, 
Let the wid surges roll! 
Toll, toll! 

As to the growth of his mind on the subjactlis 

of slavery, from the time of bis debste withhty 


2nd again, on another occasion, when som 
Triencs of mine who had been usjustly con 
Avleted of t political offence, and who had been] 
pardoned by him, visited the White House t 

Mary E. Ngazy, 


A Unique Suggestion, 

The following article appeared in the Rich. - 
mond Whig a few days before the occupation 
lof the rebel capital by General Weltzel: 

We copy the following from the Mobile Zven- 

eae copd ace ie eo Ne ne te eae 

people? Is there any better or equal hope inky z os 

he world? In our present differences is citherpyesPecially tho 15th verse: 

party without faith of belog in the rights |, Battle House, February 25. 
if the Almighty Raler of nations, with Hisfy ‘‘Mzssns. Eprtors: I propose to pay the 
eternal truth and justice, be on your side of thegqConfederato debts. Now, don’t smile, ‘ye 
PNortb, or on yours of the South, that trotbyaiords of creation,’ at us poor women, for al- 
and that justice will surely prevail by the judg 
iment of this grest tribunal, the American peo 

Dear Brethten:—With a grief whichI have now 
language to exprese, I appeal to you to offer upHy 
your prayers for this bereaved and mourning# 
nation, The beloved and revered Chief Ms 
pistrate of the United States isno more. The 
{malignant passions which had just proved im- 
otent to destroy the Government have success: 
‘ally done the asgassin’s work upon the life of 
{ts"honored head. A glorlons career of servicers 
pd devotion is crowned with a martyr’s death. 
I request, most respectfully, that to-morrow, 
nd for the nexttwo weeks, the prayer ‘‘for 
erson under ailiiction”’ be used for the coun. 
try, with these elight changes: Instead of ‘the 
orrows of tby servant,’ read ‘‘the sorrows of 
Fethy servants, the people of this nation, for 
Fl ahom,”? &c.; and inetead of “him” and a 
Faread gs? and “our? tes 

El, aldo ak fhueipeayer “in lime of war ancka, fijth so deep in himeclf, that had he. been| 
eqtumulte, . 

iia the minority (as he was two years before) hel 
T would also recommend that after the solem- Fa wonid have SE ered the test. te If this thin, 
ities of Easter Sunday shall haye been con. 

fave not of God it will come to naught,” he ha 
Heluded, the churebes of the diocese be clothedédsnia with profound sincerity in explaining bit 

leavinz it to its natural persuasiveness over the| 
mind of the people, to the natural strength 
which it would derlve from tho providential 
care of God ‘‘Wby should there not be a] 

a rare and child like simplicity. 
Daring the delivery of this portion of the; 

Dy all, influenced by all, and yet the control ofMosuse {a just; we see this both in the cauee it} ‘discourse, hardly a dry eye could be seen in the 
CATE a ae ona EE TY eel and in ane syolle OE Gon upon | house. Children wept and sobbed, and those; 
aH wes, however he may have been alded in Bion SR UISCR EG Rardaigice ; tho authorf Hot edulths GaSe) Don od te eae ee 
reaching It. Mot the parable of the good S:maritan, he whogaion and tears, while the distinguished epesker| 

Sorting exactly with the rost of his charactorenid, «' Whatsoever ye would that men ehouldmseemed choked with his own strong and feryid 
ywas the entire end elnguler freedom from aldo to you, do ye cyen co unto them, for thlefafeeling. We have not attempted to pursue with! 
yindictivences. No opposition threw him off-Sis the Jaw ond the prophets,” Is our friend.tMeny especial consecntiveness or fidelity the| 

B in} 8 he evar gonerous| . Were 
his balance. Not only wa! G Trusting Ia him, let uz hope and walt. Weld. on of Dr, Hall, but feel prepared to sey 

that it was marked by that high Christian pa- 
zAtriolism, and eloquent expression of Janguege, 

though we have encouraged you by our emiles, 
Kleven ‘while we suffered, and gaye you the reing 
ple.” The ples was no unresl pretence olfgend urged you diefor liberty, yet, after all, you 

argument. Mr. Lincola was speaking frompyoave gotten us into a dreadful scrape; and 

Sjoow that tho ship is drifting at random, we 

venture, albeit through the yeil of modesty, to 
peak. There ere two million women over 
welve years of age in tbe Confederacy; 
pisome heads haye ons and some three to four 

toward bis loyal opponents, showing by bis®4chall not wait lorg. 
treatment of them that he remembered noth--} 
ing agains} them, eppoiating them to the bigh-p.Foundry Church (Method (st Episcopal. 

est offices and the lofiiest honors, he went be REV. DR. RYAN. z 
2] 3 sere B that the occasion challenged and Invited, andjin mourning. ‘n Gisapprobation of slavery; and he thoughipqoraids of hair, eay they will average two; 

yond this; he never uttered a bitter word even}: fst > a low! PP! ‘5 ig 
Another |; dience filled this spaciou: Praying God to give you His blessing, and to} opponents might have faith eno: berefore there are about four million bralds, 
against tho cnemies of bis country. Hepur;3 Another large au paciousiizo sincerely trust that it will find Its way t sanctity fie Deter wereaeniantito oun ‘oelovee RissoEpenental ugh nave fal alenore Wit soy Lee erogcrapeltig avchiin pela jowtedy Bie 

sued his end of conquering them and bringing f? 
them beck to their allegiance by every lawfalie) 
means, but he never seemed to feel that thereyq 

difice. publication. The fenco in front ot ‘he church 

Dr. Ryan annoanced the first hymn, as folfajras draped in mourning, and tho beautifa 
cross of white camellas in the chancel wa: 

Hiorty willions in gold, and in Confederate 
oney two billions, nearly double our present 
debtednees. A ship loaded with this precious 

ountry,{I remain, your affectionate brother In 
‘brit, Horatio Potter, 
Bishop of New York. 

pted the post of pilot to the State, he wasalmoel| 
iudicrously willing to abide by his own slow,} 
patient, naturalistic habit of waiting for a solu- 

Was any personal quarrel between himself snd lows: i : ; 
Oyen the leaders of the rebellion. The Keenestfa] Jesus, while our hearts are bleoding Wivelled with a thia cover of black crape. Easter Evening, April 15, 1805. Eilon, All he could makeup his mind to do wae ened See eae soreanthy peceerelt 
oye, and the moet thorough search, will laborp EO LOR CUS POUR LB dente SaawaD, Daring the service prayers were offered byS¥ ror the Orroniole.) eee. ie pas ae igreneon ited cones Ba re seared It aufalyiattElaeres sad Burope 
aay otal aaa et teachin Ses, seach Cally é9y, Thy will be done, [he rector for the Precident’s family, as also fo: IN MEMORIAM. places belonging to the Government,” He could woud purchase at e speculative price. Many 
sonversatlones Lee i x Though cast down, we're not forsaken, ‘Secretary Seward and gop, and then’additional — do no less without treachery, for he was trus pyoreide, Ciavausonate BUBB liberty, pron 
In this war the Union side has not hated its Fee ae eat taken: prayers, prepared expresely by him, were m April 15, 1865. Bice for those places." He could do no more eine tnbeanay labeled aa the dna ineAclathe 
enerilen We Ba pots returned) gall for Ball Ka Bleseea Lord, Thy will bodone, pressively read. At the Sundsy school celebra Bowilow’ youn) heade, cs eathont ree fearing, aciton, jena he anon Foe eee a a rec etie ce colt ominanngaestiaeds 
SUES. LOC BO UES 5 EUeEAblo te teeennt Though te-Jay we're Hlled with mournio lion for the distribution of prizes, at half: prety burst bef ling to decidefajsnd I propose that every loyal women in the 
CE Oe eee alr anlareod Gate sauetey still ie on the throne by four in the evening, Dr. Hall excused hlmsel/ Frone oo Baca Se ae pon hls duty Se aki cron corr beinne South send ROU hair, tied with at rib: 

his enti r ter Wo can sing, Thy will ve done, oa neh.  * jon, and labeled with her name, to Madamo * 
his entire freedom from hate or revenge, not We cap sing, Thy will be done. frgto the children from addressing them at length, F715 jst cad tribute to the good and just! bea goiteo meas a ReeReT: snd] Caves sin-eMoblle: Hare's onan 
only renrepented, Dut dn part, crested.» slallay By thy bande the boon was xiven ; by saying that his heart had been in bis mont) Bow low your heads! See nar aodlaral by his oppenents, omigloralds, Let every patriotic woman’s head be 
E R thine own; 1 1 
apicie in ane an eee aoe: Ay ieraeer ponent ee enh nie rope during the day with the afiliction he felt at ours The greatest grief that e’er befel mankind readers know how he treated the slavery ques-Bqsbingled, a drop of ues pleatnk fatheribro: 
his picture went it stood for genial charity; Evermore, Thy will be done. great irreparable and loss. RiLieson the heart, end preys upon the mind! fajlou-—not from any doubt that elavery was the qchernsom onilover,jhasibesnigied enste gent 
ts i : s *  Fdroot of the whole stragele, but from a profound b 
At clothed itself In the attributes of the man} iis was sung by the choir and congrega St pAloyalan (Canoe): Nldoubt whetber ho was jastiled in antictostingOur devotion and patilotlsm will be revorded 

Rimeelf, and {rom a milifoa of walls and of REY. DR. STONBSTREET, Weep for the loze, Hij:be divine moment for ilsexiinction. He warpy>y our children, and all nations will honor us. 


soldiers’ tents it gave its silent rebuke to vin- | “DELILAH, 

£0 Freedom! of thy greatest champion. 

ay z t placed there as God’s instrament to pul 
dlctiyeness, until the nation learned to conduci#] Anappropriate prayer anda beantifulanthempa After reading the lesson of the dey—Mark| bul $I ceammieceio(ad Madleo.”” 
is the lose, di lavery, but as His instrument for sdmin f4 nisceiofsJames Madison 
war with jadicial coolness. He will live in ourlirollowed, after which Dr. Ryan stated his text,| xvi: 7—the reverecd gentleman proceeded, i Weep for the loss, istering the Itoverntiant eee | iB vi iA 

'O greatuess! of thy brightest dladem. 
Weep for thy loss, 

O Honesty and Trnth! O Patriot Worth! 

Thy loss and ours—the loss of all the earth. 

‘on the basis of the constitution,” andthe ques jay Tua Army and Navy Journal, apeaking of the: 
ion might settle iteelf far better than he could@Mviciesitudes whic have «ttended the Army of 
settle It. Slowly he was forced, bit by bit, tothe Potomac, cays that not a single corps com- 
fsce that tho one duty was involved in the other. fAmander of the six who started on the campaign 
and as he ea7 he accepted it; but even then hiegilees than 2 year ago was destined to lead bie 
only fear was Jest he ehonld interfere too muctfeltroops within the linea of Itichmond. First. 
in Whe great forces which were working onlpdjedgaick fell at Spottsslvanis; then Gillmore 
elrownend. He was chosen, as men usuallyfand Smith were retired from iucompatibility 
are, to do that which he was most featful offawith Butler; then Batler was removed ; then 
doiug—not becanse he did not see that it was baBimney, the successor of Gillmore, died of ma- 
llaria; then Hancock resigned his command 
on account of the bresking out of an old 
wound, and undertook the recruiting of anew 
rps; and finally, Warren wao cet aslde only 
wo days before the capture of Richmond. 
ce oe 

memories down to the Intest days of Mic as offfrom the S0th verse of the 19h chapter offgeabstance, as follows: 
sD example of magnanimity toward cpponents,| yJudges, 86 follows? The Church to day celeb rat ose ta greates 
and divinest charity toward enemies. Ws And itwas co, that all that eaw iteald, Therepqesst- The Christian World today pon er 
‘One of the thioga which brought himf¥waanoruch deed done nor soi from the day thaiggapon the story of the Cross, and rejoices at thee 
nearest the great body of people wacfytto children of Israel came up out of tho land o'fMrecollection of its risen Head. Sufferlng and) 
tbe very thin us that pertapa repelled thepq 2*yPt unto this day : consider tt, of it take advice, death were, on a day of which this is the anni- 
smaller Pumabent eS Patenly. despised the 24 epenKy Cur meee a ersary, crowned with resurrection and glad 
I conventionalities of eoctety. Ho waspy he first great polnt of the Doctor’s discourseBaaese. A tragedy which robbed Christianity off 
Smell consentionalities of eee ye ee amoggas that, from the veglnulng of the world toBits leader and light, end carried sadness to ever. A nation’s tears 
ie Te hls rade early home in the great} 'is day, the great and Ciabolical tragedy hestineart, was succeeded by a season of gladnesey4Are hallowed in thelr contact with his clay. 
West, God was forming a gentleman ia onk,Aa0ad 20 Parallel. nd rejoicing. : Ey sacnatlonie tears 
messgrown, Indeed, end ragged, but stilify He descanted at Jongth upon the character,64 Bat, while it was bis theme on this Essterfy 

B¥rom its deep heart upwell in bitter woe, 
grand. Bornone of the people, he grew up on! 2 

A nation’s tears 
'Bedew the bler whereon his dust doth lay; 


nd he now spesks of it in Just the same spirl 
8 o great natural process, not eatrusted to him 
or dependent on him, of which no one caa fore 
Hsee the course andexactissue. Both North ani 
‘South, he eays, were equally confident in the 
ustice of their cane, and appealed to God tof 
alustify that coniidence. He has not justified 
{ther of them wholly. ‘The preyers of botb 
yald not be answered; that of neither has been! 

answered folly. The Almighty has his ownhy 

virtue, honesty, and true greatness of the de Riday to counsel gladnces and joyousness, thes) 2 
of them, and remained one of them, deepite two} eased President for all Femergenclees compared loreacher never before attempted theiperformn faNor seeks to check their etill-increasing flow, 
A si ‘ ‘bim to Cincinnatus, and declared that, whileBance of any duty with so cad a heart. G 
election} to tho bighest position in the mation, A Wasticgton was th founder of this grea! ma fla yetfou oro tee robes of tribaletion, acd ef 
so kaaage Seo reatul Mitotic perio’ Nothingefuon, the cecond Washington, Abrshom Lin-Sizreat and noparalleled sorrow sproad over thi 
vodliled hia at this paint, and his plainness offae2!, had saved it. hole land, it was difficult to epeak in accent 
ace by Ls i ao illdetrations. whatever! st 83 the dove of peace was about to de-¥ntted to a great Christian occasion. Ther 
hey were to olhers, were gratefal to the , the assassin entered, struck down thefias a national disgrace to be remembered andi 
toes ere to und won and held them,pyChict Magistrate, and well nigh sssassinstedBteplored. As an American and ae a ministers 
Must peculiar’ popular life which ho in-p4oUr Secretary of State and his family. f God, he felt his cheeks mantle with shames thon hast dled for Freedom, co do we, 
herited, which took vo courtly tinge from, 

Tbe peroration comprised en earnest sppealsmat the recollection of so terrible a crime. Wek Her children, dedicate our Tives to thee! 
early school associations, which owed nothing! 

o the people, for their own safety, to obey thi ing I sorderees B. F. W. 
to academies, became the fixed form Cae ont Bitaws, to submit to the Government, and to qitat conan ee at te be us 3 a) ‘: 
nite sae neer Ue eS a wa any Efcarry ont the principles contained in the text.Lgenly has its joy broken in upon by a dee; ‘Tae corporation of Weshington offers $20,000 
aoe eerie people, thongh in him was thee There was deep colemnity all over the eanc fgcorrow. Mfsfortunes are the heritage of na-gjreward for ihe apprebension of J. W. Booth. 

O martyr pare, 
Tay country’s altar ’s sanctified anew; 
O martyr pure, 

Froit-Preseryino Hovsrs.—A man in 
Cleveland has built & house of iron, ond alrand 
water-tight, filled with sawdust between double 
Edwalls, snd icelao the gerret, {no which he pre- 
serves fruit, vegetables, butter, oysters, and all 
other kinds of food from one year’s end to the 

There Ia grest deal of economy 65 
in thisidea. The waste from de- 
Sosy of vegetables and fruit in summer cen all - 
Hine caved, end in wiater bring profitable pricee 
as 8 compensation for the trouble. 

Agaln, the writer snal:z2s bis mora} convic 
G¥ione in this wise = 

April notoriety, was taken down by the crow 
mn this occasion was in any way connecledS¥from Ierael’s shuw-case, and thrown Into the 
with business. He has appeared upon thegistrcet and stamped upon by the people. Bon} 
tege only a few times this season, haying in-@damm’s photographic gallery waa also visited, 
éreated Limac)f {n oll speculations, and by (hal}¥ont the proprietors prudently removed certali 

lobnoxions pictures. 

Fawears become quite wealtby. ed 
fe] At the beginning of the season he gave ups! It was romored that this Inst establishme 
iad on hand a pleture of Booth, the agsas:in ie 

Pall engogeacnts that he had already made, and) 
Rsfor some time devoted himself almost exclu who, by the way, is well known hera, this beings: 

Tho other end was breced OQ 
Busgsinst the opposite part of the door-frame. 
This bar, a8 the door opens iaward, would 
effectually delay, if not wholly prevent, all in 
gress into the box from the drees circle, and 
would also detain the egress of ery one in the 

Miss Harris also recollecta that a pockolff 
knife, with one blade open, lay on the balus- 
ya tede of the box when sho end tho other three 
members of the Presidential party entered it. 

We must here state, that Mr. Fergusow, as 
Hoon efter the assassination—ss he could getk 
Rajout of the theatre, proceeded to the oflice ofpqner unity ? 

she Soperintendent of Police, and narrated top cit gees (aS Mubesltatingly. | Abrabsm Lin- 
alm what we have hero detailed, from his dratRMof a martyr ory that jeonaies seam ibe dest 
‘ight of Booth to his flnal disappearance, in-gasecond time, on tho 4th of last March, pledged 
forming the superintendent who the murderfey2's fealty. Unawerying io the path which his 
jvas. Mc. Ferguson then proceeded to Mr. Pop ouecience told bim was the right one—singu- 

sous house, where th Prosideus Loe, aaah amy, Howest ana faithful to the fortunes and 

Blaniiy of that country of which he had 
reqaceted admittance, to make known to the/4time become the isworn nd highest ceryaat = 

fgjve hos perished a truo martyr to our unity. 
che sssessin, ond repeat his testimony. Hegd The New York Tribune cays: 
ajvas edmitted, and stated these facts then told 1a the sudden chock of a calamity so appal- 
ing we can do little clac than give such details 
lof the murder of the President es have reached 
jas. Snodden death {is always overwhelming; 
3 assassination of the hnmblest of men is always 
(rightfally startling; when the head of thirty 
millions of people is hurried into eternity by 
the band of a murderer—that head s man 
30 good, 60 Wise, 60 noblo as Abraham 

The Philadelphia Press says; 

The hour of victory is oleo the hour of 
]aational sorrow. And this national sorrow is 
80 mingled With o great Wrath thet we are on- 
gvle to say which feeling predominaus os we 
tske the pen in our hand to toll our fellow 
eizana the heavy blow which has fallen on the 

Woat can we say? 

Theat Mrs. Lincoln must euffera deep and 
il excrociating angnish under this fesrfal blow, 
Ese know; but what is that anguish to the 
Biterrible sorrow and wrath that the national 
Bqueert must feel for him who fell a martyr for 



‘riend who formerly reaided in South Boston. 

His last appearance on the stsge im this city 
wosat the Howard Atheneum, about a year, 
ince, A$ that time he was vehement and bit} 

serious consequences might have roaulted. 

The police and military authorities ere meking 
every effort to pregervo the pesce. All the aye- 
laues end roads around the city are strongly 
gusrded, and vigorous scarch 13 going on, ip 
the hope of possibly capturing one or bpth of kil 
Khe assassins, who may haye fled in this dl. 



dmiaistration, and co violent in his expreesione| 
f joy over every Union defeat, that ho was /re- 

A SEASON CF REJOICING TURNED INTORa quently cautioned, and, at last avoided, by his 

porother actors, 
MOURNING, When ke left the clty heexpreesed his undy-| 

ing hetred of the North ond the Union, and 
brew out some vague hints of vengoance,| 
‘hich were not regarded at the time as mean- 


The citizens of Kentucky in Washingtoniy 
vesembled at Willard’s Hotel, April 16, 1805,5% 
snd organized by appointing the Hon. Green[t 
Clay Smith, M. C., president, and James Mil 
ler, Esq., secretary. 

On motion, it was voted to appoint a com 
mittee of five on resolutions. 

The Rey. Dr. Robert Mchfardy, Colonel A. 
@. Markland, Colonel C. D. Pennebsker, Cap 

‘Comments of the Newspapers on thef 
Bad Event. 

We purposely, refrain from drawing thosel 
conclnsions which a synthetical analysis of 
jj Mr. Ferguson’s statements, and Miss Harrie”, 
observations, might induce in the public min 
and this because we do not consider it within] 
var province to forestall judicial action. 

* Cordial Support Everywhere Tendercagy 
to President Johnson. 

appointed said committee. 


Pougwsssparr, N. Y., April 15.—An intenac be 

excitement prevails here in relation to thef¥iive expresefon to their centiments over thie 

Boston, April 15.—Edwin Bootb, brother of 

he assacsin of the President, has been playing, 

jan engagement st the Boston Theatre for the} 
ast thré ces, ond was to have teken hie Kh 

a P, ae n Teal ff) ‘The Rev. Dr. McMardy, chairman of theny Ber earenr on mmpalatrata of sunatlon 

; Hae was stopping with a friend in the city,fqcommittee, reported tho following resolutions, fi A Reward for the Capture yj—the sorrow and the shock are too great for 

NEW YORK. i vhen the terrible intelligence wes conveyed toe4 Which were unanimously adopted: 3 of the erositent wo ortho Assassinel any words hb rie Fee cea altirnis broad, 

New Yons, April 15—9 A. M.—Intenze cor Boim. Ho was thrown into the greatest ailie fY Resolwd, That, in common with tho whole} = = - State filwoll to their race, that il soe ho eee 

+ row Is depleted on all countensnces atthehorrl Mion, It 1s not likely that be will ever eppearpyjoustty; Wo deplore the calamity whieh basta ‘ s profound grief at the event it hes brought upom 

ble events that occurred in Washiogton city las'f}apon tho stexe again. land judicious head. As Wentuckians we fecip 12° following statement, entirely rellable, lek Every cffort that ingenuity, exclied by fervor,zy1e. For once all party rencor will be forgotten, 

night. The grief of all good men js apparentl! ‘The performance sanounced for to-dsy willfdeeply the loss to our citizens of one who,pyrom Mr. Jas, P. Ferguson. As this statemen PS ORB er eC CRALTEN 10 Droberey Cineolaee dete ee, econ ener 

everywhere at the demise of the President Foot tale place, and the manager bas announced#420Tn On their soil, acquainted with thelr peo-fals the most important yet made in relation tops *tborities to capture or trace tho cecassina ote cataraitys Sateen eta ls Pee Hoy 

No flees were holeted thie morning until the plssasymbathizingnwithe thaernbarrasrtaanie he murder of the late President, and aisrareyta Mt Lincoln and Mr. Seward. The Commonfimenta, no thougbt of the future. God, in his 

condition of the President was saccrtaincd, munivy, ileninesta fitted to tempor coverltypuj™™sterially from all theories heretofore proffered, {e/Councll of the clty have offered a reward of inscrutable Providence, hss thus visited (he 
hen (hey were a)l placed at half mast. é ks i with mercy; and while administering the Layefalt will be read with great interest. twenty thousand dollars for the arrest and con pein the future we ninst leave to Him. 

The people appzar perfectly horrified and thelg INDIANA. Eo ‘a3 to secare their eupromacy, yet could wit Eech part of Mr. Ferguson’s statement lefag viction of the assagsins. To this sum snother; The Herald and Times make no com. 
utmost rage la undoubdiedly felt toward allfiy(Spectal despateh to the Sunday Chroricle. } fs iislerting: asta tad and Palen s eer we corroborated, he tella ua, by Miss Harris, weft ten thousand is edded by Colonel L. C,feiments. Those of the World will be found 
imown eecessionists and rebel sympathizers. PRDUNAT ORS ARHLLS squat} lls morningy dispensation 3a that of Teentacky. Near "Eas in the box with the President at the time,jg]8°Ker, agent of the War Deperimont, in another column, 

New Youx, April 15.—All the banke of theip{‘be following request to the citizans of Indl. Resolved, That wa heatillp condole srinffand it therefore assumes a serious and impor. }j be whole reward thirty thousand dollars. aEretitOR GE Gasus ah, 

| ely are closed, and no convmercial busincesfg*24Polls was iesued by Goveraor Morton : Mrs. Lincoln, and her honsobold, infdinut character, 03 It establishes the proof of apdibis snnouncement are edied the following’ i Cae ee te a EE ORs 
avhatever will be transacted. ke] Stare oF InpraNa, Executive Darantwenn, piskunlietlon endl Fries i oselng tence eAzeries of preparations by the murderer to cecuree It is highly gratifying to note in this 

An immense meeting of merchants and citi-}H * INDIANAPOLIS, April 15, 1865. is (like him n natlye of Kentucky) of our sympa. bimself from interference, while in the box, byt hour of national sorrow and bereavement, 
\zens is being held in Wall street, presided overt To the citizens of Indiana Eqchy, and that of every loyal Kentuckian, Websspy Persone in ths dress circle, and also, ends Assassinated tho President on thelgthe healthy and patriotic sentiment which 
by Mr. Simeon Draper. P4 ‘The mournful Intelligence hss been re fitprsy that she may be endued with patience inpiimore cerlous still, calls up the avfal cuspiclonf Pventns OG ARTIS) A800: Fapervades all classes, as is indicated by the 

: Bpocches were made by Mecers, Baller, Dick-Raceived that the President, Abraham Lincoln,gner distress, snd with rorignation to Gcd’ei.nat he probably had confederates having arp elght, 5 fect § inches; weleht, 100 ponnds ; remarks of the Opposition newspapers 
} es ani , , ; 5 Hecompact build ; hair, jet black, inclined to cur), a ats . 

%_— ingon, and others. ied (his morning, from s wound lnllicted bybanis goodness, aud feellng that, es he gave his! pe ebey, access {o the theatre ss he had, and that nediam Iengtk Poe rceee jagupon the assassination of the President. 
‘Tha crowd thera is immense, dhe bonds of an assassin last night. A grea Wfmind and heart to bis country, co olzo ehall hletpart of his properatlons were made In tho day- fammeciom Mnsib pariea Deblad ; e5¢8, Bisek, angen 45 se not excelled by the Administra. 
Appropriate resolutions were submitted tcfgjond good man bas falion, and the country hachg/ery fe be given up, if thereby Mberty andltime. Felon lide angers when naling, tac eene ne gedtion journals in the expression of indigua- 

| he meeting, and were adopted, and a commit Balost its beloved and patriotic Chief Magistrat flssnded dove tovpnerits his Mamaleleeiiene Mr, James p.Kerguson B83 (AI theatres ward ; ak an BNE Ba eos. = ace Rates norton rand sorrow at the diabolical 
| 4ee of thirteen ominent merchants appointed tcf'n the hour of her greatest need. I therefor fin tho patriotic mertyrology of our couniry. | Fith alady on Friday night for the express pur By fem mais ¥ deed. F 
goto Washington to attend the funeral of thc@qrequest tho citizens of Indisnapolis, in testi By Mesolved, That Colonel Markloxd, Captatnfiloose of seeing Genersl Gront, who was an SRN ea eS Tis Gonetitidtional” Uvieie oF this’ ol 
EAD hprentaent Martin, Colonel Stewart, B, F. Pamphrey, Esq..$aounced to be preseut. dir. Ferguson eaw thi f| S rat t FE Ms SNES Ds ki d Baoky OE Wile Sltyy 
and William L. Vance, Esq., be, and hereby steep csidentinl party enter the box, but of couree(il Or etary OTS Dees Ds in an extra yesterday, thus opens a forcible 
appointed, acommittes of arrangements with 2 fs} Helght 6 foet 1 incb; hair black, thick, falls4qcenunciation of the crime: 
reference to the participation of the Ken-fadid notsee the Lientensnt General. He, how fa..4 straight; no besrd, nor appearance of, x ~ 
Eltucklans in the funeral obsequies of the Jatepevor, continued to watch the box, thinking theBilseard; cheeks red on the Jawa; face moderately A cae R Ne pe Cee mae 


national disaster. Hivreat national calamity. fjPresident. general might intend to slip quietly in, in orderg4rqyy. 99 or 23 . ; 
S| « #3 Iesolued, That Hon. G. C, Smith, M. C., thebs isafull; 220r 23 years of age; eyes, color not, DBATI. 
Awomen ‘named Frisbee exalted in public Tephontor, Honorable the Attorney General of the Uniteday'© ®vold the demonstrations that would attend Bl caown—large esee, not prominent; brows not’ An ayfal calomity has befallen the nation. 

J, over tho ascassination, when the house or Mair 
Btreet, in which she resided, was immediately 
surrounded by seyerol hundred infuriated peo. BY 
1 ple, who demanded her immediate arrest. Alsgwere adopted expressing the deepest eorro 
goung man nomed Denton interfered with thf ver the death of President Lincoln. 
mob, when he was immediately throttled ancB The following resolution, offered by Gover 

with the woman handed oyer to the authorities Ba9or Morton, was unanimously adopted: 

“Governor of Indiena.” Biststes, James Speed, and George H. Ellery,t 
The meeting was sttended by more taan afRyE:d., be and hereby ere sppointed acommitteels 
to present tho proceedings of (his meeting toiling ploy wasreached, Mr. Ferguson saw (en 
El i resolved,. Thet the newepapers of the elites off} econnized) Jobn Wilkes Booth makivg bi 
Wesbington and Cincinnati, and of the Statekway slong tbo dress circle to the President’ 
lof Kentucky, be, and hereby ore requested tofdbox. Of this box Mr. Fergueon had an excel 
publish the proceedings of this meeting. lent view, being ecated in the dress circle just 
who lodged them In jsi!. This being accom |] Mesolued, That confiding to the fullest extentha The commiltes of arrangements belong noll-A on pyosite to it, next to the private boxes on th 
| plished the populace quietly dispersed. Theat the sbility, patilotiem, and futegrity of An-giiied of a meeting at the room of Colonel C. D-Aoiner side of the circle, This seat he had purs 

Sity isdraped in mourning,end the gloom iiktm Johuson, upon whom the Presidential) cennebaker, Colonization Building, corner offMooscls chosen _f¥ afford his companion a good 

Hlacavy, but dark; facc not largo, but rataersj27 ue hend of a traitorous asssssin our Clef 

e agletrate R e 
f¥round; complexion healthy; nose straight endeiy Sa rae Bnd Rec ae eee 
ai well formed, medium cize; mouth smal); lipeZznlty. Words ore entirely inadequate to ex- 

hin; upper lip protruded when he talked; chingapress sufliclently cevere our abborrence aad de- 
Fpotatea and prominent; head medium alzo; siteetation of this most inhuman act. ‘The head 

jwhich conceived, the heart which prompted, 
jack ebort, aud of medium length; hands softS4ihe hand which executed this most deeraeals 

Figand small; flogera tapering ; shows no signs ofpejand infamove atrocity, with all who are in 
bord labor; broed shoulders; taper waist ;3 lesgue, if eny sach there be, with the brutal 

fe . parricldo, deserve and will récelye, the execra- 
fitrelght figure; strong-looking man; manners iion of mankind throughout tbe civilized world. 
Foot gentlemanly, bat yalgar; overcost double =jWe confess our inability to indite patiently our 



flce now devolves, we, with all the loyal meni 3 
fs p i piFourend-abalf street and  Penneylysnielidjew of she Lieutenant Generel, and, for theft 

pf the country, will rally around him and givey| 

dais adminiatention of the Government theesmefs| veaue, Monday, April. 17b, 1895, the meetingbloosons already statod, was nerromly watehing hy ents Color mixed of an aay epote fbesrifelt and pe el 
' Tror, N. ¥., April 15.—The clty is draped infc0rdial and generous support which was ac Bi the ontrance to It. msll—wes 8 s2cK overcost, pockets In side” p9 president of tho United States, the fether 

orded to that of his lamented predecessor. 
A telegraphic deapatch from San Francis:o,. 
Flags are all at halfmust, end every foc oocived at midnight, says that the exeltemen faSsturday, for expreesion of thelr sorrow In 
wears 8 look of corrow and Bloom: Ii ere, on the reception of tha news of the 
Amidat the general Janentations this morn % lauarder of the President, was Intense. The 
ing, 8 mon nemed D. L. Hant, of Rochester fe 
made the remark that “Mr. Lincoln ought tof 
Save been sesassinated four yenrs ego.’ A 



mourning. The stores ero closed, and nesrly 
byery building on River stress is dreped witb) 
uhe sombre evidence of sorrow. 

jend one on the breast, with lappels or feps;2of tho people, the oficial heed in and around 
tipauts black, comraon stuff; new heavy boots FKimbose person centred all our affections, all our 

Mr. Ferguson watched for his appearance in Ea 
Flvoice emall and thin, Inclined to tenor. reepest, all our yencralion, snd all our hopes, 
has In a moment been stricken to the earth, o 

Ata meeting of seventy citizens of Iows, inthe box, desiring to eee whoin thot perty thet 
Scold, senseless, inanimate corpse, What pun- 

he public parlor of the Nationsl Totel, onlélsctor could be on such intimate terms with, arte SAO. 
Ey pre CONSENTS RORZBALTIMORE, poaes Is too eevere to be visited upon the 

Ey Whether Booth ehut the door of the little cor 

ciview of the death of the Chief Magtstrata off 

Beko feel warranted in taking such a liberty. 
pyOne of the Last Oficial Acts of the EnteZpsse man, who for any purpose, or ln view of 
President, Egany object, but with wicked, devilish, malicious 

BattimoRs, April 16.—Precident Lincolo,jdesign, without the awful fear of God’s ven- 
pis or the terribly-sarned scorn of mankind, 

served of the door, and for reasons hereaftoiggion Friday evening, directed commissions to by; 
Wrutesces lo" tae: tolonine piace In Bae Meee ee 

more city: «4 The New York World refers to the as- 


Fito be stated, believes he did shut it. The shor 
Nf tg ona eathered around Bete Moneen sad eu, In this hour of national grief, while theft yasthe next thing Mr. F. remembers. He eaafig N 

mary vengeance was feared; but sn officer in Hi. ne, Fycountry mourns the loss of her honored endkng smoke, then perceived Booth standing up fa] Collector of the port of Baltimore, Hon.fisassination of the President and Mr, Sew- 

terfered and Hont was arrested and lodged ink} > ‘aloved Chief Magistrate, it becomes us, cllizenciq a fs E jn the tollewi ‘oli | 

Wi o ged ink PHILADELPHIA, of the State of Lowa, to express our eorrow sifatight with both hands raised, but st that mo RAEdwin H. Webster, of Harford county, sndpyerd in the following patriotic strain: 
a E} Ppurapatpnra, April 15.—General Grant ar-fiikis oad and irreparable calnmity: Therefore ment, sow no weapon or anything else in elther.fgjmember of Copgrees ; Naval Ofileer, Samucli Bat yesterday the nation was at the helght 
B Recommendation tant the EedelHidved in the clty late last night, on bis way tog] esolved, That os a just tribute to the mem ip soth then sprang to the front of the box, laldfaM. Evans, of Baltimore city; Postmaster, Qq0f joyful exuitetion over the decisive victories 
iy ¥ (OMdoy of Abraham Lincola, and asa fitting ex. a PS ee which seemed to promiee peace and a restored 

Leaders bo Held (o a Jast Acconn?. /Agariington, but was intercepted on his Wy toMorecsion of the eense of thia meeting, the fol-peiai3 left haud_on the railing in front, wasks General Andrew E. Dentzop, of Baltimore zion to a long-euflering people. 

New York, April 15,—Seyeral imprompteH watnut stroct wharf by a despatch from thet lowing proclamation of His Excellency thes{:hecked an Idetent evidently, by his coat ormdelty ; Surveyor of the Port, Edington Fulton, | To.dey every loyal heart must suffer the ter- 
street mectings have been held to-day, whichFAomce of the Associated Prose, ond it is cup se{Governor of Iowa, mecting with our uoquall-{fypante cbelng caught in something, or heldy4ot Baltimore city ; Navsl Agent, Dr. Thomasy iba shock ond aiell: with ovorburdening 
avere addressed by promincnt gentlemen, theploosed he returned to Wathington immediately. pyued endorsement and approval, bo embodied inFlnack by somebody. (It was by Bia). Rath Faking Carroll, of! Dorchester ‘county; Caltea geet ob ot theicelsmalty,peniel hes Been pécmalttes, = 
mnanimous expression boing to hold the rebel! parrapnupnra, April 15.—The most intensegf eee? Teertatlons : ivarn.) Estates Marehal, James M, Clayton; Unitedg4\ranistrate.” s 
serve tren, expressing veepect for Jel! Davia aero cuClsd by the lamentable fat of thelr, ras Pople af Joma? Pf Str Ferguson and Booth had met in thease aa eae bet ls Proudelin the eecehlne of gescrasy, aed bene tne 

Wi > ‘aleresident. The city was decorated with flagesy ‘ Ea 4 el abs 3A » Robert M. A : 
were driven out of a newspaper counting roompgy if BFF The Vederal clty ts sbrouded jn mourning. Infgjoon end conversed, and were well acquein te Euof Baltimore city; ones supremacy of the Government, 


and etreamore, and every house gaye evidenced{the midet of joy and triamph the nation is sud 44 with each other, so that the former Immediately £4 Anderson, of Wash-Fye any must hang euspended at half-mast, for 
snd hunted by a crowd. They sought calety 1nA4,¢ propsrations for the Iiumination fixed tor denly called to deplore the loss of its greatest ecoynized him, Booth stopped two steps frompgl¥Bton county, end Thomas Smith, of Freder-¥its chosen cbiet lies low im deaih. 4 

Aight. onday ovening, Pdiek county. The splendor of our triumph is robbed of 

Zhe Plot said to have been Known inf The public joy has given placo to mourning,! loft hond, leaned egainst the srall bobind him g4 THe selection of the above-named officers lagghalt ela pide EPA petlekene Hed 

— fe Ne ee im Feland there is a deep feeling of rage, and excite Abraham ucoln, President ot pe Ualtedtatn this altitude he remained for half 2 minute ie fe have been ono of the last official acts of tient Sedgwick fol; more than if an’ army 

ew Yous, April 15.—The Commercial e858: men are gathered in small knots. atts, an honest map, an excellent patriot, theFy non, adds Mr. Ferguson, he stopped down onepils lle. bad perished in the shock of battle. For it is 

aWe have ascertained from a source perfectly4 Purapznrura, April 15.—The State Houses tied of the poor and the oppressed, the def | ‘pat bla hind a the door 2 thewtile cor the commander-in-chief of our armies and na- 

cdiable, that duri ti terds: Blliverer of his country, has been gathered to agasleP, = 2 vies who has fallen; and he has fallen, not by 

| “wellable, that daring a conversation yesterdey, bell hes been tolling all the morning. Imeriye's grave. fedcidor leading to the box, bent bis knee againsitgy Bling antovalt cetiraa. of discede.cuior. Inthe ace 

7 amopg members of o Spanish firm in this cily.f3] Tho sombre hue of mourving dresses all thejg4 That the people of Iowa who admired snd¥@r, the door oponed, and Booth eatercd, and wae cepted peril of war, but by the foul stroke of 

tit was stated that on to-day the greatest neve; legraph end nowspoper offices. loved the fallen pstriot, and co nobly sustained lor the time hidden from Mr. Ferguaon’s eight. nor and Authorities of Nova Scotia— me'unknown assassin. 

a d yet be de Sapa Dlockade-Runnors Rejoicing. Oor history hes no parallel to this. Sach 
would be received that hed yet been madesa Most of the stores ere closed, and tokens of A post in front obstracted ths view of Mr. d % 
~ _ Amown to the public. Re eeiceeresentversels grief as ours to-day is new to this nation’s 

The fact of the statement was communicated He] The citizens have generally bowed the shut 
! vto General Peck, this morning, by the clerk offers of dwellings, and all is woe. 

. Stricken down in the folnese of lifes 

land when strongest In the hearts of the people 4 

fe ee ae 



he holy Ca ne represented 28y, ppproprl 

‘ately testify thelr sorrow over this national ca if B= 

smity, I invite them to scsemble in thelr re-g¥erguson, batB2oth soo changed bis position fey, HALES Apri TS Ubon the apnonncomentRhesrt. Other Presidents hevo died while hold~ 

pective places of worship on Thursday, thelland agsin wes clearly een by Mr. F. He now?! President Lincola’s death, the Parllameat off4o5 ihe same high place—Harricon and Taylor; 

Tch day of April, at 10 o'dock A. M., for hu. Sinige in bis right hand, whieh ho als jgout both died in the ordinary couree of nature, 
OT TR cL tend the nation’s grief thon had no such pang 

Es fAmiliation and prayer to Almighty God. Aud Ihq" House, the Citadel, and the Ameri-| 
| the establishment, Hej Every countenance is end, and heartsthat butHreqaest that travel within the State, and allffisid upon the ralling, as he clrendy bad bi: eovernmen ons, the Cltadeli.and the err Bin i as tbls which is uoW given by tho shot of 
) Ono. qreslerday, vest with joy are now gloomy on ember seeulat, employment be totally euspendechet, and veulted ont. As his legs passed bem placed at haltmuat { by . eal ot ae 

. ‘despondent loa that doy, ani at all publicoflices rapedmy,. ra : L a 8 cry, ie murderer, as he leaped from 

A de Eee Eee care rt business is suspended. Tho Cora Ex-6g'0 mourning for the period of thirty days. Beiiuycen the folds of the fage, decorating the box eI Deep sympathy prevails among the friends of¥4-he President's box end ran scross the etege, 

i ee tae gunlae. Beates, bro We Rnanee Lees pautel hedsoleiguNet Tren eran W. M, Brose, Governor. fiftis spur, which he wore on the right heel,fe cP Ot ste semper fyrannis?® belreye no.madmenra 

(Crxcrnatt, April 15.—Junius Brutus, bro- 7 EY Resolved, That while a nation mourne thepgceuedt the drapery, and brought It down, tear eae Colonel Lamb was gallysycen22- The plot incinded the murder of Secro- 

}___ her of John Wilkes Booth, was eunounced topuordercd that the flag snd the hall be draped Im sr ith chief Executive, Cheoppreceed thelypqing 8 elrip with it, When he let go the ral Soar Golone! Lembiwas gaily 130, and all the circumstances 

‘appear at Pike's Opers House to-night, but lipmonrning for ninety days. 

als understood was compelled to leave the city}a) Grief Everywhere Prevailing. 
dn great haste. PHILADELPHIA, April 15,.—Despatches frome 
STDS. Wheeling, Nashville, St. Louis, Indisnapolis, 

Brass A OnUEES Calro, Cincinnati, Troy, N. ¥., and all thei 
2ooth said to have Disclosed his Inten- 2 ) Wa Resolved, That we extend to the Hon. Wil 
{ tion of Murdering President Lincoln. Jpriocipal cities and towns ofthe Union, crowosiiam . Seward, Secretory of State, our earnest 
z oon us. They all give the esme sed etate offfsympathies and our hopes that he snd the 
Boston, April 15.—This forenoon a gen 4 mourning. a mombers of his family may epeedily be restored| 
cleman etated In Barton’s esloon, No. 41 Con, o to health and usefalocss. 

sgrees street, that he had been told by J. Wilkee| Resolved, That in the patriotlem, wisdom, 
“Booth, within a few weeks, that be intended) and integrity of his Eecellency Andrew John-| 

) Ey on, who has so euddealy and unexpectedls| 
} to kill President Lincoln. Someof his hearcre) Fseain called ‘to’aduilniater theiaffairaiof the na, 
Emmediately cent word to the police, snd 

tion, we have implicit confidence, and wel ‘ 2 
soficer Curtis Trask, of second station, and pledge bim our earnest and waswerving sup pyit,” and then lost sight of him. Rlapright In his intentions, indisposes me to} 
edetective George R. Curtis, immediately pro: 

y Kt T hadba 

port. Mr. Ferguson visited the theatre yeeterday,@andertake any public ceremony, such a5 a 
I. % = contemplated on my intended visit to the Le 

(ceeded to the ealoon and took the person into, : A motion wes aleo nnanimonsly carried thatfelind, with Miss Harris, the lady who was in the eislatiye Conacil this day. 

custody the citizens of Iowa in Washington wear thegsloox with the President, her father, Judge Olin fi 

His neme is J. H. Borland, and he belongepy 

4 H I beg. therefore, to notify you of the post 
asuel badge of mourning for the period of eixty#aof the Criminal Court, and Judge Cartter,f4ponement of that visit, and perhaps, under the 
uo Pittsburgh, Pa. He is a desler in boots ancpy jays. 
shoes on Market strect in that city, and wasp 

ldeliverer, and the friends of humanity every 
where their advocate, yet his family mourn a 
fousband and a father, ood to them in this hour] 
lof deep affliction we tender our heartfelt eymp: 
feithies and condolence. 

ing, he still clutched the shining knife. Hep 
Mcronched as he fell, falling on one knee, and 
dputting forth both hands to help himself to re-| 
over an erect position, which he did with the; 
rapiiity and essy sgility of an athlete. 
Hayling recovered his equilibriam, Boot! 
strode across the stsge to the first entrance 5 April 15, 1805. 
passing behind the actor on the stage (Harry My Dear Sm: The very hocking intelli 
awk.) Whenhe reached the other elde offfvence that hes just reached me, of the murderpy 
he stage, just ere he became invisible by pass of President Lincoln, by the hand of an as- 

Ook sassin, and my senee of the loss which the cause, 
ng into tho entrance, he looked ap, and Mnreyoe sor has sustained by the death of tho manta 

‘erguson eays he heard him say, ‘‘I have donek’ nom have always regarded a3 eminentlyby 

which lit the flames of the griat rebellion in- 
spired these hellish deeds; and by co much as 
khese detract from the eplendor of our triumph 
Hin its utter eubjugation, by co much do they 
‘brond with a deeper and more damning {n- 
Pfamy its plotters, its lesders, its ebettors, its 
sympathizers, its character !n impartial history. 
Let every city, town, snd street and lane, and 
lhouze and farm of tbe whole North, become 
to-day but the wards of sn inflaite prizon to 
but in and secure the villains who have done 
hia thing. Let every man be sn officer of the 
law, to earch them ont and bring them to 
summary and condign josticc. The machinery 
of Government hes already been eet in mo- 
tion; but let there be a0 eecspe forthem if that 
should fail. 
ff Into what proportions this calamity will yet 
iidevelope, no human eye can now foresee. Ita 
ee ffect upon the polltical fature of the nation 
will, at least, not be such 83 when as dynasty Ia 
verthrowp. Our laws provide for the succes- 

The Governor had appointed to-day for giv 
log his agsent to dilla pacsed, with the usual} 
ceremonies, but upon recciving the news off 
resident Lincoln’s murder, he sent the follow- 
PMing message to the Council: 

GovBRNMENT House, Harrrax, 


Bartimoze, April 15.—The feeling here aly 
Giho horrible crime which has deprived thea 
country of its revered President, is too deep for 
atterance. Sorrow profound snd rege intense 
pervade all loyal hearts. All kindly feeling t 
ward rebels and rebel sympathizers hos, as {i 
were, been obliterated, and one of intenee fee 
og of detostalion and abhorrence for all con 
ected with the rebellion takes its place. 


Assassination—He Has Always Boong)s! 

Known asa Rebel. x 

Bostoy, April 15.—John Wilkes Booth we 
{n this elty durlg the latter part of last week, 
‘and we belleye a3 Iste as last Monday of thi: 

ia bss frequently visited Boston, haying®? 

ee Sgg....Qg8ggg =m — — 

——__- = 
A SAN FRANOISCO TELEGRAM gives the follow: 

Hon Baltimore street, in regard to obnozious pic-; 

ures displayed by certsln photographers con-Ki > coriong collection of news: “There have 
picuous for thelr disloyalty. babeon liberal subscriptions to the Sanitary Fund, 
The likeness of Marshal Kane, of 10th offgjand heavy earthquakes that did no damage.” 

Peciroumetsrces, men of ell partics may feel| 
SOR Bj. ‘ession of farther public busines ; 
. _(@_ The pazaling hole ia the unused door of thee Peers ei aa 5 Re to such remote degrees bat even nesee-Ina- 
vaere busing goods. We underetsnd that he B  paxorsa to Parle is the, fathlonable, end {s/f ,ox was closely scrutisized by the light of sgemmbecoming the Legisletace to offer, and ontticader and hezd. 
seports the conversation betrreen him end J.pgoells are tolling mournfally. cline new salles open for the exerciee Ie astonish-pgrwndle, aud wes found to possess Indubit fimbish mone could wiscocstioe. | il Andrew Jobngon to-day becomes the Presl- 
Wilkes Booth to have taken place in Pitts SECOND DESPATON. Paine, and there is scarcely a day passesthattherepaable marks of having bd:en whittled with “FA rally yours, PRICEY Guinsert' McDONALD: ycsrtot the Dalle Sere TO psi 
ebUER Batencons, April 15.—The business a ae a ae oe att lemeditated Opus The ball extracted from the head of thegAhe Hon. Edmund Kennedy, President of heirogedy will be malnly euch a3 bls personal 
Borland remains {n custody. Corn and Stock Exchanges is entirely su Rete rea cctoutotta lt Sa ae ie resident Js of mach larger diameter than theq Legislative Council, : S Reeretecrn Dollllenl- optatons: espedielly- on 
q nts of Booth Prior to temgpenced. The streets are thronged, notwith-Faiho left hand by which to parry some of themgbole. The edges of the hole show the markejy Hazrrax, April 15.—Tao cltizons cencrallyfiithe enbject of reconstruction, shell determine, - 
pe OL tanding the rain, with people anzious to learals fs knlfe-blado very clearly. antte in expressions of deep_sympathy for theMay God give him wisdom to discharge wor- 
articulars of the assassinations. Some indig-} When tho shot had been fired, Mias Harrisifaation’s loss. hily the duties o: great office. 
Wérose to her feet to call for water for Mr, Lin-g The flsgs on the pirate poles ia were} en areas 
scoln, and distinctly noticed a bar of woodsjordered down by the naval authorities, : ada, 
placed across the door of the little corridor, one: ——_—_—>—___—_ Re 
fend resting egainst tho wall into which it was#| Panonsp PatsoNens.—Two hundred@there last night on board the eteamship Asia 
tially lot by & Ga, OF rabhe: an indentation, paroled prisopers reached hero yesterday, _ Bion the way {«m Eagiand, 


The Faneral March, 

fadcarers. Mesers. Nicolay and Hay, the secre- 

The grand and besutifnl faneral marcb, por-patories cf Mr. Lincoln, followed. 
formed for the first time by the United Btateré The pall-bearers arranged themeelyes in | 
Marine Band, in the obseqnies of our decensedy circle around the catafaleo. Generals Gran| 
land beloyed Chief Magistrate, wan composed}iyaod Halleck, and the Adairals, the President, 
nd dedicated to the occasion by Brovet Mojorpgjsnd the Cabinet, took positions at the foot o! 

PaGeneral J. G. Barnard. athe cofilo, some ten feet from it—the two secre 



APRIL 22,1865. 

[conrimusp Prom rinsTrace } Elroom, and, the coffin haying been closed, con-f oink SS SS 
by the blood of ite most consplenous defender veyed it from tho eatafalco to tho faneral carpi pa ining Ford’s Theatre) on Tenth street north, 
its wisest and most fondly-trust jend. bal 
is dead; but the God in whom he trusted lives,pqsTeiing It at the main entrance to the man E 
asion. As soon os it was placed upon the car, 

and He can guide and strengthen bis successor, | 
tho gentlemen in the east room passed out In) 

as He guided and strengthened him. He irs 
heir appoin’ed order, fell into thelr sssigned| 

dead; but the memory of his virtues, of bis} 
wise and patriotic counsels and labors, of bis 1.060 and the fanersl cortege passed on in the 

WATOHES. rate 
Fine Sliver Ware, Elozant ; 
1d Ouatelaine UEaiae; Patent Hinge on Oot” 
Band Bracelets Unidas Sets of Lndlos’ 
Jowelry, Lookots, Quarme, Heavy Seal 

Riogs, Brotza St 
Brocchos, Diamonds, Rubles 

tre, Adjoining bis reeidencs on F street, esst-| 
ward, is a vacant lot, fenced ia (whlch we wil! 

lesiguate ss A), which runs back (0 a Jine with 
the northern boundary of the yacsnt area di. 
rectly In the rear of the theatre, the eastern 

calm and steady faith in God, lives, is precions,§ il 
and will be a power for good inthe couutrs broad sunlight to Ponneylyania ayenue. Fl Parolea Officers. aries siending on the left side in front of thePg/ence of which rans. little beyond the western] ®21 Opals 
cite commbsoy the Pe ont JPA Ar threo o'clock tue crowd was es deneelyfel Some four hundred aud Aity plroled officers, fA al bearer A few prominent gentlemoen.gqall of the green-room of the theatre. 2) Be 
patiently, faithfnlly represented and defended—Syjpacked ae possible, throughon’ the entiretof every grede and arm of the eervice, arrived yimon& Whom were the Hon. Simon Camof Considerably ezst of the residence of Mri Sowlog Macbine2, &e., valued at 
not for himeelf only, not for us only, bu: forbq epgth of the procession, from tho Presidentialrom Camp Parole, Annspolis, carly yesterday aro, Generals Hanter and Melgs, also enteredgsSarch, a paved alley opens upon F street, arch ONE MILLION OF DOLLAR 
all people In ell thelr coming generations, tl FAMfansion to the Capitol, a distance of smile piimorniog. They were under the command of ihe rotunda and approached the coffin, afterpgrans back In the suape of an L, which leads toss Witibeiacia’by the == > 
toe Seats Ta ra ra Every roof, window, doorway, balcony, and a igadier General Chamberlin, and having mela arte the services were proceeded with by Dr. py'be vacsnt ares in the rear of tha fenced lot#y NEW YORK b 
Peetiching prospects. aches, chestingly to F4zteP, 88 Well as the pevemonta and the portiongdin front of the Executive Mansion at noon, ated» 28 follows: fj‘ronting on F street, and also of Mr. Burch SJizWELERS’ MANUFAUTORING AS 
day athait the gloom occasioned by Blefiof the atroct between tue earbs, upon whlebf# joined in the faseral procession. Burial Service, residence, In said vacant area, on the night TION, AT POY 
SMonves ie telling’us chet, though the friende Panne areata eee ee PeeTeateSy Afanicipal and Othor Visitors. jolt ts appotated unto men oneo to dle. | Teh paths marily a seit Lincoln, witbla a! ONE DOLLAR EACH aRELE, 
Of liberty die, liberry itself fe Immortal. ‘Theref ‘cinging, was overwhelming. ¥ _ aM etarns to the earth as it was, and thi feat of the door of the green room of theB# (Without colectfon, and no ar! a for 
y die, liberty Ei cromdea, ‘The epcetecle was. prand beyonteg 2 Joint committee of the Aldermen and ComWepirit to God who gave. All desi leas graes,f8|heatre, stood Booth’s horse. Bs teas pecteouly cauistacterss ne {°F OD 

A person standing clyso by tho wall of thea 

iaggen rcom would not be readily observed ®\or sien end Vai. 
rom. cither of tho houses on F strect oF Tenth 84 39) qeo Gola Ons 4 § 
strvet north of the ‘Theatre, 100 five Gold Watches ve eee cock 

mon Connell of New York arrived in Wasbfand all the glory of man as the flower of grass ;hq 
ks (be grass withereth, and the flower thereolts 
Hoeople, as thef ed, we i inc 3 | 
Pijocople, as thefunerel cortege passed, woremosikilseaion House, They were received by a com.,ejlen amar. We know that we must die anal 

SS 3 
i % ed peop! Be ayo ivi ae 2 
pa iouching. ;. The colored people farmed: & sma a ofthe Coniuidn Council of Abe Dicilee BAetee ere pe pointed for tall ving Soy 

ig no assassin Btrong enough end no weapons) 
Rudoscripiion, and the demonstrations of: the 

deadly enough to quench Ita inextinguishableks 
life, or arrest its onward march to the conquest 
and empire of tho world. This is our confi 
deace, and this is our consolation ,a8 we weep 

‘ington yesterday morning, and stopped at the 

Bad mourn to-day. ‘Though oar beloved Preel:[@lportion of the crowd, aud thelrtearfal eyes andi] s ifthetis our life? [t isevon a vaper that ap bi 
Gout ia slain, ous polovedieculttryils dayedhL ATOMA ee owfal conn(cnencea;caapihoy hoarse het atte oe eee eee an ELE area OO eee eases venue On F street, on account of the dec 
so we sing of mercy ea well a8 of judgments ontaincd tho remains of tholc friend and | Council of Washington. Alderman Brico wasgq°W6s- Therefore be ye slso ready, for in such}e a ROSCA ACE SECTS 
Tears of gratitude mingle with those of sorrow.HH pareedlonls.erpres at ne on at as thoirman of the committee, and/Owea Cave Beane think dot the Son of Man cometh oe ee the passenger railway, there ist 
While there is darkneas there {s also the dawn. 44°3" eeed, ‘e8e 3 moarniog off 4 . e R aaa board fence, erected by the col tT 4 
Meee eer raeet ages upon ous atsiekenfijhe ration ovor ths death of. its best defender sions Secretary. | The badge worn by the com” Lord, so teach us to number our days. thatlAlslong tho edge of the iiaseall] to SARA RE 
and weary land. God be praised that our fallen}, Cara aee pjmitice wes handsomely draped, the device be fwe may apply our hearts woto wisdom. Weanlsl. 9. valk alls FO Prevent DENN Falcon Pateat inc Peco 
Pt tale ett oara MOT ESA nec cession. (ng tho coat of arms of tho clty, haying on fe|"8 fom this transitory world. ‘Turn away ow fpons from walkingoif. Daring the afternoons 3!o00 Unique Rugg Hraaelata,,0a0r 
Las y, is Vy iB en Fe ; = = i Islas Cnoirs, wih 

mad the’ daysla of joy ad puaco arise npoaf] The processon, a6 it aft the Prosideniak graved (hereon the respective names of the cape tom beholdingsvantiy ecLilt np. onr alee Bey aaa fenterae ike nen OROTSEH Gono maha t em ae OO Sera 

g Is i ‘ che x ch ace above, wherefii(rom this fe rf bois 0, F earl, and Opal Brocohes, 
the nation. He saw i end he was gad, Alnsie@ ans, wae formed ond marched 1a the fol {members of tho body. ‘Tho badge was aboaif Christ seth onthe right hand of God. Ther routing ou i atrect non oe see raceme lorEa| Sore Euter21), Peart ‘sad Opal Ear Dogs 10 to 60 
hadaitane fuibaro rand glorioasdandia wecay ae E4iwo inches In clreumference, and remarkabiyfym@Ay Our treasure be, and there may our hearieHa ag £ reef, and” Bt! 10 O°cLGti top eteoo Full Soke a ase eee aaa aO tats 
pinion people are. reldeing ia ite Tighe ppgrenth Veteran Reserve Corps, with regimeutaljYaext and appropriate In its appesranes. Tachter pho, Wash us in the bleed of Christ adgers at 93( F street, observed o horee stand-g4  t0 Silver Dinner Sets § to 20 
will shine upon his grave. But that grave willg band. Flambers. ofthis conipanyscouetivete’ alcael eloyne us An the rightcouenesa of Christ; renewpaing tied in front of enid lot, Im tho atrect, op-S4 . .78 Silver Tes Sets 100 10169 

p ae : 4 Biivor Tap Seth, 
he a precious and a couscerated spot. The Ninth Veteran Reserve Corps, Colonel Gile, Plooking body of men ‘ inthe paths of platy for} eueMienee cane Ke ae Mee (el LTR Siiret pruierae: 
e. ‘erty and o! fnion will repairfs: a Pe 3 = 5 Fathe corporation fence. a 4 2'C00 Sliver Butter area 

to it in years and ages to come, Paucovoumtentie a ppb ikea mich Lalla na 4 The Philadelphia City Counclls, the Com fl2rd, O gontly lead ue through all the dutieasz oan, Te is near ed yarn bet i 1,080 Silver lee Pitghers 2) 

0 2 Battalion of Marine Corps, and band. a =. Zand changes, and triels of our earthly pilgrim: S_5.(0) Sitvor ¢ *, \¢ 
memory of i's occupant blessed, nnd, gathering ky Pay mittee of the Union League Club of New Yorluaoe; dispose ua to pass the time anon hate Shortly before the shooting of President Lin: 000 Gold Pens, Sil meee 

200 adios’ Gola Ensmeiied B jouw Wetoh 

ewriie’ Layers), 
i Ver Hunting 
ent Lever Watoles. . 
#3 3,000 Rich Veet Ukalos, Drop 
fe) 8.000 Heavy Gaard and’ Neos Uno! 

600 Soll 


from his very ashes, and from the rehearsal off Tsvo Batteries &4th United States Artillery. fAcit f Trig 7 Silsonst 
his deeds and virtues, fresh incentives to p. 46ch Now York Cavalry, Colonel Feat chy, ad tie commlttes of Merchants and cif jing hero in fear, denying ungodlinees aucfacola by Booth, the family at the residence ofS moi) wen ti peavark oom Disio a0. 
iriotism, they will there renew their yows o} Gran terterert i zer. }¥ zeus of Now York, appeared iu the funeral pro qwordly lusis, and living soberly, righteously. fay fr. Burch heard shrill whietling in the rear offiy 009 Largo stz» Magis spneee #4 ,(o.88 
Hdelity to thelr country and thelr God. D mois Cayalry, Colonel Clendenin. ‘ceesion. ond godly in this present world; and when athe 6 theatre TVitievoe Anar BH 90 Elztcclace Serine Winco 10 to 20 
‘And now I Know not thet {can more appro-k4 18th New York Mounted Band. A The New York Chamber of Commerce, hended. 92 288t Our turn shell come to die, may wo be s several mes, bad MANY On WHIGUORS Ey reves 1 40 toes 
priately conclude this discouree, which is but ak Genoral Ketchum, and Steff. oy Shencoe Daanor, Wat, called wren Prechdeiiaestnered to our fathers having the testimonsgqsounding muedlonder than those preceding It./@ saltatee: Stang Der eter, Foekh, Tloua Sits of 
sincere and simple utterance of the heart, thanfs General Slough, and Staff. EBs Draper, Mads» caved npon. Tcealicn eh a good conscience; in the commanion of thefy ‘To a few ecconds efter they heard considerable Large Seal, Signet, ‘Ouse an suds, Rigen’ 

by addressing to our departed President, witht) ,, “ nena Bie Johnson. The Presldent was appropriately, “Christian church; in the confidence of a certaingjaoise at the front fence of tho lot adjoining thet cy ome rane extenElwe stock of fine Watches 
come slight modification, tha Iavguage whichpy Commander of Escort and Steff, mounted. lnddreeced by Mr. Draper, and reeponded In acat@lth; In the comfort of a reasonable re)iziousid] roa Jewelry, Silver Waro, &9.. ure olfered by the 
{ Navy Oflicere, on foot. & gand holy hope; in favor with thee|our God; anofg itheut rscepiloo, at aCe Astestation, 

‘Tacitus, in his lifeof Agricola, addreases to hiss} 
vencrable snd departed fsther in-law: ‘* Witbh4 
you we may now congratulate; youare blecsed, py 
not only because your life was a career Of Fy 
glory, bat because you were released, when, 
your ‘country safe, it was happincss to die. (i 
We have lost s parent, and, in our distress, 1v 
is now en addition to our heartfelt sorrow that’ 
we hed it not in our power to commuse with 
you on the bed of languishing, ond receive 
your Isst embrace. Your dying words would, 
have been ever dear tous; your commards wey 
should have treasnred up, snd graved them ons 
ous HaAKtee pale aa conifort we have lost, aude). 
ie woun ‘ov that reagon pierces deoper4sSix Carriages, singie file,containing t] Rela- 
rola the world oF epliite behold your discon 3 Wee x ye 
‘ 4 aa es of Deceased. 
solate family aud people; exait our minds fromig,. 
fond regret sud unavailing grief to the con-& The Delegations of the States of Illinois and} 
templation of your virtues. Those we must not; Kentucky, 68 mourners. 

fnonso, and a jamp and arun acroes the pave ‘ New York Jewelers’ 

very patriotic and Impreaelve manner. Thy stint ane’ nah im favor Math thes one Gees ANcBment ia front of the lot, and Immediately after 
Army Officers, on foot. is 4 fe i] ONE DOLLAR 
0 AGH. 

Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons, on foo’. u 
Cavalry and Iafaniry Officers, mounted. 

‘sleo joined in the procession. Srp ithsane ean Chriet, our Blessed Lord anda ee sound of horzes? hoofs on the bed of the 
When the procession started, minute guosaRedeemer. Amen. cnilroad traclpns of spereon riding very rapidly’) Tre ab 
> 2) Bi vo OF: ‘aKa 
! were fired from batteries stationed near S:.[5 IG eestadehael alnepleseed Almighty God, 4slong F street toward Niath, SRDS AIEEE eter pn eA 
5 5 ; a dence, to take out of this clayfy B., cb a Rglts organtzation 1a 1855), consistlax bla 
General Grant sae i gJonn/a churel. City Hall, and on Bast Captic) eatabornacle, THOLSOULChAG Hn hablbedtltawalcou/ RACE eee ce cmoss: from! Chel roRr Of edonlnt the largort maauiascucord, knve apermena 
eneral Grent end Oflleers, in carriage, fetes. ‘Cho bells of all tho churches and of bets its decaying remains to their kindred ely Ai'Re theatre to (ha adjacent etrect, as sbovehs| Hoard of Lirearors to euporulen the propor dlatribue 
CATAFALCO, CONTAINING CORPSE, [> fre engine houses algo continually tolled. Fiiment, earth to earth, aches to ashes, dust topy{steted, there Is aleo communication enstwardiat aren qeote of thet: whele'szosk of Rlok and Costly 
land guarded by 1st Virginia Artillery, on foot.fz| The s{ght from the Ospitol probably presenisi fi yroy loolting for tne general resurrection) is 

i nu Wares, withont reserve, 
08 vecant lot running at right angles with th 

a 3 whrough our Lore Jesus Chris! “4 ” 

Presidents Horse, gray, with boots of President ibe most fmposing view of the prozession a Tojadge ha rrorldy en cpanfairese of tho theatre, end comlug ont on 


a bioh WIL bo dlepsred of on the toll 

Ly [2 J oliowing liberal 
TMs: 1,000, 060 CRETIZIOATAS, bearing mon thelr 
sjface tre names of tho arttoles above enumprated., 
{ate each epcloved Mn plain enyeloper, and sealed! 

in stirrupe. sjeoutd bo altainod at any polut. Those whofsgive up their dead, and the corruptible bodiecyseeet, Dear Ninth. 
Presidents Guard. Ejrere privileged to entrance in tho Capitol worcyee! them that sleep io Him shall be fashioned] Immediately after ceeiay Booth jamp from 

juniversal in their declerstions that iy was chp eehuntr bis elotlous body according to thefjihe resident's box, end run to the rear of th 

ul rand, fi ae (2 3_sble even to subdue alley 5 } de.bis . a Pyuncletingntsnablo one irom anothe 

granccet and most imposing demghstration theseztuings wato himself. Wherefore, let us com $a 22te> Mr- Bareh made bis way a quickly aelpinced In a repository, without oie ciopuaen aul 

* 7 1 . 
ad ever seen. Is appenred to us like a ey Ne ‘Ono another With these words. Hooeeivle to the front of the lot last mamed,witley are Dnaww AS ORDEUED. Che teried caves 

And now msy the God of perce that broughtpicoming out on E street, watching as be turned, OP's contarming corctticato: marted with the came 

Spsnorataa, in which the figures were statuecque,4 Bor tue erulato. decriptions, und taerkea 1 
Ms lors, d ad price, if 

Iement; it were impiety to sully them with at The President, Sand gradually presonted to the vie e jegain from the dead our Lord Jesus, that grealtdihe corner of E an i z 4 
Hema se were tmploty a sully thers ih oe Beers Hae eee eee Na rhe canes asp Shepbord of Luo sheep, through the blood of the ergon came ont een a erigtty to Se0F anybeF adress at Wo couls olot; om reeript aC ane eer 
ahem ithtonriors leoskaninealistaapeaicasta é. Ing : Scope andy verlasting covenant make you perfect in every i" tonto E, through sald vacant? cate the purchaser atoortaina the exa3s artlale he [a 
Guy le Sond acitesaanisaelUna here Foretgn Legations, lcomprehenelon of ordinary vision, even with#good work to do his will, working in son that lot ; and after resching tuat point, walling somefa cBttied tc, which Lo can obtsta upon ths return of 
mark ot our respect, the best tribute ne can Senators and Congressmen, she aid of a glasg, maiteasts eh Bleeeli iat sight, through Jo-psttime, and seeing no one come ont there, con- iis certidcate pnd one dollar to the oflle of the ns- 
offer. Your wife will thus preserve the memory} ; E At the Capitol. sjsus Christ, the Resarrection and the Lite, ourf4cinded h id, !87K0 to t core charges. 
of the best of husbands, and thus your ciildres the, Chlet nas a eae ae a 5 % a a Redeemer and our Hope, to whose care we now nr gh ti ie Ei saan a har aiuee bs formanted, togrtha Wise toa" cost Gates 
will'prove thelr allel plely."..By“dvahing” Gore Supreme Court and City Courts. bs] As Is approached tho Capitol, cyery arrange Sycommit these precious remelug, and to Whose pithrough the alley on to F street. Sloe, &o 

atanily on your words sia actions, they willl] The Aesistant Secretaries of the different De- gjment precticable to secure order and resist thes name be glory forever aud ever. Amen. @q His theory is that Booth rode outon to Fas.INGLE OERTLFIUATES, 25 OENTS EACH 
hayo an illustrious character before thelr eyes, partments. Rpressure of the crowd wes made, The vacanits) ‘he late President's body-guard end a com paste through the Lshaped alley above? One certifisate rouy obtain you a Gold Watal, Sere 

vice of Siiyer Piate, or any other valuable 

atticlo, ‘Lhere will bo no Blanks, 
ento, &o., at the 

mortal frawe, they will h y Ey 
yl eve mish As Moree Palladelphia City Councils. ES 

Juable—the form and features of your mind, 
Basts and statuea, like their originals, are frai)jyPreeidents of the Christian and Sanitary Com, Bi 

Satterlee’s Band, of Philadelphia. 
‘Perseverance Hoee Company, No. 5, of Palla 

Elemente, and its inwsrd form is not to be ex- 
preesed by the hand of an artist with uncon. 
scloug matter—our manners and our moralsts 

‘space on the east front of the Capitol was com- rs pany of the Veteran Reserve Corps then formed of 
Jcordon around the cofiin. The buildingwas clear 4i.0t- *hich we have called, to dispateh any one 
line of cavalry, inciuding many ofiicera of highfiyed, by order of Secretary Stanton, and the body-fi] 
; (doing, and when he found Booth bad escaped, pg!!! be F014 te Cini, Nekonts 
Keiioned claowhere, formed an effectual barrier tocom: fathat be ran northward a bbellotyy re 
posed of eeveral officers remained in charge, ward across the lof, jumpedis 4 9:rincate,sent to any odd 
che crowd, and with the ald of the police, well¥with the Capitol police, under charge of Captain en receipt Of det seat oa uae saat 

and, not content with the bare image of yout Kalehts,, Templar; and,-Band: jusmed; that an accomplice stood in the yacaut; 
z pletely cleared. A cordon of infantry, and ay x 2 
fiwbo might pureue Booth, or to aid Booth in supe 
and perisha»le. The soul is formed of finer frank, as well as the many paroled officers men Eyguard of the President, and a guard of honor} followlog rat 
d the fence, making the nolse heard as aboveps 
5 ortifoaces 

‘stated, and, mountipg his horse, rode down F; 

may in somo degree trac the resemblance delphia. ordered by Superintendent Richards, kept thef4Nowman, to remain there all night. fe§ 11 certificates. .. 
Allof you that gained our love and raised on Weshington City Councils. Zspace which had beon cleared \wholly unob-Smne rast Opportunity to View the Ro-Aee Nae Steet | ajar) 
F- = Wi! premiag, 

“Bdmiration till subsiste, and will ever subsis 

preserved in the minds of men, the register off pz 100 certificates (with’ premium) 

Citizens of Washington. 


ages, andthe regords of fame. Others, wh Fourth United Btates Battery and Band. The Capitol will be open to-day, and the! Perfect satlefaction guaranteed in all cased, 
hve figured on the atsge of life and were thejtDolegations representing Ohio, New Jersey,| i BS Pere eee es Cee oe cer sume 
Honiton okatonmae deer wrilintak. fo srentolle Bees A y, ; Ppnblic will be admitted tothe rotunda frompa {omera Will be exsbanged free of Sant 5 Weert 

Providing not Lest 
centa Will ool- 
leot 96 cents for exo certifioate, and remit 10 cents 

a faithful historian, into the common lot off 
oblivion, inglorious and unremembered; butl 

2 eight o’clock A. M.‘until sx o’clock P, M., tok 5 
Clerks of the Treasury Department. {when removed from the fanercal car, the Inte inde at the west 5503 and pags obit the conta HE 1S SPOKEN TO. ON A RAILROAD TRAIN 

you, our lamented friend and head, delineatedf Clerks of the Ordnance Department. belog too high to be reached from tho ground.Feqcor. [gaa 
ruth, and fairly consigned to posterity Clerks of the Post Oftice Department, — {gjThe steps and the entrance were aleo cleared — an easing [An Extra Train Sent After Him.§4° Large or 
a = : xe orders for packages of Certifoates or Ar- 
Pee aia , 8nd triumph over the in Clerks of the War Department. BSof all persons gave the members of the Capito TH E L ATE TR AGEDY PREGA Reet cette ‘Drafts payaie ia ear aren 
5 Clerks of the Interior Department. . r u fico ” F 
‘When the speaker closed there was a moment| ‘Army Sargeons; see eae mn peas April 19.—Booth, the assassin, it Sa ee eee deareemtech ae bo DES: 
of Senco snes oy . seneral moroment Battslion of the Quartermaster General’s office p4*ho, having had charge of the entire building f eee : be ses iss Seen aie thal All orders must bo su) ores 
ero they had tilled sgain, Dr. Groy and band, duad excluded from the building all persons butlATZEROT, AN ACCOMPLICE 0F BOOTH, ay, ort Un tee ie ING ASSOOLATION, 
the chaplain of the United States Senate, had, nore City Councils, and Custom Housepiss few representatives of the press, who had dul} a Weman noticed ‘him on the train before It oe 
taken the place of Dr. Gurley, where he offore i ra wan Aanthorizad passes. ARRESTED, reached Pottsville, spoke to him, and shook! JEWELERS’ BULLCING, 
the following” men eerEan at i The Rotanaa dhands with him. During the conversation.) | Corner Knreau and Ann eirecte, New York, 
yi A 5 Sig as OF aM lored up several times, and appeared’ HTELY, 
Closing, Exayex: ‘ Fenian Brotherhood On entering the rotunda, we fond the path eo = PP 5 ALFRED’ KEIG , 
5 i 2 grendRMis ARMRIV. I nosed, and desiro ding obs! 
© Lord God of Hosts, behold a nation pros! iret Regiment Melgs Home Gaard. sintings and statues, which represent tho dis PERV Micaaacent Qomtne Ege ert temen ta el Se Oro Tet DE RP? SW. sass Ree ldone Bosra of Diseonoen 

Egcovery of America and-of the Mississippi, thell 
Iedeettlement of the country, the foundation of the} 
Hicovernment, the struggles of the colonists with} 

(ihe Indians, the Revolutionary War, d&c., ali 

kgnot give the alarm at once, or before the train} 

trate before Thy throne, clothed in sackcloih, By Es 
who stand around all that now remains of ourf Second Regiment Me'gs Home Guard. 
iMustrions and beloved chief. We thank Theeey  Employés Quariermasier General’s Oflice. 

suatranoe red Biron to us Oey x patelets sue i Eighth Jiinole Cavalry Band. 
the country euch a ruler, and to the world?) wnited Btaies Mililary Railroad Employ és. 
suca a noble specimen of menhood. We blestid tional Repwhlicim Union Association, of thel# 

Thee that thou hast raised him to the highes' 
position of trust end power in the nation; ands fevyenth Ward, fibe Union, and of the most important historicy 

ue aio ast pat a bia 80 long to guide ond) Citizens of A!exanaris wilh band; also Friend Elinterest, draped with mourning. 
‘et! 6 affairs o} \e Government in jour +7 2. in 333 
Of peril and confich.' We trusted it would beg] SP No.1, amd Sun No, 2, firo compa ij 
hhe who should deliver Israel, that he woul nies of kane city. 


Hing known him seyeral years. Why he did 


& D, Coonn (of Jay Cooke & Co,), Presiden ~ 

1 points upon the ling of the railroad. The Wu, S, Humrmeren, Casb}o7, 

‘esult Is unknown, as yet. 

leaves no room to doubt that Atzerot, the ac- 
complice of Booth, has been captured. 

i} He was taken about 7 o’clock yesterday; 
‘he Mississippi by De Soto, 1541; The Baptiers/S morning, at the residenco of hie uncle, near 

have been retained to us while the nation wai Potom:c Hose Company, Georgetown. lof Pocahontes, Jamestown, ,Va., 1613; Thebiviiare called Germantowa, in the upper end o: = 
oer ort tena oak ap nae pls 5 Reavina, April 19.—Tho extra traia did not : 

pissing throngh Ie pero spleen a Mount Vernon Aszoc‘at'o3, of Alexandria, Va gqLanding of Columbas, October, 1492;-Em-Avontgomery county, Maryland, by a company Movertaxe the regular train, but arrived at Potte- @OVSRNMERT DEPUSITUR) 

Joy and rejoicing filled our souls, and wes Lincola Hs) its) Soldiers. inBiof cavalry under the conmand of Captain¥yitie after it. amp 

inviting the heert of the nation, ho fell. OxjMechanics and Workingmen from Bft, Clare,{jjHolland, Jaly 21, 1620; The Declaration of In-E}rowngend, and brought to the Relay House, The conductor informed tho party that thegd FATANOLAL AGENT OF THU CRITR 

God, give graco to tustain us under thle Baltimore. Mdependence, July 4, 1776; The Surrender Offawhich polnt was reached about 7 o’clock last#Mcuspected man got off at Port Clinton. Thel STATES, 

dark and mysterious providence! Help us t Baltimore ‘and Ohio Railroad Employés. Gencral Burgoyne, Seratoga, N, Y., Octobe vening. Exirain returned, but ‘the man “had gone, which 


A cousin of Atzerot’s Was also taken into&gway, or how, no one appeared to kaow. 

Jook up unto Thee and say, Not our will bute ioy Hospital Band and oldiers of Hospital. 1777; The Surrender of Cornwallis, Yorktow: 

Thine, O God, bedone. We commend to Th: 

goercifal regard and tender compassion th Areenal Employéa. ‘a,, October, 1781; and General Wasbingtonifeustody. eae aCe ibe. 
afllictea iamiy of the deceased. Thou seesif{Roman Catholic Schools, led by Father Wiget. eslgning his Commission to Congress, al Atzerot Is represented as cool and collected, ES rom the Buffalo Courler, April 0 } 
: 4 b 
how thelr hearts are stricken with sorrow andi Gonzsgs and Georgetown Colleges. Annapolis, Maryland, December 23, 1783. reticent, and, when questioned, responded onl: We are assured by a gentleman who claims#43,varnment securities with Treasurer United btatet 

to have positive Knowledge on the subject thal 
Booth is sn own cousin of the rebel Captain 
Beall, who was executed a few weeks since on| 
Goyernor’s Island. A very etrong effort, it will) 
‘be remembered, was made to indace the Presi-} 
dent {o pardon Beall, but without avail. Iy 
would be eminently consistent with the known! 
character of Booth, if,in consequence of thiskS 

Fafact, he had bound himself to be the avengergy e 
Falor bis relative, and had pnroued his hellish *e 70 All oll orders with promp:ness and derpotem 

Epurpose to Its consummation mainly from mo- gf slowing the regajar commission to Books ené 
Reytives of personal revenge. 

(From tho Oleveland Leader, April 17.] 

We learn on the best muthority that whenis 
Wilkes Booth was in this city s yearand a hal! 

The rotunda was otherwise neatly draped. 
Che most noticeable feature fof the tasteful 
Bijsnd appropriate arrangements for the decora- P, 8.—Atzerot arrlyed here Iast night abou! 
Betions was the absence of all drapery upon theFinalf past nine o’clock, in a special train, an 
tatue of Washington, save a black sash, drsp-Fai, double irons. He was placed ina safe place. 
ing the buct after the‘stylo of military mourn-Bing location of which, for prudential reacone,f 
DE. we withhold. 
A More Complete Account. 
Atl0.25 last olght the train brought George 
jAudreas Atzerot and Ernst Hartmann Richter, 
arrested about 4 o’clock yesterday morning, al} 
Richter’a farm, near Middleburgh P. O., Mon! 
igomery county, Maryland. They were received 

Mertith’s Band. 

East Baltimore Union League. 
Hobrew Congregation. 

Baltimore City Cornet Band. 
Order of Ancient Good Fellows. 
im this providence, and say: It is the Lord; lorBar'sderal City Division No. 2, Sous of Temper 

jpim do what seemeth good in his eight; and 

‘as they proceed slowly and sadly on thelr way] anes fella a 

‘with the remalns of a husband and father, toby Garver Hospital Band, 

consign them to their last resting place, -y Good Samaritan, No. 1. 

may, sey Jook tevong sie eae, a Aurera Division, No, 9; Equsl Division, No. 4 
OnE ta re rt Lincoln Division, No. 17; Central Divi- 

reised Dee ee 
they now sow in weakness Bhall be fo sion, No. 18; Empire Divlelon, 

with a laugh. 

“At the time of his arrest he was in bed. @ ONE MILLION DOLLARS, “64 

Acting Jn connestton with the house 6! 


The Catafalco 
prepared for the purpose of laying the Presi- 
ldent’s remains in state, was deposited Im thes 
entre of the rotunda, ‘and was a neat andy 
lsppropriately simple stracture. Ite dimen 
ne are as follows: The base is eight feo! 

A constant supply of the Motes cp bond ond ready 
‘ot mt edlate delivery» 

swenathy ist ney ee phair pear No. 19; H Division, No. 1. iaix inches long, four feet wide, and one foot q ie h 
shall be rajeed a spiritual body ; that they now 0. 19; Hope Division, No. 18; b 2 ago, he remarked to e prominent cit\zan that _ 
sow in corruption shall be raised in incorruption Bverett Division, No. 255 Inigh ; the dals Js eeven feet long, two fect siskgict ‘he sporty Seen ae ee and Capt #aftbe man who killed a prominent cltizan thatfe ee nay and soli al olassev of QUVEKNMENT 
and shall be fashioned like unto Chris\’s most Mount Vernon Divis!on; ches wide, aud two feet high. ‘It is coveredpWiltiam N. Wermerskirch, and token to aeafhl,ccupy a higher nicho of feme than Georgei4 32OURITIES at current market 1812s 

+ i ‘ Riplace. Richter stated that Atzerot, who waeg#lqachington.” This demonstrates that his In 

glorious body. O God of the bereaved, com |e 
fort andsustain this mourning family. Bless Grend Division; 1,500 Eilwith fine black cloth, with union columns Haare valet ons ie. 14th’. inetant [Washington./7 sarbis\aemonetrates BPO 182 iey aoa ah ipsa 

the new Chicf Megistrate. Let the mantle olf} in all Harepreeenting bundles of fasces at the corners,| ue: Penneyivania House; formerly the Kinnag{———$—$—$—_- _—— = 

his predecestor fall upon him. Bless the Secre/ > nd trimmed with silver lace, encircling thefa y i z = 

ble Prestate and bie family. 0 God, if possible See eee eee Felontire edge. Upon the eldes of the Taig qvoretgeoure, in C stroct; that he left Washington ale) See pOLEBAR | BYR oNITED STATES. 
Columbles Py vom nb ytcalnos eva y aturday and went (o Rockville by stegetq ora vo make a fortune, Pverybedy should Foe! 

according to thy will, spare thelr lives, that they fs 

my reueor atlll pecan service to the conn-kEmory Hospital Band, and soldiers of Hospita 
try. Bless all the members of the Cabinet, 7. 3 
Endow them with wisdom from above. Blessla ‘Washington United Benevolent Association 
the commanders ofour srmy and navy, and all (colored. ) 

the brave defenders of the country, and giveg#iarmony Lodge, No. 15, G. U. O. of O.F 
them continued success. Bis the ambassa- (colored). 

dors from foreign courts, and give us pact) aaa . 

Or trom vorroke of the earthy O God, loipexwe Heziklsh'e Pasture, No. 8, F. A. A. Mt 
treason, thst bes deluged our land with blood, (colored). 

and devastated our couatry, ond bereaved our Union Grand Lodge, F, A. A. M. (Colored). 
homes, aud filled them with. widows sndiky Citizens and etrangers. 
orphans, and bas at length culminated in theag ; 
ace assination of the natlon’s chosen ruler—Godky &iTho 23d Pennsylvania colored infantry, Vol: 

of justice, and avenger of the nation’s wrovg,}Monel Terry commanding, direct from Peters: 
let the work of treason cease, snd let the guilty burg, arrived in town yesterday nooa, and took| 

1 f thia horrible crime be arrested andis 
oy to Jastice. O hear “(he cry and th position on the Avenue, near Bixth street 
prayer and tie (ears now arising from anation’re4(This regiment was recently under Genera) 

crushediand nites years aod sellvor ns frombseltzsl, end was the second to enter Rich 

the power of all our enomtes, end send speedy: . 

a Wo ailof our borders, throngu Jesuseamond.) As the head of Caen SN 

Christ, onr Lord. Amen. where the 22d was etsnding ‘“‘at rest,” the band 
(ruck up a dirge, and the regiment immedi 

Eenioval of the Body, 
The prayer belng ended, a detailed detach-Mately moved forward, thereby becoming the} 

ment of the yeleran reserve corps entered thetgbesd of the procession. 

entwined gune, swords, and bayonets, repre 
senting every branch of tho army. ‘This struc 
ture was the work of Mr. Job Angus. 

Arrival of the Remains. 

here hired a buggy, drove to Gettysburg, and 
Fiihen rode on e farmer’s wagoa to Kloppers 
ile, where he arrived late at night, and re 
mained till next morning ; thence he walkedft 
o Richter’s farm. Atzerot Is twenty-cighiby 
ears old, five feet five inches in height, has a| 

papied by Jas. O. Clephane, one of the civi warthy complexion, and dark hair, moustache,} 
marshals, catered the rotunda, followed by they nd imperiel. He seems to be shrewd, and was| 
ergy and the physicians who were in ottend:frdvery reserved in his answers. Richter eald that 
ance upon the late President’s last hours fabe had not geen him for about three months 

They took their several positions at the hend ofgdantil he came to bis farm on Sundey last. 

he catafalco, and twelve sergeants of tue Vet? Mipvidonce Concerning Booth’s Accom- 
ran Reserve Corps, each from a different com-§ plice. 

pany, then entered, bearing the coflia, which} Mr. W. 8. Barcb, of 333 F street, gives us form 
Sithey deposited upon thecatafaico, Lieutenant ihe following information : i Soto ene ‘spplying, In percon or by letter 
tMceneral Grant, Major-General Halleck, Assist S| His residence, above-named, fronts on Fp Tho sbova word ls done without charge io ths Sp 
lant Adjutant General Nichols, Admirals Farra-Péstreet, opposite the Catholic Charch, between Pc arg aria azporiance, pozaress 
ut, Goldsborougb, and Stringbsm enteredpANinth and Tenth streets. The lot upon which 
ext, and after them the new President andthepybis residence stands rams back to a vacant lotk) 

abjnet, followed {0 (urn by the remaining pallg{ihich eztends to the rear of the baildings (ad-EJ 

cg fall partiowars. Address J. W, STEPHENS, (7a purchase Government Vouenert on the MUST 

239 Brosdway, New York. _epls AW EI CeVORABLE aie Weave Clan oLVaeD 

Blonomrt ATTaNTION to 

anty, back pay, or prize money due yeu, and 2 

d tn Gotleotiniz tt, Bpply Lo te pited States San} FA 

ary Commission, 60 


Athalf past three o’clock, Hon. B. B. French, 

Superintendent of the Public Buildings, accom: 
ave your claims car@v}i Byind to any other vosiness entrusted to oF. 

\nd prompily edjasted, without charge, 
a; Particular attention lz given to the collection ¢ 
Fx -owatiea on account of rounds recelyed fn battle Fg 
EY” Omioera of the Veteran Reserva Corre will copie 
con at favor upon tholr man wko are entitled b 

WENT LOANS atall times cheerfully furnished, 

bounty by rearing them to tis Commlzsicr gy 
A or aid in oollesting st. 5 
Dizouarged or alsabled soldiers, and the 

W icira of deosasad roldiers, antitied to pensicn, 
Ba -oara of psy, aad Bounly, can have thoir applica 
Fal Jong mado cat and Sled, and all neosceary informe & 

WM, S, HUNTINGTON, Cashiers 
Wassmeron, March 90, 1665 = mba1- dS Wt! 

Tue BrmaL CHAMBER, an Eessy of 
Werning and Instruction for Young Men. Also, ® 
jew and reliable treatment for Diseases cf tho 
Orinary and SexnalSysteme.. Sent free, in foaled 
wyolopes. Address Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGH- 
JN, Howard Association, Pbtladelpkia. Pe. 
wh20 sata W 


nlef Aw’t Spagjal Relief Deyartmech) 
ca Sanitary Ocmmilesion, 

s@b-S Wau 289 H etree, Waeehingtoa, 2. ¢ 

gre ar eae NSS